Favorite Vendor Sale | Day 3

The Most Favorited Vendor Sale!

Day 3

We've probably all done it...Visited a vendor's store here at Renderosity and deemed them worthy of being added to our exclusive 'Favorite Vendor List'. By electing to do so, we can be assured that we'll be receiving up-to-date notices of this vendor's latest release to the MarketPlace!

However, did you ever think that by simply adding a vendor to your list of favorites would pay off so big?

It was not too long ago that the curious MarketPlace Staff took a look at which vendor was the most 'Favorited'. From this came the thought of;

'Why not give our community great deals from their favorite vendor'?

Great idea, indeed, but how can you offer a sale from just one vendor? The logical choice was to create a week long sale highlighting the seven (7) most favorited vendors in the Renderosity MarketPlace!

Starting on Tuesday March 1st, we'll be offering a storewide sale from seven (7) different vendors. Each sale will last just 24 hours (12am - 11:45pm cst) so it's important you check back often to ensure you find deals from your favorite vendor. Each and every product within the selected vendor's store will be 50% off!

Today's vendor is:


Read more about Rhiannon from her 2010 Vendor of the Month Award.

Fads Sneaker Shoes by Rhiannon
Fads Sneaker Shoes
Classy Casual Dress & Bolero for Gen2 by Rhiannon
Classy Casual Dress & Bolero for Gen2
Fads Slip On Sneakers by Rhiannon
Fads Slip On Sneakers
Doctor's Scrubs by Rhiannon
Doctor's Scrubs
Sexy Fantasy Outfit by Rhiannon
Sexy Fantasy Outfit


Member Opinions:
By: AlienSlof on 3/3/11
I really hope that the following 4 vendors offer more than just more girl stuff. What about something for those of us who render other things as well? Some man stuff? Animals?

By: Bakensobek on 3/3/11
Exactly what AlienSlof said.

Honestly, it is really frustrating when these sales are just load after load of girly stuff -- Victoria this, Victoria that.

There are some of us who march by a different drummer, so to speak. How about giving us more manly things? Or scenery, creatures, scenery... just anything but things for Victoria and her ilk. Please?

By: Breyden on 3/3/11
There was a car and a motorcycle just yesterday. Everything has it's place. It goes by Favorited Vendors. Just look deeper into the featured vendor's store and you may find what you are looking for.

By: DarkRider on 3/4/11
It's time to change the vendor, guys...

I think I had already made a purchase by this time yesterday.


By: argel1200 on 3/4/11
Could you keep the current sale going until you start the next one? Or maybe run the sale longer (say till Midnight *Pacific* time)? Been troubleshooting a server at work all day and was looking forward to getting some of Rhiannon's stuff and the Day 3 sale is already over but not even a day 4 sale yet. :-(

Agree about the "girl stuff". Like how there are tons of Native American/Tribal outfits for V4 but NOTHING for M4. Searching (for tribal, barbarian, indian, Native American, scout, hunter, spear, bracers, loincloth, etc) made the V4 vs. M4 disparity painfully obvious.

By: webster8055 on 3/4/11
Why can't these sales run for 24 hours? I had to drive a long way to work today. At 4 AM there was no email yet announcing the sale. Left for work in the dark, got back home at 10 pm and barely got a chance to get a sandwich and coffee and sit down to pick out some items for the cart when the "witching hour" hit for my time zone ... wasn't even 11 pm when items began to go off sale again in the middle of trying to check out.

By: Madrigal on 3/4/11
None of the stuff is on sale when I look - I might have missed Rhiannon, but this page hasn't changed?

By: Madrigal on 3/4/11
Oh, never mind, I found the new one - just got no email notification! :)

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