Freestuff Area Improvements

Take a look inside the new improvements to the Freestuff area.

Renderosity is pleased to announce the latest release of improvements made to the Freestuff Area.

The Freestuff section at Renderosity is one of the most frequented areas of the site and visitors will now enjoy a more consistent look to that of the MarketPlace. We're confident that the improvements made to this corner of the Renderosity site have enhanced the overall look and functionality for our users.

The next time you visit the Freestuff area, you'll be greeted with larger thumbnail images and increased sizes of the main promotional image. This will allow the user to see the product in greater detail before proceeding with the download process.

MarketPlace vendors will also be excited to see that they now have the opportunity to offer a link to Freestuff items directly from their product pages. These vendors will also be able to link their Freestuff items to associated products in their own store. This will give users quick access to free products that can be used in conjunction with a purchased item.

Interested in seeing this new linking feature in action? Please Click Here to visit a Freestuff item from Renderosity vendor, -Wolfie-. Once you arrive on this page, scroll down beneath the product/artist details area and click on the 'Related Products' tab. It's here that you'll find the related MarketPlace item. (Screenshot below).

In staying with the example above, one can conversely visit the MarketPlace product page and scroll beneath the Product Requirments area to the tabbed areas and click on the 'Free Stuff' tab to see any all related Freestuff items. (Screenshot below).

New features summary of the Freestuff Area.

•Vendors can now connect their freestuff items to their marketplace items.
•Users can now upload a larger image with a max width of 800px.
•Thumb sizes are now max width and height at 214px instead of 200px.

Click Here to view the new Freestuff Search Page

Click Here to view the new Upload Page

Member Opinions:
By: Biscuits on 6/13/13
So well done!
Gonna make a freebie now to test the features!
Thank you team :)

By: FWArt on 6/13/13
Already noticed and added to my listings..... LOVE it!

By: MargyThunderstorm on 6/13/13
I love this change!
Very well done. :)

By: scal64 on 6/13/13
oh thanks that's a great improvement for that section...
that's funny since a couple of days ago, i was browsing this section and i said to myself it could give more info about the free stuff and bing, you just did it ^^

By: LaurieA on 6/13/13
Thank you for allowing a larger image for the freestuff.

By: Coleman on 6/13/13
Thanks for all the hard work on this!

By: Nouschka on 6/14/13
great new features, makes it much easyer to find the right freebie. Thank you!

By: EmmaAndJordi on 6/14/13
We love this!

By: tiggersprings on 6/14/13
Other than the color scheme, the improvements are nice. The color scheme being changed to the dark grey and too much stark white is just more eye strain, more quickly.

By: Saruna-Original on 6/14/13
I love the new free stuff area - thank you! It's so much better now.

By: IndividualistDesigns on 6/14/13
still missed the most important potential improvement - the ability to easily filter out freebies with usage limitations.

By: toastie on 6/16/13
Yup. Like IndividualistDesigns said - that would be a real improvement. Separate the freebies that have usage restrictions from the ones that don't.

By: StudioArtVartanian on 6/16/13
This is just amazing!!!Bravo!!!

By: renecyberdoc on 6/18/13
yeah great works fine good job.

By: RodS on 6/19/13
Looks great, and downloads are FAST!

It's always difficult trying to please everyone, but I firmly believe this new layout will create fresh interest in all things Poser, which inevitably will increase sales.
I also think other sites have taken a backward step and am considering removing my name from their mailing list.
Congratulations Renderosity personnel on a job well done!

By: Windigo on 6/26/13
Very great improvement, like it very much! Two suggestions just because I can't keep my ideas to myself :)
- 1- Can the boxes in each row be made a uniform size? I dislike the wave effect across the bottom of each row.
- 2- I think the vendors would appreciate another ad banner between the 3rd and 4th rows even if it was an alias from one on the home page. Free stuff still has to be supported somehow!

By: Eliean on 6/27/13
It is much clearer and brighter with the larger thumbnails; but I prefer the page numbers on the right hand side as before. Its only a small thing but it is a more natural flow on, as the page ends on the right hand side..

By: donnena on 6/28/13
Please fix the typo on the second sentence of the second paragraph.
This will allow tGallery andhe user to see

By: StaceyG on 6/28/13
Fixed:) Thank you for the head's up

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