February 2007 VOM idler168

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February 2007 VOM idler168 | idler168, VOM
Who is idler168?
idler168 is a person who likes slacking off.Once he was too busy so becoming an idler is his dream. LOL
How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
When 1993 I first saw the 3D Studio 1.0,I was attracted by it and started to learning it.I was programmer,The busy work forced me to give up the 3D.7 years later I finally got some leisure time to learn 3D again. haphazard,I discoverred the software Poser and enjoyed using it to make clothing for different figures.The same time I knew Renderosity this community and was attracted by it.
What are you currently working on?
To make more products by YHI and IA.I'm enjoying cooperating with my friends.
What software do you use and why?
Rhinoceros 2.0,3D MAX 4.0,Silo 1.3,photoshop 4.0,Deep UV 1.1.
All the above is something what I need to use in product making.
I'd like to use Rhinoceros 2.0 more in modeling.I think the nurbs function in Rhinoceros is perfect and I can transform better mesh by using it.Also it can let me finish my work in a little time.
Where do you find inspiration for your products?
I just to find some pictures and think whether I can make this.I think I cannot be an artist but just a artisan.
Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
I think the one who need to be adviced is just myself.I need to improve my ability and to make more perfect products.
How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
Of course this is a very well community and through here I had a lot of friends.They have gave me much suggest and help.Let me improving my ability all the time.I will set aside more time in communicating here.I can learn a lot here.
Do you have any final words?
Thanks for the managers and staff in RO and friends in the community.
The last but not the least:If you like 3D art,please go to Renderosity.This is the paradise for the 3D artists.


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Annabel Clothing and Character for V4  by idler168
Annabel Clothing and Character for V4
Clothing Assembly 02 by idler168
Clothing Assembly 02
Thigh-Boot For V4 by idler168
Thigh-Boot For V4
Ankle Boots by idler168
Ankle Boots
Five pairs of pumps by idler168
Five pairs of pumps
Clothing Assembly 3 for V4/A4/G4 by idler168
Clothing Assembly 3 for V4/A4/G4

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Member Opinions:
By: y1127j on 2/2/07
Beauty is verisimilar.Wonders are many,and nothing is more wonderful than 3D artists.

By: mapps on 2/2/07
Congratulations, you make the most excellent boots :-)

By: stormchaser on 2/2/07
idler168 is well worthy of VOM, his shoes & boots are awesome, so well designed, detailed & versatile!

By: PaganArtist on 2/2/07
Love each and every one of your products! I am very happy to see you get this award it is very deserving. I look forward to using your work in the future.

By: HHDrache on 2/2/07
congratulations, your produts are all awesome.
well deserved.

By: Adrian_King on 2/2/07
Congratulations to you!!!

By: Shardz on 2/2/07
Congratulations on earning this award as it reflects the high quality of your products and immense skills! Outstanding work!

By: cyanure on 2/2/07
congratulation,you always have done amazing and high quality product!

By: newangels on 2/2/07
I love our products thanks so much for providing all of us with quality clothing for our characters :)


By: waningmoon on 2/2/07
Congratulations on the recognition of your work. Your products are amongst the best in regards to attention to detail. Look forward to your future work.

By: hongyu on 2/3/07
Congratulations! You deserve it!

By: tabala on 2/3/07
One got the price who really deserves it. :)

As long as I work with poser I always see fantastic products in a constant high quality when I visit Your store.
Good to see some things never change! Congrats!

By: karanta on 2/3/07
Congratulation :)

By: renapd on 2/3/07
A most well deserved honor and it was about time.. this extremely talented man has rightfully made us all obsessed with shoes -an area that our figures used to have very few choices in the past!But NO more! :)
Congrats to one of the very best! :)

By: kimbrd1 on 2/3/07
Congratulations and know you have many fans as well as friends here. I have most all your products and use them all the time in my client work. I am concentrating on nurbs modeling from your recommendation to strengthen my skills as well. Thanks for a great treat by this interview.

By: perfy0 on 2/3/07
Congratulations!Wish you bring us more and more excellent works!!Well done~~~~

By: perfy0 on 2/3/07
Congratulations!Wish you bring us more and more excellent works!!Well done~~~~

By: dino6500 on 2/3/07
Love your excellent products!

By: kebu99 on 2/3/07
Congratulations to you!!!

By: outoftouch on 2/3/07
Congratulations! This is extremely well deserved!!

By: marforno on 2/3/07
Congratulations... Your work is Extraordinary...!!!

By: Danie on 2/3/07
Congratulations!! Your work is amazing ... well deserved recognition!

By: t_g on 2/3/07
Love your excellent products!
Congratulations to you!!!

By: rofocale on 2/3/07
So well deserved, big big congratulations!

By: lishita on 2/3/07
Congratulations!! Plese visit our poor PCN forum in your free time.^ ^

By: infinity10 on 2/4/07
Besides your obvious skill and talent at 3D creation, your good taste and eye for beautiful lines adds to the overall product quality. I have always admired the chic and elegant items you have produced. Congratulations on your achievement.

By: idler168 on 2/4/07
Thank you all.
I'm very grateful to see so much congratulations.And thank you for supporting me.

By: Klutz on 2/5/07
Overdue recognition of a very talented person. You are a past master of 3D footwear! Your attention to detail is second to none! :0)

By: vitara on 2/6/07
Well done idler168. Gongxi gongxi! Been your fan ever since you released your first pair of shoes for V3 and your products just kept enhancing and gets more stylish by the day. Keep up your good work!

By: yungturk39 on 2/7/07
Your products are worth every penny!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

By: Kimberly.3D on 2/7/07
Yeahhhh congrats!

By: jwong6 on 2/8/07
Congratulations, the detail and perfection of your products always amaze me - especially your footware.

By: chrispoole on 2/12/07
Excellent modeller, your products are fantastic and have used them when I need quality. Congratulations.

By: lululee on 2/13/07
Congrats. You deserve this award. You make amazing, top quality products. My ladies all want your shoes.
cheerio lululee

By: kony on 2/13/07
Congratulations 168 :) You are always my favorites :)

By: PAnn on 2/14/07
The honour is well deserved. I find your shoes absolutely outstanding and can't wait til each new release. Your attention to detail is amazing.

By: Chippsyann on 2/17/07
Congratulations, your products are incredible, the detailing is fantastic.
"It's great having you around here"

By: vshane on 2/18/07

By: Bellonna on 2/20/07
Congrats!! Your products rock!!

By: Richabri on 2/20/07
Alright! My favorite 'shoe' guy! Congrats on a well deserved distinction. I've made very few renders where I haven't used your wonderful shoe products. Great job :)

By: Yannich on 2/20/07
You are my best shoe maker . You deserve this award !

By: dorkati on 2/22/07

If I see a fantastic shoe in real life, right away you come to my mind ;)
You deserved this!

By: BonBonish on 2/26/07

By: fabriced on 2/28/07
congrat mister master! :)

By: hitman47 on 3/2/07
I owe you all my life!

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