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Find What You Are Looking for at Renderosity and Participate in the Scavenger Hunt!

You have told us that you would like an improved search tool here on Renderosity, and now we are happy to present to you a vastly improved and robust search for the entire site! And to help get you started, we are having a sitewide scavenger hunt to acquaint you with the updated search feature!

Our search specialists stripped down the site search to its basic components and have rebuilt it from the ground up to give you a complete search experience - the right search, the first time. No more digging around in particular areas of the site in search of a particular item - you can now use the Search bar in the Renderosity header to easily find anything on the site!

In addition, we have also added a few extra features to the search tool to help find what you are looking for faster. Search Suggestions have been added, where relevant search terms are listed as you type in the Search box! You also have the option to see details of search results for a more in-depth finding, as well as the ability to auto-expand all areas you have searched for a bird's eye view of all the available results!

You can toggle these new options by clicking the Advanced Search link below the Search box in the Renderosity header. In the Advanced Search you will see a User Preferences link, which should display the following options:

The Search User Preferences window.

You are free to search the entire site, or you can narrow down your search to a specific area, including the MarketPlace, Galleries, Forums, the Wiki and more. Accurate search results are now at your fingertips, so you can find it right the first time!

Example of Search Suggestions.

Search Scavenger Hunt

To help you take the new search for a "test drive", we have scattered several specific search terms throughout the site. There are seven search terms total - think you can find all of them? Each search term will produce several results on the first page - one of which will be the page that contains the next hidden search term! Once you have found the seventh search term, you will be asked to list all seven search terms and submit a form that will enter you in the drawing to win one of ten Renderosity Prize Packs! Be sure to check all the different sections - Articles, Forums, Galleries, the Wiki, Member Homepages and the MarketPlace are just some of the areas where these search terms could turn up!

You only have one week to find all seven, so make sure you have your entry submitted by Sunday, April 25th at 11:59pm Renderosity System Time (CST). The page with the final search term will have the submission instructions listed.

Remember not to share answers! The less number of correct entries - the better your chance is of winning. And without further delay, your first search term is:

Put the search term above into the search box below to get started. Each search term you find will have the Renderosity "Circle R" logo next to it for easy identification. Good luck! Questions can be sent to

Search Renderosity:  located 

Member Opinions:
By: JeffersonAF on 4/19/10

By: mahakali on 4/19/10
This was very fun, enjoyed it greatly. And like the better qualities of search results, good job on it.

By: Unicornst on 4/19/10
That was kind of fun. Easy to do as well. I'm liking the New Search.

By: Savage_dragon on 4/19/10
Super improvements. I use the search nearly daily so I'm loving this!

By: SaintFox on 4/19/10
That's a major enhancement! I did some searches and found products, matching freestuff, gallery renders and discussions - and everything so nice and neatly arranged!

By: Pirx33 on 4/19/10

By: visionastral on 4/19/10
Thanks, we were in need of that! :)

By: infinity10 on 4/19/10
New Search.... well, I hope it will indeed help me find what I want from now on. Off to try it.

By: renecyberdoc on 4/20/10
this looks excellent to me. nice job people.

By: becibear on 4/20/10
So is this why Chrome has been buggy on your search function for the last week? It was getting rather irritating actually, but at least it's working now, and I love the new search. The hunt was fun too, by the way.:)

By: Seliah on 4/20/10
I think you are finally headed in the right direction, but it's not there yet. We still lack the ability in the MP to search categories. Props, Characters, 3rd Party Figures, Clothing, Hair, things like this would go a long, long way towards making the search function actually worthwhile.

It's a step in the right direction - but it needs to still go a bit further.

~ Seliah

By: adroge on 4/20/10
I think it would have been nice if the search box was not in focus for every new page that's loaded. It's a little annoying to have to tab out of it if you use PgUp/PgDn to navigate pages.

By: ariasparkle on 4/20/10
This was tooo much fun!!
Callie Ariasparkle

By: Lakotariver on 4/21/10
I love it.
It helped me find my car keys too. I was running late for work. :)
Happy Renders my Artistic friends

By: timetwist on 4/21/10
There went my morning. :) Thank you for the fantastic new search tool. Great job!

By: holyforest on 4/21/10
Great improvement!

By: sandman_max on 4/21/10
Not doing it for me. I entered "Victoria 4 Fairy Character" and #16 on the list of 3,428 was Madison for Pre-teen. Not a single "Victoria 4" or "Fairy" in the description which means it must be matching on "character" alone. Not much help.

By: shugadadee on 4/21/10
A VAST improvement!!! Thanks for that! But, you know how we are, always wanting more. ;0)

By: Kerya on 4/21/10
Great! And thank you for the fun. I found some pages that were new to me ...

sandman_max ... if you use:
+Victoria +4 +Fairy +Character
You get better results. You should probably add a search for +V4 +Fairy +character to get more hits.

By: grnbomber on 4/22/10
Absolutely love the new search. I use it almost daily and this will make it a lot easier for me to group what i want to see. Great job

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 4/23/10
Thank you, that is neat! :)

By: sandman_max on 4/24/10
Thanks to Kerya, I'm now a happy searcher. Her suggestions worked great. Does -something work to exclude something from your search (like in google)?

By: whipporwill on 4/24/10
yay! thanks for the improved search, I'm a happy camper

By: PineCones on 4/25/10
Is there a way to force the search to include ALL words in the search, not ANY one of the words? alternatively, can I exclude terms in a search?
For example, if I want dynamic hair for v4, but NOT dynamic clothes?
I tried
v4 dynamic hair
and I tried

Both resulted in inclusion of clothes as well as hair.
In short - clearer boolean operations for defining the search were always and are still badly needed

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