February 2009 Vendor of the Month - fabiana

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February 2009 Vendor of the Month - fabiana | fabiana, VOM, Poser, Quidam

Who is fabiana?
Fabiana (Fabi, for everybody) is a woman living at Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was borned the January 19 of 1965. That's me :)
I am married with Guillermo since 1987 and we have 2 daugthers: Melina, almost 21 years old, and Lucila, sweet 16.
Actually I am FKDesign for the bussiness. I had a digital store since 2002 at 3DC and now I opened a new one here at Renderosity.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
As I said above, I am doing 3d art and design since 2001. On 2002 I started the commercial activity but I had long years as a painting artist here, at my country artistic circles.

What are you currently working on?
Well, right now I am "prepairing" to work because just came back from a travel and need some time to organize things. But the sneak preview data could be the words: "clothings, hair, dreams" .Certainly I have so many ideas and scratched projects that need to choose the first one to make real. Could you wait for me?

What software do you use and why?
I use majorly POSER and its magnets and deformers. For the mesh making i use simple programs, as Anim8or, because I know it very well and nailed the tools in right way to do all what i wish to do. Sometimes I refine the models in Quidam. UVMapper for the mapping, Cr2editor, P3DO, CorelPhotoPaint, Photoshop.
About the modelling software, I want to add an explanation: When I started with the 3D, I was not able to get expensive programs, requiring enormous amounts of storage room and memory. My machine at that time was a simple one, nothing special, nothing much more powerfull than one for games and school homeworks. My credit card was a simple local one and I couldn´t get software via Internet. So, I needed to look for free and simple options. During that time I got my Poser 4 for my birthday. My brother and nieces did a short travel and they bought it for me in the early 2002. But other things required, as programs for mapping and so, were collected from the creators and all them were and still are free. My deepest thanks to those people for making tools for the world and giving them for free as sample of an incredible generous heart :)
With the time, I enhanced my machine and time after, got a new one.
Bigger monitors, better hardware, more softwares, newer Poser versions... but the spirit remains the same... I learned how to work with small things :)

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
Life and dreams. Noctia was absolutely dreamed in each detail, I had this dream during October of 2007 and was a recurrent dream so i decided that MUST do it.
El Cisne is inspired in a Ballet photograph I saw many years ago.
Hairs are all those styles that I would like to use, or have used in the past.
The products done with Ilona (my dearest friend, my best friend) all then came from our infinite chats late night... we always start with a word and all come faster then. .

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
YES. Work hard, never feel totally satisfied with your work... always think you can do it better...
Be humble, be soft, think the people as others in the same place as you, nobody is special, or better: everyone is special.
Artists became vendors NEED the public, the customers, the friends that decide to spend their money in your work: they made my life better and I am gratefull.
In fact, the customers make the things moving, and I made my small reverence to them.
Artists that don´t sell nothing, they need the public too as a mirror of the artwork.
3D world is not different to other artistic circles: nothing is easy, nothing is very fast, but you can be very happy in the process. I do.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
I am still new here as Vendor, but have been an artist posting here for years. I never had any trouble, always had nice comments and people asking things about my work in very gentle ways. I got many excellent friends here, people that share with me the daily life, our problems and sorrows, and our joy too... simply the life of women and men.
I learned a lot about genres and rendering styles and many other things, all technical details that I acquired reading and seeing images.

Do you have any final words?
Thank you.
Only that: thank you for this honor that I never expected and thank you for the warm attitude.


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Lilou Details by fabiana
Lilou Details
Nahla Rings by fabiana
Nahla Rings
MagicSense-Outfit by fabiana
Jannika for V4-A4 by fabiana
Jannika for V4-A4
SedaleSilk  for HiddenWinds by fabiana
SedaleSilk for HiddenWinds

Member Opinions:
By: DreamWarrior on 2/2/09
Felicitaciones, Fabi!
Entraste descollando!
Buen año para vos.

By: virginiese on 2/3/09
Bravo Fabiana ! Excellent choice for VOM

By: renapd on 2/3/09
This is fantastic! I had no doubt you'd make it here big sweetie! Most well deserved honor and I have no doubt you truly enjoy your new home! :)

By: karanta on 2/3/09
Congratulations :) Very well deserved!

By: Turtle on 2/3/09
Way to go my special friend. Lot's of hugs!!! Bravo!

By: Raindroptheelf on 2/3/09
Oh I was so happy to see you as Vendor of the Month, your products are of such high quality but the price is low and affordable.
Well well deserved my dear friend!

By: outoftouch on 2/3/09
Very, very well deserved :-)

By: RGUS on 2/4/09
Oh this is so overdue.. Fabi jumpimg across to a real market that appreciates her fine product.. so well done Fabi... you're the best... more dynamics please!

By: Risika75 on 2/4/09
Congrats Fabi :) *hugs*

By: calico1 on 2/4/09
You've brought superior class to Renderosity. Thanks so much. Credit and recognition is well deserved.

By: A_Sunbeam on 2/4/09
Excellent choice - so many great products!

By: Irish on 2/4/09
My sincerest Congratulations Fabi! You are an amazing Artist and your products are always THE BEST!!

By: Radthorne on 2/4/09
Congrats, Fabi!

By: featherwitch on 2/4/09
Congratulations Fabi!! An award most deserved! :o)

By: Thorne on 2/4/09
so nice to see you here. congratulations!

By: julesart on 2/4/09
Felicidades querida amiga! Este si fue un cambio bueno. Congrats my dearest friend! Your products are phenomenal!

By: Bez on 2/4/09
Congratulations Fabi :)

By: RubyT on 2/4/09
Yessssss!!! Bravo!! Very well deserved!! I have numerous Fabi goodies and I love them! Your goodies are always perfectly crafted and perfection to play with! I'm so happy you came to Rendo!!!

By: P3D-Art on 2/5/09
I am a shamed to say I gess I never purchased anything of yours ...
But I want to say congratz ... Because of what I see is most beautiful!!

By: Shana on 2/5/09
Congratulations! :)

By: Bondini on 2/5/09
This is fantastic, Fabiana! We love you!

By: ilona on 2/5/09
See? Toldya! Trus talent has to be recognized! You´re the best sweetie and your place is here not only in one month but all months of the year!!!

By: BBarbs on 2/5/09
This is so very deserved. Congratulations. Your products are superb. Bravo !!

By: gizmee on 2/6/09
Biiiiiig Congratulations my friend and mentor!! Fantastic!! Bravo!! :)

By: ABL on 2/7/09
Congratulations! I am so glad Fabiana came to Renderosity, her work is always so full of grace, elegance and beauty, not to mention the inspiration and quality. She and Ilona make a perfect team! I just wish I had more time to play with Poser...!

This is splendid news. Recognition well deserved. Your meticulous attention to detail, makes your products stand out from many others.
I'm especially pleased that you have also teamed up with Ilona on occasion.
Truly a formidable team.
I wish you well!
Steve ;o)

By: Charmz on 2/7/09
Congratulations Fabi! They could not have chosen a more wonderful person to honor with VOM. Hugs..

By: Igolochka on 2/8/09
Dear Fabi, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! You are such a talented artist and a wonderful person! I love your products, they are always unique and of very high quality! best-best wishes to you and congratulations again:)

By: boundless on 2/10/09
It´s wonderful to see how successful you´re here at the MP :-)) Congratulations my friend!

By: Babajaga on 2/11/09
Congratulations Fabiana :)

By: nelli on 2/14/09

By: dorkati on 2/15/09
I knew it!!!! And I'm sure who will be rookie of the year ;)
Congrats dear!

By: lwperkins on 2/17/09
Oh, I just noticed this! Congratulations, Fabi! you work so hard, it's so nice to see you get the award! Big hugs!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 2/17/09
My congratulations Fabiana....!!! You have a fantastic design work........!!!!

By: fabiana on 2/18/09
Thanks to everybody for the wonderfull comments posted here. Really make me blush but must say that I feel very flattened... thanks from my heart :)

By: Propschick on 2/19/09
Congrats- well deserved =)

By: Virtual_World on 2/19/09
Fabi, Me alegro muchisimo del éxito que haz tenido, felicidades por haber sido seleccionada como la vendedora del mes. Muy merecido por tu gran talento y la belleza de tus creaciones. Espero que sigas cosechando muchos triunfos.

By: XENOPHONZ on 2/19/09
It's fantastic to see you getting VOM, Fabi! I'm thrilled -- and congratulations!

By: singanprayisme on 2/20/09
Whoa! You go, Girl! Love your interview and your heart is so kind and pure. We need more like you in our world. You and Ilona are a good team. It is good that you have met and continue in the artist world. Thank you from my heart for your fine creations! Singan

By: SaintFox on 2/20/09
Wow, Fabi, wow!! Our heartfelt congratulations - you really deserve this honor!! We'll have a drink on you ;o)

By: Manatoba on 2/20/09
Hmm.. Let's see.. Gorgeous, hard-working and meticulous, with realistic product prices.

My opinion (since you're asking) would be that this is a well-deserved and long-overdue recognition of a very talented artist.

Congratulations Fabi ! :)

By: WarpedHalo on 2/20/09
Congrats Fabulous Fabiana :) You deserve to be in the spotlight! :)

By: ladyduece on 2/20/09
So happy to see this for such an inspiring artist! So very well deserved, congrats Fabi!

By: Richabri on 2/20/09
Congrats Sweetie on a well deserved honor. You are very talented and you have certainly earned this :)

By: mickeyrony on 2/21/09
Hummm I believe well that you merits much more you know my heart is smiling of your knowledge my Beautiful. In this World it there ace of Great ladies and you forms " part of it; Cheer of all your efforts they are not in vain. To smile for another It is him to show at which point it returns savours to him. MICKEYRONY

Hummm Je crois bien que tu mérites beaucoup plus tu sais mon coeur est souriant de tes savoirs ma Belle . Dans ce Monde il y as de Grandes Dames et tu en fais partie "Bravo de tout tes efforts ils ne sont pas en vain . Sourire pour un autre c'est lui démontrer à quel point il lui rend saveurs . MICKEYRONY

By: Ladonna on 2/21/09
Congrats Fabi.Well deserved. :)
Hugs and my best wishes.

By: addy on 2/21/09
Congratulations! I'm so glad to see you here! Your work is always first class :)


By: Oskarsson on 2/22/09
Congratulations! Your work is amazing!

By: BonBonish on 2/22/09
I also would like to congratulate to you :)...

By: brycek on 2/23/09
Congratulations Fabi!!

By: lemonade8 on 2/23/09
Well deserved accolades for a very talented and lovely person! ((hugs)) and congratulations, Fabi!

By: hamstergirl4444 on 2/24/09
Congratulations Fabi! Your Drucilla was my Christmas present to myself, and since then, I have been adding other products of yours to my runtime. Not only was I pleased to see you be VOM, but also, to be able to read your interview...you are just as nice as I thought you would be, and then some! The time and attention you put into your work really shows - I look forward to whatever it is you'll be doing next, I know it will be beautiful! hg

By: disneyfabfive on 2/26/09
Congrats Fabi, you deserve this. I always get excited when I see you have a new gallery post, because I know it's going to be something beautiful and fabulous!!

Much Success to you, No one deserves is more.

By: pennykay on 2/26/09
Good for you Fabi! You are one very talented lady! Congrats a million times to you!!!

By: novelist999 on 2/27/09
A well-deserved award! Congratulatins, Fabiana!

By: Belladzines on 2/28/09

By: Val3dArt on 3/1/09
Bienvenida Fabi! y Felicitaciones por este reconocimiento :) Muy bien merecido!! *Besos*

By: DMFW on 3/1/09
I'm really pleased you've "signed up" with Renderosity. I have several of your products from 3DC and they are terrific quality work. Nice to learn a bit more about the artist behind the work!

By: mentola on 3/14/09
sos muy capa ;)
te quiero madrrre
me hice socia d este coso para ver que nadie te trate mal ;)

beso ma

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