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Renderosity's Pot O' Gold Grab Bag Is Here!

The Renderosity MarketPlace is offering you the chance to have a little 'Luck of The Irish' this season by including a FREE product with your next purchase of $5 or more. All you have to do is add the 'Grab Bag' product (seen below) to your cart and proceed, as normal, through the checkout process. Once the transaction has been completed, you can visit the 'My Accout' page and claim your product.

( Click Here To Be Taken Directly To The Above Grab Bag Product )

This Grab Bag product will be randomly selected from the fifty (50) great products you see below. There will also be random *Gift Certificates to the Renderosity MarketPlace included in the Pot!

*Gift Certificates awarded during this promotion are valid 30 days from the time of receipt.

Renderosity's software will check an individual's buying history to ensure that the product added as the free product is not already owned by the buyer.

For this Pot O' Gold special you can make as many transactions as you wish and receive all the Grab Bag products available! You will only be allowed, however, to checkout with one (1) free Grab Bag item at a time.

You Only Have 7 Days!

The free Grab Bag product promotion will only be available from Monday, March 14th through Sunday, March 20th at 11:59pm (cst).

Please do not use this promotion to gift products to other members. The recipient will not be able to receive the free grab bag product.

Special Thanks to these participating Vendors and their products for making this promotion possible!

Livin' In A Mushroom
Ethereal Ponds Backdrops
Kay Sandals
Ainu The Priestess
Colors of Jaythen
Leprechaun for Gosha
Rhodey M4
FS Heavenly
MRL - Nabila
dolfs Dewy for V4/A4
Pin Up Pro
RM Elaine
Rock Arches & Columns
Templar Knight
Iron Friends
IMPACTS: Hide & Seek HeadGear
Splash & Water Brushes
Pd-Sci-Fi Poser Materials
K-Style: Slinky halter for V4/A4/G4/Elite
PD Tina
Rosenresli for V4/A4/Girl4
Seren for V4 Elite/A4/G4
Jinkie for V4/A4
Fairy Dust
Haberdashery - Clover
In The Mood - lights and cameras for P6 & P7
The convertible one for Star Blind
Elegant evening dress for V4
Feline, for Elegant Evening Dress by ile-avalon
Dynamic Evening Dress for Miki3
LK - Lennard M4
Fantasy Prince for Fairytale Prince
MST Zaftig V4
Selene - Fantasy Muse
Susie's Rags
Shyla V4
Siobhan V4.2
Danielle Hair for V4
Kiana Hair for V4/A4
Heart Candy
Victorian Train Station
Jacqueline's Clothing for V4
Belle West
M4 Assassin

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Member Opinions:
By: tyd2 on 3/14/11
Hmm... If I could pick a product from those 50 I'd be interested, but random? Too much there I have no need for.

By: WandW on 3/14/11
I got Rhodey for M4-a handsome rascal indeed. Thanx!

By: tiggersprings on 3/14/11
While the grab bag is a nice idea, it needs some serious work. I just got a character for V4. I can't stand V4 (I don't use the 4th generation Daz figures at all only the second and third generations), so this is useless to me, so I probably won't even download the item.

Thank you to the vendors that are participating, though. Hopefully other people have more "luck" than I do when it comes to this event.

By: SDLife on 3/14/11
No thanks. These aren't fun

By: MagnoliaMoonElf on 3/14/11
It would be great if you could choose. I see
only a few items that I would be interested in having. Many here that I would never use.
Nice of the vendor to do this. Thank you to all the vendors.

By: Granny_E on 3/14/11
Thank you so much for the $15 GC, I had something in my wishlist for that amount!

By: Elowan on 3/14/11
I have to agree with tyd2. OTOH - this is great for those who are relatively new around here.


By: Cariad on 3/14/11
Jinkie and Ainu. Neither is of any use to me. Meh. Lots of stuff I would use, and I got the two probably will never even download.

Thanks to the vendors taking part. Just rotten luck I guess on my part.

By: JRH on 3/14/11
Let me choose please!!

By: atwc on 3/14/11
Renderosity has had some pretty good promotions over the years. This is definitely not one of them. Lack of control as to what you receive is the biggest factor. The odds of getting an item that's useful to you are pretty slim.

By: Nathrai on 3/14/11
What's with all those items with requirements this time?
I really love the grab bag concept, but I hate that I just got a texture expansion to a $15 outfit that I don't even remotely want... :(

By: StormSyren on 3/14/11
I agree with others, this is nice of the vendors but a random item that I might not ever use is not encouraging for me to shop. It would have been nice if these products were setup to check at $0.00 if you purchase another item at $5.00 or more. Each $5.00 would grant another one of these becoming free in your cart.

Besides looking at the items above.. all the ones I like I already own. There is only one other item in there that I'd love to have.. but look at the odds of me getting it. I'll wait to see if March has anything else coming. The 7 days was nice, but my credit card has been sleeping since then.

By: zenzai on 3/14/11
Don't feel this is a good idea either - just got an item I'd never buy or even use.

Would be better if you could choose one from e.g. 5 or 10 random items, then there would be a reasonable chance that you got something you could use.

By: RoguePilot on 3/14/11
Thank you for this, there are some things on the list that I would really, really want, but anything is always appreciated.
Would it make me buy something just to get a chance at something for free? No. Does it keep me coming back to Renderosity? Yes

By: brenrem on 3/14/11
I got a product I don't have the base for either. Definitely won't be making another purchase. Don't like the Jaythen hair so getting the Colors for it is not even an incentive for me to buy the main product. What a waste.

By: Trouble on 3/14/11
Nice idea but what a gamble. I got the M4 assasin textures and I don't use M4 nor own the product.

All grab bags are a gamble and it didn't cost me anything.

By: SteveJax on 3/14/11
The only thing on that list of 50 items that I'd even want is Livin in a Mushroom.

By: Rhyull on 3/14/11
Thought it was supposed to be a bit of fun, not something to cry about.

By: looserchik on 3/14/11
Great Variety of lot's of cool stuff from generous vendors. The surprise of the grab bag is half the fun and I get to try a product or seller I haven't tried. Thanks for your work on the promos.

By: AnnieD on 3/14/11
The idea is a good one but as soon as I saw all the textures for things I don't own I knew I'd have to pass.

By: Netjera on 3/15/11
Sale hasn't been very lucky for me, as I've placed two orders, solely because it was grab-bag time, and forgotten to include grab bags in both. *sighs* I shouldn't place orders when I'm tired, apparently.

By: deni67 on 3/15/11
I'd just like to say, thank you to ile-avalon for fixing up my confusion today.
My bad for jumping the gun and i apologise.
The textures and dresses are simply divine.

By: Wonderland on 3/15/11
Disappointing. So far got three things I'll never use. If I could pick I would purchase many more things knowing that I'll get something I want....

By: GhostWolf on 3/15/11
I got Ethereal Ponds Backdrops and Belle West clothing set, none of which I wanted but hey at least you get something for nothing.

By: b-vone on 3/15/11
Never mind wanting it or not. I cant even use it. Its for a program i dont even own. At least keep it DAZ Poser type content.

By: Avari on 3/15/11
Awesome, I got a $15 Gift Card! Thank you so much!

By: StaceyG on 3/15/11
The idea behind Renderosity Grab Bags is to gather a wide range of products from interested participating vendors and offer them as free products as a way to reward those who’ve made a purchase. Although we realize that certain products may not be on the top of your wish list, we try to provide a selection of products that will appeal to the Renderosity Community as a whole. This is not intended to be a ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offer and shouldn’t be viewed as such. Instead, please treat this as a fun and interactive way of receiving a free product you can now add to your digital content library. Just like in the retail world "grab bag" promotions, you don't have any idea of what might be in that brown paper bag:)
We were careful to list all fifty (50) products in our Grab Bag article so that our buyers would know the pool of products from which they could potentially randomly receive

By: SilverDolphin on 3/15/11
Great idea makes me want to impulse buy! OK my credit card hate you!

Seriously a great idea that should be implemented regularly!

By: Nathrai on 3/15/11
Thanks for the explanation, StaceyG!

Just want to make sure my first reply isn't taken the wrong way: I really LOVE the concept of getting a random item, most of the time items I would have never bought but then I actually grow to like.

My only peeve with this is that with the good old brown paper bag you always got a standalone item. It might not have been what you were hoping for, but at least it was usable on its own.

But here we get some items that are completely useless without their pre-requisite item. Those items will never be used (because they CANNOT be used), so they won't help promoting the vendor, either.

And now I'll go and play with some of those items I would have never bought but REALLY love by now... ;)

By: LilWolff on 3/15/11
ROTFL! Me thinks there may be a trickster in the clan?

It says I was charged a penny for the gift and of course I wasn't!

Pot O' Gold Grab Bag 1 $0.01

Good Laugh! Great Fun! I have always loved this idea!

By: b-vone on 3/16/11
Thank you, NATHRAI You said it a lot better than I did. ;-)

By: ragaray on 3/16/11
Thanks for the gift! Siobhan for V4

By: fayrie on 3/16/11
i really am not happy in the grab bag idea.. maybe if you got a list of 3-4 different items from this list to pick from i would be ok with it but to get things you would never use nor could use with out buying the base product is not a good idea to me... 4 times i have tried and each time i got things i wont use

By: JZArt3DSteel on 3/17/11
This is fun! I got items that I am HAPPY with, but I do agree with some members about being able to CHOOSE a free product from the listed GRAB BAG items when buying something over $5, BUT, this way it's unpredictable. Like gambling, you win some, you lose some, or should I SAY you LOVE some, you FORGET some(items). I'm happy and grateful for ANYTHiNG that's FREE(;-D). Cool PROMO! I love it! Thank you!

By: DeCarlo on 3/17/11
Some of my fave things in life are ones I would have never looked at myself.

Almost everything I got free was a pleasant surprise, and I lucked into $35 in gift certs that I used like mad money (and bought one of those things I got a free texture for).

This was FUN, and I probably bought too much but hey, We only live twice- Once for the world and once for our runtime! -Rebecca De Carlo

By: Silvara63 on 3/17/11
I'm a bit of a gambler so love this grab bag promotion - no matter what I get it is a lovely and welcome surprise. Thankyou to all the vendors who are participating - no matter what I get it is much appreciated - and will use it somewhere and somehow!

By: sunset_coust on 3/17/11
In the Mood after all I can always use more light!

By: rdrgs on 3/17/11
Thank you so much Renderosity :) Felt very lucky indeed!!
As a fan and repeat customer of Bice and outoftouch, VERY HAPPY with IMPACTS: Hide & Seek HeadGear

By: renecyberdoc on 3/18/11
spend around a 150 dollars on this pot o gold and got plenty of stuff extra. i am very satisfield and feel spoiled lol.excellent idea.

By: jeanne_50 on 3/18/11
Thank you! I got the rock arches by Designfera and I am very happy I did participate. First I thought, with my budget as tight as it is nowadays, I don't because there is very little I would like to get and the rock arches was one of them! :)

The fun of a grabbag is just because it's a grabbag. When you can choose an item, it's not a grabbag anymore I think.

Keep on doing the fun things, Renderosity!
Love, Jeanne

By: mhicks on 3/19/11
I went for a grab bag... and while I got Susie's Rags... it's not something I'd normally choose for myself, but I do like it. Just means I'll have to play around to find a use for it. :)

By: Tuli on 3/20/11
I like the concept but two of the item I received will do me no good either. Pity we can't just swap the free stuff for things we can actually use. I do not own Miki figure, does me no good to get clothing for her, or textures for a hair I have no intention of owning.

By: hmatienzo on 3/20/11
Well, I for one am very, VERY happy with the goodies I got... What with the beautiful Tina and the Templar Knight and the gift cert... How can one go wrong with that! Thank you, Rosity!

By: Greymom on 3/20/11
I enjoy the grab bag, and have been pretty lucky! But for more fun, how about setting up some way that winners can swap items with each other?

By: yakchat on 3/20/11
Thank you again... am very happy with the 2 grab bags I have gotten...very fun indeed :-)

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