Enter for Your Chance to Win $1040!

Header Image: Printing the Money by wonderworld.

Each Purchase More Than $10.40 is an Additional Entry to Win $1040!

Tax Time is right around the corner, so Renderosity wants to put a little extra money in your pocket! No purchase necessary to win. Entry form below. Any purchase over $10.40 through the month of April is an additional chance to win $1,040 USD!

Hurry! Entries will not be accepted after 11:59 Renderosity System Time (CST).

This is a cash prize! No gift certificates or store credits - just one thousand and forty U.S. dollars to spend how you please. You won't find an offer like this on other sites!

From midnight on April 1st until 11:59pm Renderosity System Time (CST) on April 30th, any purchase over $10.40 will be entered for the drawing. One lucky customer will be drawn at random from all of the eligible orders to win the prize. Multiple purchases mean multiple chances for you to win! Every single purchase you make over $10.40 is another entry for the cash prize! All orders $10.39 and under will not be eligible to win the cash prize.

$10.40 Is All It Takes!

The drawing will occur on May 1st, 2010. The winner will be immediately notified by email thereafter. The winner will receive a check from Renderosity for $1,040 USD.

No purchase necessary. Click here to Enter.


Fill Up Your Runtime at Tax Time with 3D Models at Renderosity:



Member Opinions:
By: lior on 4/1/10
If I could win You Could Win $1040!Am'I dreaming?

By: kodewarrior1 on 4/1/10
cool! Just a question: can I be eligible even if I'm from Italy?

By: DangerousThing on 4/1/10
I could use it. My wishlist is *way* too big. :)

By: ThetaLov on 4/1/10
Now THIS is something that's doable. God I hope I get some spare cash in the next few weeks...

By: LocusSolus on 4/1/10
That's good reminder to purge my wishlist! Are french people eligible too?

By: efron_241 on 4/1/10
April 1 people

By: doarte on 4/1/10

By: -Wolfie- on 4/1/10
Wow, that a great gift Rendo! You never cease to amaze me... Thank you! Good luck to all!

By: StormSyren on 4/1/10
I'm tempted to go ahead and do this. My husband was just in a car accident and it has wrecked us, so when it comes down to spending $10 in hopes of winning a grand.. we could definitely use that right now. Hopefully he won't kill me over spending the $10! *hides*

By: Dotthy on 4/1/10
Cool, I could need it, hope I win ;-) thanks for the possiblity

By: SophiD on 4/1/10
April 1st?! or actual?!

and would we still be eligible if residing in the UK?!

By: OlegSQ on 4/1/10
Fool's day? :-)

By: Khrys on 4/1/10
This is either in poor taste as an April Fool's joke, or a really bad day to post something serious on. I hope it's the second option!

By: Debbie M. on 4/1/10
@ kodewarrior1 and LocusSolus....Yes, International members are eligible. Good luck everyone! Gosh, how I could use a cool grand right now myself :)

By: Debbie M. on 4/1/10
Yes, SophiD... UK members are definitely eligible too.

Honest!! This is NOT an April Fool's joke :)

By: deni67 on 4/1/10
$1040 Us is $1131 Aussie at the moment, can't complain about that!

By: kjherstin on 4/2/10
I'm in.

By: Madbat on 4/2/10
Strange question, but can the cash be forwarded to another rendo member? I know someone who could use it more than me.

By: Belladzines on 4/3/10
It would come in handy for sure, especially after tax time and trying to move to another state! ....

By: lesstop on 4/3/10

By: Senyachan on 4/5/10
It would be great winning that money, after all I will have to move house this year and I also have to pay back debts from studying, so a little extra money could come in handy!

By: Lakotariver on 4/5/10
Show me the Money,
Now who said that before? LOL

By: Cimarron on 4/6/10
Wow! this would be so welcome...keeping fingers and toes crossed;)

By: morganahope on 4/6/10

By: iyere on 4/7/10
Good... all the way. Nothing to loose. I would have spent a lot more than $10.40 anyway. I'll go 4 it. Xpect my thanx on May 1st, I'm sure to win!

By: DarkRider on 4/7/10
Wow! I should spend $10.40 dozens, nay hundreds, nay...

Just teasin', guys.

That said, sounds like fun for people with money to burn!

AND Madbat, you rule! I hope you win it and you help your friend.

By: SilverDolphin on 4/12/10
This would be a great birthday gift ; )

By: CStrauss on 4/13/10
Hmmmm something a bit confusing as it says you each purchase you make over $10.40 puts you in the drawing. However at the end there is a link that says No purchase necessary. Click here to Enter.

You click the link and ask for your email address so does this mean you don't have to buy something to have a chance to win or is this some kind of error?

By: Belladzines on 4/16/10
CStrauss i'm sure its just a mistake ... admin will look at it.

We could so use this money .... especially for moving house!! yay!!

By: kyoto_kid on 4/23/10
...this is as good as actually winning the computer I need but cannot afford.

By: kathbran on 4/23/10
God i hope I win I have never won anything in my life so really the chance is zero but no harm in trying lol Good luck to you all! Someone has to use win it so best of luck

By: KingNot on 4/23/10
Ok, I'll get something off my wishlist:-)

Some are critical here, but it's a good contest for tough times. Much lower payout but I'd "bet" fantastically higher odds than the lottery and since most RL movies and CD's suck (to me anyways) not bad for a few otherwise spent 'entertainment sundry' dollars.

By: OniDrEvil on 4/25/10
Does one item have to be over $10.40, or can it be two items that total over $10.40?

By: quietrob on 4/27/10

Have I told you lately that I love you?

By: jeanne_50 on 4/28/10
Nice contest. :)
I hope I'll win, as is everyone else of course. LOL

By: zerokenshiro on 5/4/10
so who won?

By: FalseBogus on 5/5/10
who won? ;)

By: FrozenStar on 5/6/10
I'm curious who won aswell. Cause it wasn't me :P

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