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February 2009 Vendor of the Month - fabiana | fabiana, VOM, Poser, Quidam

Who is fabiana?
Fabiana (Fabi, for everybody) is a woman living at Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was borned the January 19 of 1965. That's me :)
I am married with Guillermo since 1987 and we have 2 daugthers: Melina, almost 21 years old, and Lucila, sweet 16.
Actually I am FKDesign for the bussiness. I had a digital store since 2002 at 3DC and now I opened a new one here at Renderosity.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
As I said above, I am doing 3d art and design since 2001. On 2002 I started the commercial activity but I had long years as a painting artist here, at my country artistic circles.

What are you currently working on?
Well, right now I am "prepairing" to work because just came back from a travel and need some time to organize things. But the sneak preview data could be the words: "clothings, hair, dreams" .Certainly I have so many ideas and scratched projects that need to choose the first one to make real. Could you wait for me?

What software do you use and why?
I use majorly POSER and its magnets and deformers. For the mesh making i use simple programs, as Anim8or, because I know it very well and nailed the tools in right way to do all what i wish to do. Sometimes I refine the models in Quidam. UVMapper for the mapping, Cr2editor, P3DO, CorelPhotoPaint, Photoshop.
About the modelling software, I want to add an explanation: When I started with the 3D, I was not able to get expensive programs, requiring enormous amounts of storage room and memory. My machine at that time was a simple one, nothing special, nothing much more powerfull than one for games and school homeworks. My credit card was a simple local one and I couldn´t get software via Internet. So, I needed to look for free and simple options. During that time I got my Poser 4 for my birthday. My brother and nieces did a short travel and they bought it for me in the early 2002. But other things required, as programs for mapping and so, were collected from the creators and all them were and still are free. My deepest thanks to those people for making tools for the world and giving them for free as sample of an incredible generous heart :)
With the time, I enhanced my machine and time after, got a new one.
Bigger monitors, better hardware, more softwares, newer Poser versions... but the spirit remains the same... I learned how to work with small things :)

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
Life and dreams. Noctia was absolutely dreamed in each detail, I had this dream during October of 2007 and was a recurrent dream so i decided that MUST do it.
El Cisne is inspired in a Ballet photograph I saw many years ago.
Hairs are all those styles that I would like to use, or have used in the past.
The products done with Ilona (my dearest friend, my best friend) all then came from our infinite chats late night... we always start with a word and all come faster then. .

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
YES. Work hard, never feel totally satisfied with your work... always think you can do it better...
Be humble, be soft, think the people as others in the same place as you, nobody is special, or better: everyone is special.
Artists became vendors NEED the public, the customers, the friends that decide to spend their money in your work: they made my life better and I am gratefull.
In fact, the customers make the things moving, and I made my small reverence to them.
Artists that don´t sell nothing, they need the public too as a mirror of the artwork.
3D world is not different to other artistic circles: nothing is easy, nothing is very fast, but you can be very happy in the process. I do.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
I am still new here as Vendor, but have been an artist posting here for years. I never had any trouble, always had nice comments and people asking things about my work in very gentle ways. I got many excellent friends here, people that share with me the daily life, our problems and sorrows, and our joy too... simply the life of women and men.
I learned a lot about genres and rendering styles and many other things, all technical details that I acquired reading and seeing images.

Do you have any final words?
Thank you.
Only that: thank you for this honor that I never expected and thank you for the warm attitude.


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