February 2012 Vendor of the Month - PDesign

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Congratulations to PDesign for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for February!

Who is "PDesign"?

My real name is Petra Schoonoord and I was born in 1965. I live together with my husband and son in a small town in The Netherlands. We have 3 dogs and 2 ferrets. I guess you might say I love animals :)

How Long have you been involved in digital art?

It started in 2008. I was searching for nice "tubes" to use in Paint Shop Pro. I discovered beautiful images of characters and I wondered how they were created, they were not exactly painted and they were not exactly real either. I started searching on the web and thats how I discovered Poser and this wonderful community.

What made you decide to become a Vendor?

I started experimenting with morphs and skin textures and uploaded images to my gallery. There were some good friends here encouraging me to create a character for the MarketPlace. And that's how it began.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment, I am working on a female character for Victoria 4. And I am trying to learn some modeling.

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

The software that I currently have in my toolset are: Poser Pro 2012, DAZ Studio 4 Pro, Photoshop CS5, Blacksmith 3D, Zbrush, Hexagon, and some small software tools to make life easier :)
They are in my toolset because I use them a lot and could not create my characters without them.

Where do you find inspiration for your Products?

I find it almost everywere: real people I know, movies, games and the galleries here at Renderosity and Deviant Art. I also get my inspiration from dear friends I have met here, who sometimes hand me great ideas.

Could you list any current favorites among the products you've created and tell us a bit about their creation?

Actually my favorite is always the creation I am working on :) First, I get my inspiration about what kind of character I would like it to be. Then, I start with the morphs and create the textures later.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Yes, never give up! If this is something you really like to do, don't give up when things might not develop the way you wanted. And always try to improve yourself with each new product you create. It's a learning process, always try to learn new things and try to be original.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships and learning?

It has helped me a lot. I wouldn't be here without them. I have met lots of wonderful people here and with some of them I have become close friends. I am very thankful for this and I would like to thank all my friends/customers and staff of Renderosity, without you this all wouldn't be possible :)

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

Yes, try to enjoy your creations. Create something you like yourself. And if you'd like to improve your work, come out of that comfort zone and try to learn something new :)


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Member Opinions:
By: Biscuits on 2/3/12
Congrats Petra!
So well deserved you work so hard on your characters with so much love and passion!
Giant hugs :)

By: Pygmee on 2/3/12
Perfectly deserved. Awesome fine art that I'm rendering almost daily. Thank you.

By: Pygmee on 2/3/12
Perfectly deserved. Awesome fine art that I'm rendering almost daily. Thank you.

By: JenniSjoberg on 2/3/12
Very well deserved! Big gratz! :)

By: Belladzines on 2/3/12
congrats petra!!! well deserved!@!!!

By: Cimaira on 2/3/12
Congratulations! Well deserved recognition, your characters are wonderful.

By: Darren666 on 2/3/12
Congratulations!! It's Easy To Spot Your Characters In The Market Place, They Are Always The Most Beautiful, Thank-you For Your All Your Hard Work and Attention To Detail, Have A Great Month. ;~)

By: 76claudia2205 on 2/3/12
wooohooooo congratulations honey, you rock!!!

By: arwenone on 2/3/12
Congratulation, Petra!!!!!!!Well deserved!!!!

By: schonee on 2/3/12
Oh Wow Way To Go Sweetie!!! I am so happy to see this you deserve it.Big Hugs

By: Direwrath on 2/4/12
Congratulations to one of the best vendors on the market!

By: missblue on 2/4/12
Congrats Petra =)! You really deserve it!

By: reine_de_style on 2/4/12
congratulations! you deserved! :)

By: legolie on 2/4/12
Congrats !!

By: ArtistKimberly on 2/4/12
!WOW! !Congratulations! OMG !Congratulations! !WOW!

YES Yes yes..... Congratulations Petra =)This is just So Amazing! Yes Sweetie You SOoooo Do really deserve this!

Really BIG Hugs,



By: TK0920 on 2/4/12
Way to go! Well deserved.

By: Nimeria on 2/4/12
Congratulations! Your work is wonderful and has added so much to my images; I am very happy to see you being recognized! Thanks for all your hard work.

By: helgas on 2/4/12
Congratulations! I love every character I have purchased from your store. Everything ist first class.

By: Chaosphoto on 2/4/12
This really was inevitable Petra :). Awesome work big hugs and Congratulations :)

By: KimberlyC on 2/4/12
Congrats! Well deserved :)

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 2/4/12
An absolutley well-deserved honour, Petra. To a vendor who makes some of the most exquisite characters out there. :) Gefeliciteerd! Hier is nog meer succes! :)

By: vitachick on 2/5/12
Congrats!! Well deserved!!!!

By: renecyberdoc on 2/5/12
congratzz hon.well deserved

By: UteBigSmile on 2/5/12
You have also my congrats dear Petra, it's
for sure well deserved and you can be proud
of the work you are doing!!!

By: Rhett55 on 2/5/12
Gratz Petra. You know we all love your work. Well deserved!

By: thatbumzzz on 2/5/12
Congrats Petra, you totally deserve it! Woohoo!!!!

By: StudioArtVartanian on 2/6/12
YEA!!!! Big congrats sweetie!!!!!!
very well deserved,cause you doing amazing and quality work!!!!
I cant wait for your interview;)

By: vyktohria on 2/7/12
YAAAYYY!!! Petra!!! I'm sooooo happy for you, Sweetie! WELL DESERVED!! XXOO

By: mirrorofsoul on 2/7/12
Congrats Petra :)
Amazing and quality work.
Well deserved.

By: zil2008 on 2/7/12
Congratulations Petra. Love your work and products. You are so deserving! Love your interview. I got here the same way. Looking how those tubes where made.

By: reciecup on 2/7/12
Oh wow!! Congratulations Petra. It's so good to see all of your hard work pay off. Well deserved, my friend :)

By: Danie on 2/7/12

By: Eugenius on 2/8/12

By: SWAM on 2/8/12
congratulations Petra, very well deserved :-) Love your characters as you know already
*hugs a lot*

By: Anagord on 2/9/12

By: Cimarron on 2/9/12
Congratulations Petra:)
This is so well deserved, your characters are always faultless and unique.

By: renecyberdoc on 2/9/12
hiyyaaaaaaaaaaaaah dear petra.congratulations,well deserved.

By: Silverwind on 2/10/12
Congratulations! :-)

By: Angelmoon on 2/11/12
congratiulations :o))from germany

By: pixeluna on 2/11/12
Wow, congratulations, Petra! A well-deserved recognition and I really love your characters, you are one of the best!

By: Godin on 2/11/12
WHOAA i am so happy for you Dear Peet!! YES absolutly the Vendor of the Month....so well deserved!!!
Big Huge Congratulations!! I am so proud of you :))

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 2/11/12
Petra You know that I think you ROCK!!! It just goes to show, you are one talented lady and deserve the very best!!!

By: shannonsuzanne on 2/11/12
Can't argue with this pick! I love your stuff, Petra. Renders very well even with basic shaders being used and Smith Micro can thank you for converting me to PP2012 :)

By: Raindroptheelf on 2/12/12
Very well deserved Petra!
I am happy for you.

By: Mariny on 2/14/12
CONGRATULATION:-) Well deserved:-))

By: lunchlady on 2/15/12
A well deserved honor!!! Congrats Petra!!!!!!!

By: nfredman on 2/16/12
Let me join the congratulations! You do such lovely work, we're lucky to have you here. :)

By: RodS on 2/17/12
Congrats, Petra!! Well deserved! Your characters are superb - I just LOVE Arawen - such a cutie!!

By: vitachick on 2/20/12
Congrats!! Agree well deserved and one awesome artist!

By: bombenleger58 on 2/20/12
Congrats Petra, i love your Girlies!!!!!!

By: Karth on 2/21/12
Congrats ! Love your work :)

By: MitZie on 2/24/12
Gefeliciteerd, je maakt echt hele mooi dingen!

By: Thorne on 2/24/12
good call ;) Love your work!

By: robinsk1 on 2/25/12
Congratulations! I love your creations and they are very consistent with excellent quality!

By: julesart on 2/27/12
Congratulations!!!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!! I love your work!

By: mytilus on 3/1/12
Congratulations Petra.. You are very well deserved.. I'm very happy to see you there.. :))

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