Easter Egg Hunt | Winners Revealed!

Celebrate the Easter Holiday at Renderosity and win some prizes along the way!

The Renderosity Team is excited to announce that all 10 Easter Eggs have been located!. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to look to ensure they were brought back to their rightful owner.

Below is a list of the 5 randomly selected winners and where each of the 10 egg were found.

Here are our winners!







Here are where each of the egss had been found:











Member Opinions:
By: Propschick on 3/25/13
7 eggs found....I am running out of places to look!

By: GrandmaT on 3/25/13
I've also found 7. Guess I'll have to start going through the fine print!

By: Propschick on 3/25/13
I'm up to 9 and tearing my hair out ! LOL

By: Cazcie on 3/25/13
I have 8 so far

By: insomniac5871 on 3/25/13
7 found... no idea where else to look!

By: Propschick on 3/25/13
I'm not looking anymore, lol - I have work to do!

By: punisher1999 on 3/25/13
I don't see how hard it is to find all 10.. They are all here!

By: Cazcie on 3/25/13
so your saying you found all ten of them?

By: Choronzon on 3/25/13
Yes they are all right there above us!

By: Propschick on 3/25/13
Well congrats, you won! :) Someone has to win this thing, right? lol

By: Cazcie on 3/25/13
hahahaa funny

By: spad007 on 3/26/13
Choronzon!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Thanks you brightened my day.
still chuckling.

By: fayrie on 3/26/13
found seven.... and have looked all over lol will try more later

By: pokeydots on 3/26/13
Found all but number 2, and I'm going crazy looking for it! lol

By: kerrieanne on 3/26/13
Missing 3, 6 and 9. I think I might wait until tomorrow to try again :)

By: kerrieanne on 3/27/13
Has anyone found all the missing 10?

By: craggles on 3/27/13
I'm stuck on 3, 6 and 9 as well. :(

By: hecate61 on 3/28/13
Can't seem to find #5. I think a bunny is sitting on it. Although, I have found one that can be located through 3 different urls. Think I can combine the extra 2 and call them #5?

By: Trouble on 3/28/13
Even with the clues I'm still stuck on 5, 6 and 9. :( Even started a blog....no egg.

By: cm-merlin on 3/28/13
Better get back to working, this seems like a frivolous waste of time to me. 9 eggs would be as good as none, and there are THOUSANDS of products to search through. Good luck, you'll need it!

By: Oceania66 on 3/28/13
bhe se mettiamo tutte le uova assieme ne sono 55, altrimenti a regola ne sarebero 10,ma se sommo i numeri sotto sono 55

By: Propschick on 3/28/13
Finally....after 2 days....found all 10. Keep looking , you'd be surprised where these sneaky things can turn up!

By: Aletha on 3/28/13
My eyes are getting crossed, there is way to many Items....

By: spirit627 on 3/28/13
its to hard when you dont have a lot of time I guess you could stay out of work to look through all

By: Shaylea on 3/28/13
2 more to find...whew...

By: schala002 on 3/28/13
I am missing 2,3,4 and 9... Will have to keep looking... Hopefully I'll find them someday, lol! ^_^

By: MarciaGomes on 3/28/13
I can not find the eggs 3 and 9.

By: fayrie on 3/28/13
still missing two lol will try and find them between packing to move and work lol

By: Aletha on 3/29/13
WOW just need 3 & 6
Like when I was a bit older kid the eggs were harder & the small kids got the one's laying on the ground. lol

If we find most of them, should be worth something. ;)

By: Aletha on 3/29/13
YEA! I found 6.
Only 1 more to go YES!
Need # 3 :) :) :)

By: kerrieanne on 3/29/13
grr clues dont seem to help me :( still need 3,6 and 9 :(

I even posted a blog with no results :'(

By: toyyaris on 3/29/13
well I have 6 of them and a terrible headache lol
big hug and good luck to everybody.

By: Godin on 3/29/13
I have found 8 eggs so far, Me too cannot find Egg 3 and 9 all the others I have found them.
LOL this is driving me nuts! :D

By: Barbara1337 on 3/29/13
I didn't find any eggs, could it be that I didn't waste my time and look!!!
That's the answer.
I'd rather play with my new toys. Haha.

By: Godin on 3/29/13
Yay I found Egg nr 9 now only need to find Egg nr 3 :D

By: GLM on 3/29/13
i don't understand any thing .

By: aproctor on 3/29/13
Still looking for 3 and 9 . Where ARE you????

By: Aletha on 3/29/13
OMG I have looked all day for just 1 egg, think the Easter bunny got hunger & ate it, are we sure it is still showing up...

I have been to every page except the one where the Prize egg is hiding. lol

That # 3 egg is running from pg to pg. I do believe & I'm not sure which of the hints is for, its not helping & this is the last day. lol ;)

By: MarciaGomes on 3/29/13
Tired of playing searched everywhere to join the chat and see that egg make me a fool.

By: Aletha on 3/30/13
OMG I found #3 I now have all of them.
This was Fun then got harder & Harder I think I might have a few hairs left in on my head. lol

When I click where to send it, it did nothen so I copy & pasted it in my E-Mail After all that I sure hope it makes it to yaw' :D
Luv it! Think you'll for the Hunt. :)

By: Shaylea on 3/30/13
found them all...woo...hoo!

By: Amigo968 on 3/30/13
I'm searching nr. 3 and 9 - this is so difficult to find.

By: Kadaj15 on 3/30/13
I only found the 8th egg :(

By: PCKaz on 3/30/13
Missing 3, 9, and 10...

By: meeshy on 3/30/13
Good Luck Egg Hunters!! :D

By: kol_2005 on 3/30/13
spent last 2 days looking for egg 3 & 9 have an idea one of them is on this page but wherever the missing one is its well hidden :(

By: Rowan54 on 3/30/13
I have 9 of them. Everything except #6.

By: wblack on 3/31/13
I love puzzles (in this case the clues) where analytical is required - this was great fun, and Thanks!

By: meeshy on 3/31/13
Congratulations to the winners!! :)

By: PenelopeFlynn on 3/31/13
There was an Easter Egg hunt?

By: hecate61 on 3/31/13
Congrats to the winners. At least now I know why I couldn't find #5. Seems it was hidden underneath the "Advertising" promo of the sidebar for that page. (Page doesn't display properly on my computer. Never has.)

By: Propschick on 3/31/13
Thank you Rendo! Was a toughie , but a goodie!

By: marco.dd on 3/31/13
Many thanks to Renderosity and this great community!

By: julesart on 3/31/13

Same egg and page with this URL:

Did that one count as well or was it not counted because the question mark at the end was missing? Both Url's go to the same page.Just curious. Hmmmmmm?
The one with the missing ? is what I sent in my set of answers.

By: julesart on 3/31/13
Congratulations to all the winners! Yay!

By: arbee999 on 3/31/13
Congrats to the successful hunters and happy Easter to all!

By: KimberlyC on 3/31/13
Yay!! Congrats all :)

By: Godin on 3/31/13
Congratulations to all winners!! :)

By: Heitaikai on 3/31/13
Thank you very much to Renderosity and happy Easter to all!

By: pokeydots on 3/31/13
Congrats to all the winners!

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