Download Digital Content In Our Updated Free Stuff Section!

Download 3D models and resources for multiple modeling applications in the Renderosity Free Stuff!

Renderosity is continuing to improve as one of the top sites for 3D modelers, texture creators and other digital artists! The Free Stuff section of the site has been one of the most popular areas on Renderosity for years, and now we have upgraded the section to make your experience easier and more robust.

Free Stuff has been improved for both those uploading and downloading. All Free Stuff items uploaded from today forward will now be hosted on Renderosity. So now you do not have to worry about finding a site to host the content you wish to share or go through the frustration of running out of allowed bandwidth before the month is over! We hope you will enjoy our new hassle free solution to sharing your creations. This change will also provide a more reliable download experience for those looking to download from Free Stuff.

Other features in the updated Free Stuff area include:

  • New rating system for products
  • Ability to leave comments on product page
  • Complete and informative Details page
  • MarketPlace tie-ins for similar content you might be interested in

Have you previously uploaded products into the Free Stuff section? Then your items will still be available. You can still make edits and changes to your product details. However, any change you make to the product itself will require you to reupload the file directly to Renderosity for hosting. Questions can be directed to

For those wishing to advertise their products or services to the Renderosity community, we also have the ability to present ads on our Download confirmation page. If you are interested in more information, contact Renderosity Marketing at and we'll be happy to assist you.

Thanks for sharing your 3D content at Renderosity, and we look forward to your future contributions! In the meantime, you can get started uploading in the new Free Stuff section today!

Member Opinions:
By: flaviok on 8/20/09
Excelente, parabéns

By: JOELGLAINE on 8/20/09
Hosted ON Rendo would be preferable.

By: Thalek on 8/20/09
Perhaps it's just early days, but I can currently find no easy way to actually download anything, which hardly makes it "easier" to use.

By: JeniferC on 8/20/09
The download button is at the bottom of the details page. There is a small window that opens to download the file. If you have any problems seeing the small window, you may need to adjust your pop-up blocker settings.

By: Thetis on 8/20/09
File hosting direct at Renderosity sounds fine. But it's not free. It costs more clicks because advertisement is placed on the winding way to the download. There is nothing to say against that free products shall help selling stuff.

But I don't like that the download itself opens in a window without navigation. And right-click on the download button to open the link in a separate window is not possible either.

All in all: I liked the old system (link to the outside hosted files) better.

By: Jazzmin on 8/20/09
Hey Thalek you're not alone. I couldn't find the download button either! Thanks for pointing out where it is Jenifer. It didn't occur to me that it would be at the bottom after the "what's hot" or items for sale...

Thanks for hosting the freebies and making them available to download directly from Renderosity!

By: pauthier on 8/20/09
Interface has more functions but DL is longer as you have to browse the details and then DL which opens a new window which (for the moment) opens a new window to the site where the file is located (especially infamously slow sharecg :( )
I much preferred the initial interface which was fast and straightforward

By: Thalek on 8/20/09
Thanks, Jenifer! Color me embarrassed.

By: LunaFaye on 8/20/09
"All Free Stuff items uploaded from today forward will now be hosted on Renderosity"

What about those who still WANT to host freebies on outside web sites? Is this still at least an option?

By: Lakotariver on 8/20/09
WOW, And it is Free too. LOL,
Love it. The Renderosity Team really has made some wonderful updates with the site.
Smiles and Happy Renders to you all.

By: EnglishBob on 8/20/09
My freebies are hosted elsewhere, and I'd prefer to continue that since my download pages usually offer additional information, links to third-party add-ons, etc. Some downloads are in several parts. It's great that Renderosity will host, since not everyone has that facility; but not if it's compulsory. I won't be posting any more freebies as a result of this change.

Also, I couldn't see anywhere to add comments or ratings.

By: skuts on 8/20/09
taking the download off of the main freestuff page and hiding it at the bottom of the details page is a very bad idea. Please put the download button back where it belongs, under the product image. Thanks.

By: darman42 on 8/20/09
i like the fact that freebies are hosted here, seeing as it makes it easier to find them.

however, people who host stuff on their own sites might not take too kindly to it

also, having to go through some apparently obligatory ads screen is not a way to make downloads easier. the "download" button that was visible right on the Freestuff page was better

By: Seliah on 8/20/09
Sorry, but I'm with EnglishBob on this one. I will not be uploading anymore freebies through Renderosity directly as a result of this change.

1.) to FORCE us to use YOUR upload service (which Rendo servers are slow at BEST on a GOOD day) to put up our freebies is not the way to go about it. Those of us who create freebies have the right to choose where our files will be hosted. You've stepped over a line by making this a no-choice policy. You'd have been better off to offer it as a CHOICE for those freebie makers who might WANT the choice. Human nature being what it is, when you take away the ability to choose, people will rebel. Congratulations on that point.

2.) When I am searching the Freestuff area, what I want to see is FREE_STUFF. The freebies. NOT THE MARKETPLACE PAID PRODUCTS. To add salt to the wound of forcing us to use your servers for our files, you're now shoving marketplace products in our faces. Why? Are the sales in Rendo starting to go down? Shoving it in our faces does little more than tick us off and steer us even further away from purchasing out of the marketplace here. If I want paid items, I'll go to the marketplace!!!! I'm NOT in the freebie section to find paid-for items!!!!

3.) You can chest-thump and boast about your 'updated freebie section' when you've given us the ability to properly search again. You took that away the first time you 'revamped' your freebie section. Ever since then the Rendo freebie section has been nigh unusable for those of us who might actually WANT some of the legacy freebies.

The inability to search and ACTUALLY PULL UP OLD FREEBIES is infuriating and very frustrating. The search engine you currently have DOES NOT WORK, and I should NOT have to spend 3 hours manually toggling through every month, every year, just to try and find that ONE old-time freebie that I KNOW is on the server here 'somewhere'. (*gasp* What a shock, not everyone wants to be using Gen-4's...)

Sorry, Rendo. I'm normally very easy going and try to look for the silver lining when you make changes to things. But this was a case where you just crossed over a line with me.

Good luck with your freebie section (oh, I'm sorry, maybe that should be 'free marketplace promotion section'), but directly as a result of forcing us to use your servers (I DO NOT want my files on ANYONES server except my own, ESPECIALLY yours), as well as shoving PAID ITEMS in our faces in the FREEBIE section, there will be one less freebie artist uploading her content to the Rendo freebies. *shrugs*

Congratulations, Rendo. You've really done it this time.

~ Seliah
Childe of Fyre

By: 3-DArena on 8/20/09
While I like that it links to my rendo store I host off site for a reason, most of my freebies are equal to a full product & by linking off site I can show all the images of what's included.


I also dislike that if you are going to link to my store, which is a nice advertising plug here & I do like that. However, it then shows a series of thumbnails that are not from my store...

By: Acadia on 8/20/09
I do like the fact that Renderosity is offering the ability to host because that is a huge benefit to those who don't have their own web space to do it themselves.

However, I think those with reliable websites, should be allowed to continue to host their own freebies on their own website.

By forcing everyone who posts freebies on Renderosity to use Renderosity's server is going to lead to some long term freebie creators to stop posting their freebies here. And that will be a great loss :( I see that EnglishBob has already indicated that he won't be posting his here anymore. Which means that unless you know about his website and go there frequently, people will be missing out on his great stuff. I'm sure there will be others that also feel the same as he does.

By: dyraven on 8/20/09
I am with EnglishBob and LunaFave on this one. This is not a good policy and I am sure this will hurt Rendo. My suggestion is that if a contributor is a member of Rendo linkshare, our personally owned webpage should open in a full window as it did before. I will not be posting any new freebies either.

By: pjz99 on 8/20/09
I won't be posting free items here any more either, this is a nasty and obnoxious change. There were already market banners are all over the place, and everyone who was posting here had already found workable hosting options anyway so this isn't exactly a "useful service".

By: geoegress on 8/20/09
I like it :) Thank you- it's a good idea. Maby the page layout will need a bit of tweeking in the future. But the concept is fantastic :)

By: wimvdb on 8/20/09
Getting two additional pages to go through is NOT an improvement. If downloads are external there should be direct download links.
The way to get more sales is to please your customers, not by annoying them

By: rsg on 8/20/09
I honestly don't see the need for the change, before it was clean and simple. Now, it's not. I don't understand the need for the windows and ads.

I'd also like to second Thetis' comment about opening in a window without navigation. I feel better browsing knowing I'm in control of what opens in what.

I great appreciate all efforts to improve the site, right now I just don't see this as an improvement - don't know that I ever will.

And, please don't make hosting compulsory - I would hate to see anyone leave because their creations can't be distributed the way they want.

By: mmalbert on 8/20/09
This change will be very helpful for those who don't have their own websites or who prefer not to use ShareCG. But, like EnglishBob, I'd appreciate the option to continue using my own website. I often have separate DAZ Studio and a Poser zip downloads on the same download page, as well as additional info, tips, and previews.

I know I can include a URL in the details and bundle both DS and Poser files in a single zip (providing they're small enough), but it's easier just to send folks directly to my own download page.

By: ToniDunlap on 8/20/09
Wonderful, Fantastic Free artwork. Just the best! Thank You for sharing!

By: hamstergirl4444 on 8/20/09
Okay, maybe it's 'cause I'm getting old, or maybe I'm just in a crabby mood, but...this is not working well for me, LOL, and I miss the freebie ways of old - much less fuss...

By: embyquinn on 8/20/09
I hate the new system. It's clumsy, clunky, difficult to navigate, and we're bombed with advertisements at every turn. When did R'osity become AOL???

By: reciecup on 8/20/09
I think it's a great idea. I like that you can see the vendor's best selling products right underneath the freebie. My only gripe is that I do not see where to leave comments. Does anyone know where that section is?

By: gojira-kun on 8/20/09
Like most website "improvements" these days, this less-convenient, more-time-consuming change seems designed primarily to push more advertising upon the visitor. Note that even the extraneous download window promises ads to come. I don't like sites shoving "you might also like" in my face, especially under the pretense that it's doing so for your benefit rather than to move more product. Sh*reCG, here I come.

By: tepisquintla on 8/21/09
I was happy with the old layout. I could see details in a little pop-up box and click the artist's name for more information on the artist and their products. The choice was MINE to make. The only good thing I see is that Renderosity is hosting instead of Rapidshare etc.

By: IO4 on 8/21/09
I think it's great we can host at Renderosity now, and overall I really like the new changes. I do think the download button should be under the free item desscripton rather than further down the page.

By: TeknoGypsy on 8/21/09
Sorry, but I hate it. Having to click, scroll, click, took a good thing, and made it a trashy PITA. I can see I'll be spending more time on ShareCG to find freebies, which is a shame, as the Rendo Freebie section is what drew me in to being a Rendo customer.

If you just absolutely have to clutter the thing up, reduce the ad thumbnails to the size we see in the wishlist, so it's not so confusing to figure out what the actual freebie is.

By: adamthwaites on 8/21/09
Please consider bringing back an option to have files hosted on external sites for the people who want to work that way.



By: EnglishBob on 8/21/09
Reciecup: the ability to leave feedback has to be enabled for each item by the owner (as it is in the gallery). It's off by default, so you won't see any comments or ratings fields on existing freebies unless they are edited.

By: infinity10 on 8/21/09
I don't mind looking at ads before the download button - already see some interesting items for my Wish List. There's quite a bit of clicking to get to offsite-hosted freebies. I used Google Chrome web browser, and the smallish pop-up window of external downloads was... too small.

By: LilOne on 8/21/09
Too many ads, annoying layout with "intentionally hidden" download button, overly complex navigation to actually get the download. Bad change, I am sure it also uses up more bandwidth than the old system.

By: SeanMartin on 8/21/09
All I can see from this update is that it's creating an opportunity to put in more and more (and more) MP advertising. Sorry, guys, not a smooth move. If you had been a bit more discrete about it, I might go along, but face it: this is pretty relentless.

By: JeffersonAF on 8/21/09

By: Dave-So on 8/21/09
having the OPTION to host here is good, but its not good if it is a requirement.

The clickfest is most irritating. One click download as previously was ideal. This change did not make it easier for the person trying to download the item, it does make it easier for the creator...and of course is fully integrating with the marketing department. Its now like sharecg and the other "free" hostring sites where you need to click through a bunch of crap before you get to the meat..very annoying.

By: Amigo968 on 8/21/09
The old system was better, after the new system, you have to klick too often to get 1 Download - I miss the freebie ways of old.

By: tbcmhhsexton on 8/21/09
Yeah, I'm not liking this. It's way too complicated. I'm afraid that a lot of people are going to stop giving freebies on this site because of these changes.

By: Kerya on 8/21/09
Well - I can see Renderosity wants advertising ...
But the download button at the end of a new page needing scrolling isn't much fun.
Aaaaand - I really hate the naming of the files. Please, please, let those names be the name of the freebie instead of
Now I have to remember the name of the creator and the name of the item to save them properly.

By: dhawk0948 on 8/21/09
How do we download?

By: yoyodyne5 on 8/21/09
Frankly, I think the new layout is a FAIL. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

The placement of the download button is really inconvenient and inefficient. More steps involved and now you need to look for it and the option to go straight to the download no longer exists.

Other features are a plus but I think contributors ought to have the option where to host their files.

By: modus0 on 8/21/09
While I think the idea of hosting the files on Renderosity's servers is a laudable idea, the new freebie format isn't.

And I echo the previous responses about the advertising, it has no place in the "freebie" section.

By: Wolf_Kin on 8/21/09
Personally I think this is a really bad idea, and I really hope they've added seperate servers for freestuff, else the site will slow to a crawl.

I'm strongly reconsidering whether to post anymore freebies here.

By: Arkathan on 8/21/09
"...Aaaaand - I really hate the naming of the files. Please, please, let those names be the name of the freebie instead of
Now I have to remember the name of the creator and the name of the item to save them properly."

Looks like those of us who choose to continue to upload will need to "double zip" so that you can extract a properly named zip file for your archive and trash the serial numbered file.

I understand not wanting to share ad revenues with other free-sites (I turned to ShareCG myself because there was no Rendo hosting option), but I don't understand the prohibition against current Rendo' vendors who maintain their own web-presence.

By: manta4ray on 8/21/09
I agree with the majority that this new way to display the freebie section is not very effective. Having to scroll through a whole page just to find the download button is annoying and time consuming. I don't want to buy the items that show up on the detail page or else I would of actually been in the marketplace looking for them. Bring back the old way!!!

By: fractalartist01 on 8/21/09
WOW...what MIXED reactions.

Well, I agree with many others that this change will probably keep me from uploading anymore new freebies to my section-and not really because of how I's based entirely on the feedback I am getting from my customers.

I usually write Thank You notes to my customers which include my freebies link here-as a little 'gift' for them for supporting my work. Almost all are complaining now that this new system is just too annoying for them to go through all the different steps to get to the freebie.

The LAST THING I want to do is ANNOY my good and loyal customers/friends and fellow artists.

WHY do companies always think it's good to FIX things that weren't BROKEN in the first place?

By: spacenewt on 8/21/09
Not liking at all. Why must 'new' always equal more complicated.

By: Richardphotos on 8/21/09
I find it more difficult to navigate.I realize advertising is needed but the applets will not let me even save on my computer where I want

By: bethc1952 on 8/21/09
I can understand needing to advertise products. However, I will NOT allow products that I haven't approved to be advertised along with my freebies. I have removed my limited freebies from Renderosity and will not be purchasing anything through the Marketplace until freebies can be hosted on outside sites.


By: ghost13 on 8/21/09
not impressed, cumbersome PITA.
I understand the reasoning just not the implementation.

By: Imaginary_House on 8/21/09
I like that it links to my rendo store, but like 3-DArena said, it then shows a series of thumbnails that are not from my store. Which could pull interested people from my products. I thinks if someone is a vendor, it should only show their products on the download page.

By: LudyMelltSekher on 8/21/09
Congratulations!!! As usual Renderosity road to the Success. Long life to Renderosity. Many Thanks!! Ludy

By: MysticBlueRaven on 8/21/09

I liked the old system (link to the outside hosted files) better. If its not broken why fix it.

By: magicmoondesigns on 8/21/09
I will not have any freebies on R'osity. If you want to let people that don't have any other options host their stuff here, that's great. But forcing it? No thanks. I'll keep my freebies where I want them hosted and where people can easily find and download them without having all the marketplace ads shoved in their faces.

By: Tessalynne on 8/21/09
I don't see that the change has improved navigation, indeed it is worse with the new changes. And while I could see how a rendo vendor might find it an advantage to link to their store products, that doesn't seem to be how the advertising is set up, so again not better. Also, while the choice to host freebies on Rendo might be nice for those who don't have other options, having it be mandatory is a bad thing in my opinion. I see the comment and rating system as a complete waste of bandwidth, those features are seldom of any use in either the marketplace or galleries, so I fail to see why they would be seen as useful on a free offering, besides freebies on external sites almost always have some mechanism in place for feedback from downloaders. Given that I am not a vendor and all my free stuff is currently at Share CG I won't upload any more here under the new policy and if it stands unchanged I will probably delete the entries that are already here and just post my free stuff announcements at other sites.

By: JeniferC on 8/21/09

Thank you for your valuable feedback. The advertising displayed on the details page has been reduced, and the FreeStuff contributors who are also Vendors will now only see their own Marketplace items.

The changes made to the FreeStuff area were all based on frequent member requests. Members have been wanting us to host the files. The biggest reasons we did not keep the option for files hosted elsewhere were because of members complaining about other sites requiring people to join, having lots of clicks, and frequently being down due to limited bandwidth allowances. There were some other miscellaneous member requests and complaints, which added to our belief that we could provide a more consistent FreeStuff experience for our members as well as be a reliable hosting service.

FreeStuff providers can still link to their sites (for more info and additional images) by using html in the “notes” area when uploading or by editing the items. We encourage everyone to use the requirements and notes for details so members will know before downloading whether the items will even work on their computer.

Hosting the files is expensive. Since Renderosity does not have membership fees, our community relies on the continued support of our sponsors and the wonderfully talented artist who broker their creations through us.

Best Regards,
Jenifer Carey

By: bethc1952 on 8/21/09
Linking to outside sites in "notes" is not sufficient. Until you reconsider your policies, I will not support, nor will I recommend to my graphics students, any Renderosity merchant's store. I will, of course, continue to recommend those fine merchants whose stores are located out of Renderosity, and I strongly expect that number to grow by leaps and bounds due to your new policy.

There are many wonderful sites which are not nearly so restrictive, whose policies are not implemented without notifying users ahead of time, and who don't need to review every opinion posted before allowing it to be viewed by the public.

My Poser budget for this month has been spent elsewhere, and will continue to be spent elsewhere. I may not be your largest customer, but word of mouth from one dissatisfied customer goes a VERY long way.

I feel very sorry for the fine merchants here who will be losing so much business as more and more members withdraw their support.


By: Sarte on 8/21/09
One-click downloads, please.

By: 3-DArena on 8/21/09
Thank you for your valuable feedback. The advertising displayed on the details page has been reduced, and the FreeStuff contributors who are also Vendors will now only see their own Marketplace items."

Thank you for that Jen.

So I could still link to the pages I have set up that display the full "product" description & images of my free items then? I just have to include it as an html link?

By: Kattey on 8/21/09
I think that this new system should be exterminated and older version of freebie section should be put back. I would much prefer to register on some other site then to browse Renderosity ads again and again just to get a freebie.
I'm very dissapointed with that decision.

By: musicat on 8/21/09
Is there any way to shut off the avatars in the comment section? It is slow loading with all those graphics!!!!!

By: JeniferC on 8/21/09
3dArena, yes. You are correct.

By: DarkRider on 8/21/09
I just searched under Luna Faye in freebies. Under the item I looked at, there were a bunch of A.S. products, Black lotus, etc. Above them, a text bar that said "Best selling products by this artist" - was A.S. too.


By: DragonessD on 8/21/09
While I understand more advertising helps stir up more revenue, I don't understand why we have to have TWO SEPARATE PAGES with ads on them. Granted, the second page is currently just an ad for Poser 8 (in my experience), but ...

Also, why do you have to the bottom of the page to find out where the download link is? Shouldn't that be at the top so people don't think the system's down like I did?

By: anitalee on 8/21/09
Sorry, I hate it. It takes me away from the page for each download then to download another freebie I have to navigate back. I hate that the downloads have no name, what the heck is up with that. And why does the download button show up way down under all the comments??

By: reginapaul on 8/22/09
I absolutely unequivocably HATE IT! This is the worst move Rendo has ever made in my opinion and like many have said, I will not be posting any more freebies here, nor will I be visiting as often, if at all. The ads are distracting in the extreme, they do not make me want to buy products here, they make me want to leave the site and forget about it.

I also hate the fact that it takes me twice as long to download a product, that the product file is not labeled with the name of the product, and I think it stinks that those of us who may want to host our freebies elsewhere now can't. Also, having an extra window with an ad open when you download the file sucks too. Plus the whole mess is a PITA to navigate. Quite frankly, from the comments I've read, you folks ain't gonna win any awards with this change because it is not contrary to your opinion easier, it's harder. And all those people you say wanted this, with as many comments as I'm seeing her somehow I doubt that very much. You would do better to return the download button to underneath the product and remove the ads at the top.

By: MCC27 on 8/22/09
Renderosity was my favourite site for Freebies. But this "upgrade" just doesn't cut it. "Hassle free" - I don't think so: No direct download button, too many clicks to get back to the Free page & what is with the file names? And then there are the ads... you wouldn't need to advertise if you didn't make these generous artists upload their freebies to your site. Not Happy

By: Natolii on 8/22/09
From a design standpoint, the click-through system is a major turn-off. You have made it overly complicated with an emphasis on store advertising and not even is it the creator's own store. Plus you are forcing people to use your hosting service, which is drive away creators and deprive members old and new.

The new file naming convention is unacceptable.

It is not quite September...

By: ShadowWind on 8/22/09
I am just starting to get serious about artwork again and have been going through the archives of the free stuff area. I don't know how much I can say that hasn't already been said, but I think this is a mistake. I've read the reason why, but what is actually presented seems to go against the idea of visitor happiness and usability. Instead, it is very annoying and IMO, not a good advertisement for vendors who could be misinterpreted into enabling this scam-like method to get a file.

I agree that bandwidth is expensive, which is why I don't understand why Rosity would want to dive into something that all other sites are trying to jump out of. Do you know how many commercial websites would be ecstatic to have a section that draws a huge targetted audience, with very little cost and support to be worried about. If you have to resort to horribly annoying methods to cover it, are you really gaining any ground or losing it? IMO, it's the latter, especially with the mandatory hosting.

I believe that many people wanted to see a more subtle solution to their concerns over bad links or registration sites, but I doubt a majority wanted this form of change. This sounds like it came directly out of marketing than out of user request.

By: BigBadRon on 8/22/09
Hate it.

The download button should be near the top, directly below the free item itself.

When I'm downloading a free item the free item is the one I'm interested in, not the marketplace items.

If I want to buy marketplace items, I go to the marketplace.

By: yoyodyne5 on 8/22/09
Exactly what does "frequent member requests" translate to in terms of percentage of Renderosity members?

You cite the reasons for local hosting is because "of members complaining about other sites requiring people to join, having lots of clicks, and frequently being down due to limited bandwidth allowances." Again, what is the given percentage that have complained? These issues could easily be addressed as requirements to posting freebies on Renderosity, without taking away the choice of the contributor of having it hosted elsewhere, i.e. you can require no site registration, must have reliable bandwitdth, etc, as conditions to post in the Free Stuff section.

I have to agree with ShadowWind that this sounds more of something coming out of Marketing than actual an actual response to the Renderosity community. I can understand the need for the advertising in order to support additional bandwidth for hosting, but if this exercise ends up annoying people (some in more violent ways than others) then something is wrong. Think New Coke.

I think a new poll is in order, since this is supposedly for benefit of the community. Can we vote on this?

And what is with this pre-screening of opinions?

By: vilian on 8/22/09
If its not broken why fix it? Too many ads, too much unnecessary clicking, and totally meaningless file names due to silly demand of Rendo hosting. Please bring old freebies system back, this one is barely useable at all! As a RMP vendor I understand how ads are important, but this is simply too much. Totally hate it.

By: deedee-dolittle on 8/22/09
You have to go through 3 different pages before hitting the download. Not easier, at all.

By: sparrownightmare on 8/22/09
I liked the old system better. It makes it take longer and is ore cumbersome to have to go to the details page to get to the download link. you should at least keep a download button on the main free stuff page for the items.... The system is now a lot more like 3Dcommune, and I stopped going to that site because of this kind of DL system. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old system. As the old axiom goes... "IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!"

By: Cookienose on 8/22/09
Having to click 3-4 times to download a freebie, new naming system, ads on top of ads, not allowing for third party Web sites, etc., this is just a mess from start to finish. This is about 3 steps backwards rather than forward.

By: SophiD on 8/22/09
well, it's a brave move, but I'm afraid, i prefer the old version. It's a bit awkward to not be able to open each freebie in its own tab for example - the button can only directly take you to the relevant link, whereas before, the link on the pic could be right clicked and freebie opened in a different tab - or even window

By: Blueblood on 8/22/09
The new freebie download system just plain stinks! As a user I will no longer be browsing the freebie section anymore. Because of that I will no longer be browsing the the marketplace either, which means that your vendors are now losing the $100 or so I spend here monthly, as it will now be spent elsewhere.

The only way one of your vendors will ever get my money now is if I find out about it through the Daz freebie section, via one of Choe, Waylii, or someone else's great textures for your products, and even then if I can purchase direct I'll choose that method over Rendo. I recommend you vendors keep that in mind, 'cuz I'm sure it won't just be me that makes this choice.

Goodbye Rendo, it was great while it lasted.

By: anitalee on 8/22/09
Also, have to add another big issue. I do not allow my freebies to be hosted anywhere other then my site, so this is useless to me. I have several free images on my site and to host just one here with no link to my site would be so completely pointless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: SnowSultan on 8/22/09
Oh it's not THAT bad people, it's better than having to go to a different site with it's own share of popups and disorganization. The only thing I don't care for is the generic filenames, and I hope that might be tweaked in the future.

By: zappy2 on 8/22/09
pure and tortuous horror; just made to inflict us some more advertising ! no way to download the target, my explorer opens the Zip file and I must save a copy...

By: SpookieLilOne on 8/22/09
I do not like having to do all the extra clicking. Liked the old format much better :(

By: Lakotariver on 8/22/09
So many people do not like it.
I just dont understand why. You can now comment on the gifts. I Like the changes.

By: JHoagland on 8/22/09
Here's something else to think about: what happens when you find you have to change something in the zip file?
If you host the file at your own site and other sites link to it, you re-upload the zip file to one site (your own) and you're done. But if you're hosting the file at Renderosity and ShareCG and 3DCommune and GeoCities and so on, then you have to remember the steps on to re-upload the file.

Related to this is the issue about who owns the item once it's uploaded to Renderosity. The old Free Stuff section was simply a collection of links pointing to other people's sites. There was (hopefully) no confusion that the item was owned by that person since it was served from another site.

Now that the files are being served from Renderosity, could Renderosity be liable for "bad" files, such as items that contain viruses or copyrighted material?
Just something to think about.

By: Corbie on 8/22/09
Add me to the list of people who hate the new system of extra clicks and scrolling. I had trouble finding the download button at first; now that I know where it is, I just find its positioning annoying. It should at least be above the comments block. The new file naming system is one additional annoyance; not all of us immediately install freebies as we download, and the chances of remembering what "" was a week from now are approximately zero.

For me, I never minded visiting outside sites to download, either. Actually, I enjoyed finding other freebies I had either missed or weren't listed.

There are plenty of other freebie sites on the net; driving people away from Rendo and to more user-friendly sites is not good business practice, IMHO. If I'm going to them, I'm less likely to come here and browse the Marketplace.

By: toastie on 8/22/09
Good. No more broken links and enforced site reg.
The Download button definitely needs moving up to the top of the page though.
Really wish the Commercial and Non-Commercial items were seperate or it at least said which they are before you click on the item.

By: DanaTA on 8/22/09
I have to say I don't care for this system either. Hosting the files is fine, in fact I'd rather see files that are hosted here in the listing. I can go to ShareCG to get files there when I want to. But all the extra windows it keeps opening is bad, and the extra advertising is tough on me. As has been said, if I want to see what's in the Marketplace, I will look in the Marketplace. And all the comments keep pushing that elusive download button further and further down the page!

It's nice to see a better page about the freebie, but I'd rather that be separate from the download. If I want to see the extra info, clicking on the promo image should bring me there. Clicking the download button should start the download. If you want more control or a better record of what is downloaded, try the method of adding it to the shopping cart. But this is annoying with all the windows and advertising!

By: Damsel on 8/23/09
I feel that you took a system that was working and complicated it. Users don't like complication. Traffic to the site for freebies alone had to be really high numbers. I know I check it daily. But if it complicates things and makes your customers angry or frustrated, then it has done the opposite of what you want. It's a nice move in only one aspect as far as I can see and that is for people who don't have their own host, otherwise, it is just a good idea gone bad. I would say offer it as an alternative to those who need it for hosting, but leave the offsite option there for others.

I know in my case, it's good for me and for Renderosity. It helps me to get people to my site and for Renderosity, it causes me to come back here daily to check freebies and the store which puts money into Rendo's pocketbook. Trust me, they get a lot of my money. :-) But it won't happen in the future if we can't work together to aid each of us in our relationship. Your site is your artists and customers. Without them, you just have some neat looking pages for viewing. Always just my opinion however, but I still will be hosting my own freebies at my own site and not sending people here. :-(

By: warlocks_angel on 8/23/09
HORRIBLE changes!!! It now takes HOW MANY pages to get to the free stuff??

By: Jumpstartme2 on 8/23/09
Hey gang,

We'll be addressing your concerns at the beginning of the week. We thank you for your patience while we work to improve the Freestuff section.

Renderosity Community Admin

By: Poobah on 8/23/09
Over the past 9 years I have appreciated the FREE section here @ Renderosity....I am a retired engineer, and I model 3d objects on a daily basis....I just finished a project I have worked on for 5 years......guess it won't be available here......file$%%%^^ ? WTF

By: gorgnosh on 8/23/09
Renderosity is afraid of (or already is) losing money when people click through to places like ShareCG. ShareCG gets the traffic and advertising clicks. That's the reason for the change. This "the community wanted it" stuff is just nonsense.

The change is horrible. It's not intuitive, it's annoying, and more complicated than it needs to be. I've spent a decent amount of money here at Rendo, and I love the freebies section, too. There are some really talented people out there, sharing their hard work for free. It's a shame that they will get less exposure because so many people hate the new system.

That's what bothers me the most. Not that Rendo is putting the almighty dollar first in its decision-making, but that the artists will lose out.

Rendo got hold of the wrong end of the thinking process on this one. Bad result.

By: DarkRider on 8/24/09
I just used the freebie section again, as a test. Ads (5) on the top of the first screen, then the jump (more ads and a form to rate the object I haven't d/l'd yet. So I tell it to d/l - one more ad. I didn't bother. I get most of my freebie stuff from shareCG already. This all feels very Content Paradisey Desperationy to me. Rendo used to get the majority of the money I spend on 3D each month. Daz has been ever since the rendorewards thingy started.

Guys, you gotta face it. No Matter How Much Marketing You Force On Us, Your Sales Are Going To Drop As Your Customers Incomes Do!

And to all the freebie builders talking about stopping, set up a forum with your URL's or consider shareCG or DeviantArt.


By: dv8_fx on 8/24/09
Tho the download page improvements may well be a welcome change, I prefer the old set-up... simple, straight to the source, be it on site or of. What I don't like about it are :

1. The market products forced upon us. Heck, wherever you go on site, there's a product banner or thumbnail somewhere on the page. Here on this thread page alone I count 3 products and one vendor.

So why bombard us with more products? This section is supposedly the "FREEBIES AREA"... where grubby fingered guys like me enjoy spending time here on a bargain of the moment. Keep the area for free stuff.

2. Tho it's great that rendo hosts all the freebies, I have a preference (and I'm sure a lot of members share the same thing) to view more of the product. With respect to the creators- pro or beginners, there's no sense in spending time downloading something to find it's not worth keeping in your runtime.

I download all promo renders to add into the zips for future reference. Whatever I download doesn't go straight into my drive. I store it for future use. But now, there's not much info on the product. If this were a paid-for product, I certainly won't buy it on the strength of a thumbnail alone.

I would suggest an option for a link to the creator's site to view more product info if there is. Sometimes the rendo bandwidth is slow, having an external link to the source will alleviate this. Besides, I get to see more stuff - free items, art to admire, know more of artist, more links to explore. I'm sure these are but a few goals of the community.

By: nyguy on 8/24/09
I personally don't like this new format and will not upload any freebies here.

By: arlivre on 8/24/09
I think it´s great,as I like to share my work in Rhino with other people and don´t have a website.
Just one remark:
I think asking for the file URL instruction is confusing as we are now uploading for our computers.
Make it more intuitive saying just "upload file"
All the best from Portugal


By: JeniferC on 8/24/09
Thank you again for your suggestions. Based on your requests, we will be updating the file names to be more user friendly. The file names going forward will be the contributor’s username, the title of the FreeStuff item and a number.
We will also be adding a download button under the FreeStuff thumbnails and adopting the industry standards to reduce the amount of clicks it takes to actually download the FreeStuff file. Specifically, this means that after clicking the download button, advertisements will be displayed and be followed by a window that asks whether you would like to save or open the file.
Another update coming soon is that the download button (which is currently on the bottom of the description page) will be moved up and displayed above the comments.
As previously mentioned Renderosity is hosting the files due to overwhelming requests from our members who want a more secure, reliable, and consistent browsing experience. Our members have been very frustrated at other sites for numerous reasons, and by hosting the files we provide the type of service our members have been requesting.
We have heard from several FreeStuff contributors that they use the FreeStuff are to drive traffic to their website. That type of activity can still be done in the notes section. Some contributors have even put the link to the file in the notes section which is fine, too.
Best Regards,
Jenifer Carey

By: nyguy on 8/24/09
Why not just give us the choice on whether to let you host or allow links to our website(s)? This would be preferable to 95% of the content makers who have their own sites I would rather have control of my downloads than to have it hosted on another site.

By: hoplaa on 8/24/09
For what it's worth, I fully support the idea that content creators should be allowed to host their own freebies exclusively at their own sites while only linking to them here.

Sure, it is a bit inconvenient to the "consumers". However, I don't see why we should not expect a little effort on the part of the downloaders, considering the amount of effort required to actually produce this stuff.

There's a rather nasty attitude problem I see sometimes, when people seem to feel entitled to something without giving anything in return.

Anyhoo, that's just my USD 0.02

By: yoyodyne5 on 8/24/09
"As previously mentioned Renderosity is hosting the files due to overwhelming requests from our members who want a more secure, reliable, and consistent browsing experience. Our members have been very frustrated at other sites for numerous reasons, and by hosting the files we provide the type of service our members have been requesting."

Well, I'm a member and have never once complained about content being hosted elsewhere. I had no problem the way things were (well, except for the search engine). This is all still conveniently vague on the percentage of actual member numbers.

I'm sorry, I disagree. I feel that if the creators of free content would like to do their own hosting, they should be allowed the option to do so. Aery Soul, adamthwaites, pixeluna, Yanelis3D, etc, have fine sites and in no way do they detract from the browsing experience. On the contrary, they even enhance it.

I think that the Free Stuff contributors should have first been consulted (a lot of this upsetting business would've been avoided, IMHO). They, after all, provide the FREE content.

By: divaweb on 8/24/09
This is a real shame :( I was recently considering not only posting my freestuff here but also joining Renderosity as a vendor. Unfortunately, it simply doesn't seem that you are truly listening to the current outcry against your changes which suggests to me that you either don't have the time to really 'listen' or you just don't care.
Either way, I (and obviously I am not the only one) have a sense that things may change around here for the worse ;)

By: sazzyazzca on 8/24/09
Can you remove the ads from the main FreeStuff page and put them down the sides under the "Select Department" dropdown menu where you already have an ad? They are less obtrusive there and there's plenty of room for more ads there.

By: mjbor on 8/24/09
I was curious about the new format in the Freestuff section and what
prompted the change. Before you had the Detail button and then a
Download button. When using the download button, it would open up a
new window and then I could pass the download off to my download
manager Getright, to be able to download the file at my leisure. This
meant I could leave Getright to download files while I was at work or
asleep. Perhaps more importantly, if a server was busy and cut me off,
Getright would pass onto the next file, and I could resume the stalled
file later.

With this new setup, I cannot go through several files and pass them
along to Getright. When I have Getright download the files, it gets an
Access Forbidden message and stops dead in its tracks. Which means
that I am now in a position of being able only to download one file at
a time, and being on dialup (!!!), a large file eats up a lot of
present time rather than going merrily along while I am asleep. In
addition, if a server gags, I can't resume the file, I have to begin
the download all over again.

I hope some sort of correction for these problems can be worked out.
Your Freestuff section has a real joy and boon to working in Poser,
but since the change, it has become a serious headache.

By: Fringewood on 8/24/09
I've been posting freebies here at Renderosity as long as it's been possible to post freebies. I deleted all my freebie posts, and I won't be posting any more. I'm hanging it up. I'm just tired of what this community has become. This is the last of these turmoils that I want to endure, the final straw. I'm gone.

You can find my freebies on my site, no ads, single click. I'll leave them there for a while. You won't find them anywhere else (legally).

By: adamthwaites on 8/25/09
Dear Admin Team at Renderosity,

My name is Adam Thwaites and I am the number 1 freestuff contributor at the moment here. In the last 15 days my freebies have generated 8,771 downloads and my collection has generated 623,850 downloads since the beginning (see Top Contributors in Freestuff).

With the new system that means alot of advertising exposure for Renderosity. All made possible because of my hard work.

I want to ask you here to please allow people to link to their websites for downloading freebies again. An option to host here or an option to host yourself would be the fairest for everyone. I would also like the link window to the external site to be normal sized and that navigation is possible.

The adverts can stay if you want to make extra money for the site in that way. But please consider how you are making that money and who the people are who are enabling you to do that.

Without an option to host offsite this is just completely unfair. Please think about what this means to the people who work very hard to help make Renderosity what it is. THE MEMBERS.

Thank you

Adam Thwaites

By: Madrigal on 8/25/09
I see the reasons for changing the freestuff are 'members complaining about other sites requiring people to join, having lots of clicks, and frequently being down due to limited bandwidth allowances'

Well, um, two out of three - Renderosity requires people to join and, yeah, now it needs lots of clicks to download anything! :D

Our freestuff will go direct to ShareCG in future and stay there - this system is silly. If so many people have been complaining about the freestuff, where are they now, saying how wonderful it is that Renderosity responded to their concerns? I don't see anyone saying that they complained and that this awkward and cumbersome monopolistic system has solved their problems?

By: fastburn on 8/25/09
Just another Rosity money idea! The more they screw things up here, the less i buy here!! It seems everything they do is just another way to try and get you to buy something. Almost everything i have bought here was because i saw a pic using it, not because Rosity shoved it in my face! Leave the freestuff alone!!!! I think i've bought my last product here!!!....I remember when this site was about the art, now it's just about money!!

By: Francemi on 8/25/09
I don't like it. At all. Freebie providers might as well officially give Renderosity all rights to their freebies. Once the freebies are uploaded on Renderosity's server, they can be removed only by Rendo Staff... when in fact they are owned by the provider. And all these advertisements on each page!!! When I want to see what's new, hot, cold or freezing in the market place I go to the Market Place. When I go to Freestuff section I want to find freebies... period. AND I have bought a lot of products at Rendo over the years so I know how to get to Rendo Market Place by myself, thank you.

By: adamthwaites on 8/25/09
The new version is now even worse for people who want to host on their own site. The download button has been put back under the thumbnail, but this means people don't need to read the notes. Your gesture of allowing us to use html links to our sites in the notes is pretty much useless now.

By: Doc000 on 8/25/09
To put it simply...the new system sucks. Please put it back to the old system. It was simple and it worked...why screw around with that?

By: davewa on 8/25/09
This is "new" but *not* "improved". It's like the "new and improved" toothpaste which is simply the same stuff in a smaller tube for a higher price.

I'll not encourage you by posting any more of my freebies here.

By: 3-d-c on 8/25/09
Content providers should stay in charge of the way they want to bring it at man. Linking to our own sites creates synergies by giving ourselves an option to highlight and combine freebies with products we sell here.
Logically, having those items hosted on our own site means at least more value and sale for renderosity. I dont see the sense of the entire restructure. THe adverts popping up is even creating more hustle than linking to our own sites.

By: Cyba_Storm on 8/25/09
I find it amazing that people have an issue with Renderosity being more about flogging product than hosting art. They make their position plain in the very first Banner you encounter.

At the bottom of it you have the buttons taking you to the various sections. And what sit there right next to Home, it isn't Gallery which you would expect from a website claiming to be one of the premier art sites, nor forums again while carping on about community. No. It is MARKETPLACE. Upload if you want to, talk if you have to, but for god sake buy something.

By: hewee on 8/25/09
It is bad and even worse with all the added clicking. If you click details it should open in a NEW window.
Other things you seem to have fixed.

By: ladyplf on 8/25/09
The people who complained about dead links etc. are probably the people who visit the site a few times looking for freebies and then never come back or newbies who go on a freebie frenzy before knowing what they are doing. Anyone who's been involved in the Poser/Daz community for a while knows how to find freebies just fine on their own. Renderosity certainly made it easier to search but it is by no means the end all be all of freebie sites. I like being able to visit a creator's site; you never know what interesting tidbits they may have tucked away there.

The vocal minority who complain may have won a small victory today but the silent majority of users who never complain but who consistently support this site will decide the final outcome of this battle.

By: LaurieA on 8/25/09
If you made hosting a choice rather than a requirement, I'd like it a whole lot better. As it is, I maintain my own website - the website is for nothing but freebies in the first place. Please allow the choice.

By: Kerya on 8/26/09
Thank you for renaming the files to something meaningful!
One thing: is it really impossible to delete the new files uploaded to Renderosity?
Under my old uploaded freestuff there is a "delete" button.

By: DarkRider on 8/26/09
I figured I should be as quick to commend as I was to condemn. The newest of the changes to "Free Stuff" seems win-win. You get the chance to push a little more marketing on us, the free stuff creators who want to get to keep their stuff hosted elsewhere and we get the old buttons back.

I pro'lly should've tried to actually d/l something before all this backslappin'... lol.

By: gendragon on 8/26/09
Thanks very much and congratulations Team Renderosity.
Anderson Soares A.K.A Gendragon

By: FALCON2 on 8/26/09
I really do not like that everything is now an embedded download - I also despise seeing adverts (even internal ones) taking up space on every single page -- then AGAIN when you click on the download tab. UGH!

I like the rating idea and a real detail page - but why not just provide the rating there on the summary page -- too much clicking around.

By: Chris34 on 8/26/09
Sorry, it's not a good idea. I stop uploading my free objects at Renderosity if you don't allow the choice for hosting.

By: EnglishBob on 8/26/09
Here's a summary of my position, now I've had time to think about it, and following the changes to the freestuff section.

Renderosity hosted freebies are a good idea, so well done to them for that. I notice that some high quality downloads have already appeared from people who hadn't previously posted anything. I'm hoping that they were encouraged to do this by the availability of hosting (Bobbie25 has said as much in the forum), and that we'll be seeing more of the same in the future.

For existing off-site hosted freebies, I'm now happy with the way things work. My site page opens in a full-size window, after minimal advertising. If I want to, I can also edit the details page to be more to my
liking; but once it becomes common knowledge that it's full of irrelevant advertising, I doubt that many people will choose that button any more, if they ever did.

However the decision to make all future freebies hosted on-site, with little scope for customising the way this operates, means that I will not post anything more in the freestuff section. I can, and probably will, continue to post in the Freestuff Forum. It isn't perfect, but then neither is the DAZ Freepozitory, and I'm happy to post there.

The thing that makes me sad is that I believe the Freestuff section will now decline in importance, which will be an irretrievable loss to the Poser community. Renderosity has, or had, the reputation of being the most comprehensive freestuff directory in the Poser community. It was where almost everyone posted their offerings; some may have posted elsewhere, but they all posted at Renderosity. It was the thing to do. There's stuff in there going back to the dawn of time, relatively speaking. I just tested a ten year old freebie, and it was still available; No other site can hope to compete with that. I know that if I was searching for something specific, Renderosity is where I used to go first. Now, maybe I won't, because the things I want are more likely to be situated somewhere else. Most of the site membership will probably never notice. So be it.

By: adamthwaites on 8/26/09
No DarkRider we don't get to keep our new stuff hosted elsewhere, it's just the old stuff.

By: JeniferC on 8/26/09
Hi Kerya, Please go to "My FreeStuff" and there is an edit and delete link under the download and details buttons (for new or old items).

By: adamthwaites on 8/26/09
I agree with EnglishBob's last comment.

I am posting all of my new freebies in the FreeStuff forum at the moment too.

I'm still hoping that the offsite option will be brought back though. It's only fair.

By: singanprayisme on 8/26/09
I liked the old way better. I didn't mind joining a site. I got to see other things the artist does plus many of those sites offered forums that were helpful. For instance, Aery Soul has a wonderful site. I also believe it is a hardship on the artist's to have to post to different places when it all can be on one site. I really detest the advertisements. If I want to see new items for sale or what's hot, I know where to find them plus I get the newsletters. It's sad to know so many won't be posting freebies under this new system. With vendors pricing items higher and higher in hard economic times, I look for any way I can to save. I have been doing more and more shopping and browsing with your competitor who offers great sales and freebies without all this clicking and waiting.

By: Harbinjer on 8/26/09
I hated the new system when it debuted, but I have to give credit to Rendo for making many improvements since then. I may even like it better now than I did before the upgrade:
- Downloads in one or two clicks (now with minimal scrolling).
- External links at the creators discretion.
- File names that are consistent and informative.

Adam Thwaites: All your stuff IS hosted elsewhere, and I like your solution of a large "Download Here" link to access it. I agree it would be better if it was optional, but what is your objection to having Rendo host the files too?

By: DRAKELOT on 8/26/09

By: kirwyn on 8/26/09
I do not think it is ethical or fair to put up roadblocks to artists willing to give away their hard work. If the artist, for whatever reason, wishes to host his own free products, rather than them being hosted by Renderosity, then they should be allowed to do so. Surely, there are other ways to bring in revenue without putting it on the backs of freebie providers.

By: schowler on 8/26/09
Outstanding update! This will make the freestuff section more functional, and being able to download from renderosity, leave comments, etc. is awesome!

Thank you!

By: Semicharm on 8/26/09
I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about. Having full page descriptions for freebies is a HUGE plus and having to deal with dead-links was a PIA. If you can't keep it hosted, then don't keep it posted--it's that simple. Since too many have been trashing up the freebies, the site had do something. The only other option would have been to delete freebies with dead-links (with prior notice of course). I think that would have been better, but it would have required more work.

BTW, I thought that anyone who's been on the net for a while knows how to block ads...

By: morganahope on 8/27/09

By: adamthwaites on 8/27/09

I have nothing against Renderosity hosting the files for people who want to work that way.

External hosting should be an official option though.

My old stuff is fine and I have no problem at all with the way that works now.

If I upload a new freebie to Renderosity though, I have to start adding html links in the notes which:

1. Will not be seen by people who don't click "Details" (if you click "Download" the file will download from Renderosity without you even visiting my site).

2. If people download from my site after clicking "Details" the download counter will not register the download. This is a minor annoyance though.

All the same, this new system just isn't fair yet because the freebies we make are OUR WORK, not the work of anyone at Renderosity. We should be allowed to link the download button to our sites.


By: Thetis on 8/27/09
It's much better now: Lesser clicks; no more no-navigation windows; the download button under the thumbnail is back and additional there is the possibility to click on the thumb to go to the details page. I like the option to leave comments there.
Thank you for hearing on us! :))

Will the outside hosted stuff come back too? Would be a pity to loose some exquisite contributors.

By: decie on 8/27/09
I will upload one file and see how long it takes and what response i get. If its slow at uploading I wont be doing any more and as it is it looks like its going to take years to upload a file. as i think anyone that wants my stuff, know that they can find it on sharecg.

By: adamthwaites on 8/27/09
Are over 300 people something to ignore?

By: adamthwaites on 8/27/09
How many members complained about offsite linking?

If it was more then I will shut up and accept the new changes.

If it was less then is it not right that the official option to host offsite be brought back?

Thank you for considering this


By: BBarbs on 8/27/09
I pretty much agree with Adamthwaites. I liked hosting my free stuff on sharecg. I am guessing that this change is in part a result of the high quality of free stuff these days competing for the merchants stuff for purchase. Just my observation.

By: BBarbs on 8/27/09
Oh and another thing....if bandwidth is expensive, why does Renderosity want to host the Free Stuff ? While there are some good things about the changes, such as not having to sign up at a website to get a freebie, it seems there are more problems than bonuses. Set up like Adamthwaite has it on his website was actually rather fun.

One thing taking something even Free off it's host site and hosting it here without having asked permission legal ? Sorry, I have many lawyers in my family so those legal things often pop into my head. Something to think about though.

By: Jumpstartme2 on 8/27/09
"is taking something even Free off it's host site and hosting it here without having asked permission legal ?"

BBarbs, Renderosity is not taking items off of free sites, the items that are here are uploaded by the content creators themselves, so therefore permission is granted to Renderosity to host said items ;) ~Jani

By: Kerya on 8/27/09
I have one more plea...
For those items hosted at Renderosity: could you add the filesize under the
Artist: ...
Uploaded: ...
Downloads: ...
Avg Rating: ...
Comments: ...
File size would be nice here.

I am supporting those asking for the option to link to their site. It would be a pity to loose Renderosity as a kind of search machine for freebies.

By: AngusD on 8/28/09
Anyone noticed, that rosity uses a webstorage service ( to host the freebies? I wouldn't call this "hosted on rosity"... unless I missed something and "Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)" belongs to rosity.

By: decie on 8/28/09
another thing that is missing you cant ad PayPal if you want.

By: kirwyn on 8/29/09
One of the reasons I joined Renderosity was because of all the free items that were offered. Some of these freebies were of equal or better quality than items for sale. Sure, there were times I got aggravated by having to register at some other site to download the freebie, and it's a bummer to find something really neat only to find that it's a dead link. But in the end, it never cost me a cent. I can put up with this. But I find it hard to imagine that some really talented artists who have spent years honing their skills have decided to no longer offer free items here. Sometimes I would write a freebie provider to say thanks for the nice work, but most times, I didn't. But now I can, at the very least, give them my full support.

By: summer1412 on 8/29/09
I agree with most of the people on here who say that the new layout is clunky and a bit hard to navigate. However, some of the features are better for the members. I'm looking forward to trying the new Free Stuff section.

Hopefully any troubleshooting issues the members are having now will be worked out in the near future. =)

Thanks for always keeping the options open for your members. We love ya.

By: Harbinjer on 8/31/09
@Adam: Thanks for the response. I don't really disagree with anything you said and support your request that Rendo should make hosted files an option.

I would add that the 300+ freebie providers, many of whom are (or may someday be) vendors, should carry more weight than a like number of freebie freeloaders.

By: pauljs75 on 9/2/09
This probably would have been a good idea if it were implemented before ShareCG were invented. I remember back in the day it was a pain to find an appropriate no-cost venue for sizable files that were meant to be downloaded. (You'd either run out of bandwidth or the host would restrict remote access to files that weren't web pages or pics.) Even then when you refused to host, at least it was nice that Renderosity would link to 3D sites. At the time search engines weren't a reliable way of finding them. (Too much spammage on any search with "free" in it even broke google.) But after ShareCG figured out it was a workable business model via a particular type of file hosting, it opened up a whole segment. (Even the pay-for sites started allowing freebies.) But it's a bit late to try and elbow them out after they have something that currently works better for that purpose. You can still run your ads on pages with the links, but accept the fact that on the internet traffic does go elsewhere at times. (And if you treat other sites well, that traffic can and does come back. Try not to burn any bridges.)

I'd suggest still allowing offsite hosting, and make direct hosting an option. If I were to make a rule that required uploading to here, it would only be if people trying to download flagged an item because it required registration or some pay-through hurdle. (And then go into arbitration with a moderator or whatever to double-check.) But on non-register sites, and sites with no non-member download restrictions, continue with allowing for remote links as they were.

I won't be pulling up any of my old stuff as I want people to find them (seems inconvienient if things get worked out), but remember other artists may feel inclined make a point about this at everyone's loss. Finding the middle ground wouldn't be a bad idea.

By: Unicornst on 9/3/09
Any chance of making the "Detail" page to where it can be opened in another window? (tabbed, that is). I don't mind closing a tab as much as I do clicking "back" for some reason. I tab the MP all the time and much prefer that method as I don't lose my place there.
And definitely give these wonderful providers a choice of where to host files. 10 years Rendo has had the best free section of any site. 10 years the files have been hosted elsewhere and people still continue to join up and click away. Reading the comments of "not going to upload anymore" breaks my heart. Hasn't enough of the good features of this place changed for the worse already?

By: McGrandpa on 9/5/09
First and foremost, I totally appreciate that you chose to host all new Free Content!

Some of us *really* hate having to search for an item TWICE. Both here AND at another site.


By: mjbor on 9/6/09
Well, I have been checking back to see what progress has been made in sortingthe new format out. So far, some of it has improved. However, a big problem (for me) has not cleared up. As I mentioned, I pass my selections to Getright so that I can download later. On dialup, it is better to d/l while sleeping so that my present time can set up d/ls, go to the forums, view a tutorial, visit the marketplace, etc. The great thing about Getright is that if a connection gags, a file can be resumed later--if the server permits it. Well, I set up a few files for d/l as a test. Several of them came through without a problem. Two of them gagged-connection dropped while downloading. And when I went back to resume, I got the dreaded "Access forbidden" message again. This will mean deleted the partials, going back to set up the d/ls, and praying they don't gag again.
Any solutions.....????? Maybe setting a cookie with the file to keep access open to be able to resume the file? thanks...

By: marcus55 on 9/6/09
Personally I find the 'new' freestuff section working just fine (just went there and gave it a try..) and I like it much better than the way it was before, mainly because I don't want to be forced to create an account somewhere just to download one file, that's one reason. Another is I can't remember how many times I clicked something to download a file, only to be taken somewhere that has nothing to do with that file and having to start the search all over again. Also there were a ton of broken links that I'm assuming are gone. I also avoid having to go to 'share' as much as possible, not because I don't like it, but there are so many ads and junk that it's slow as molasses and takes forever to find anything.

But here is the other reason; I wanted to make available some free stuff, just some simple 3D models I created in max, but was unable to do it here and would have to go to 'share' to do it and after numerous attempts to make that happen finally got an email from them saying they were not accepting anymore free items.. I got frustrated and gave up. But now that I can upload my freestuff here directly I am relieved and quite excited about it. Thank you!

I just wanted to mention one other thing, after reading the above posts I'm a little concerned and sad that so many are saying they will not be making their free stuff available here anymore. Almost all the free 3D content I have comes from the talented and generous artists who have made their work available here for years, and I agree that some of this content is just as good as bought content. I thank you all so much for making your creations available for free download, I apologize for not thanking you before now, but here's another reason why I like the 'new' freestuff section; I can thank the creator directly as I prepare to download the file, and I think this is great as well.

My runtime would be pretty drab without their excellent free content, so it makes me a little sad to hear that you will be leaving, but I think I understand your feelings on it. I just wanted to ask the admins here to please make it an option for these artists to host their own stuff, while giving others such as myself the option to make our stuff available here, which is how I prefer to do it anyway.

As an aside, I don't mind the ads, actually I have used them at times when I had not seen a product and ended up purchasing it because I liked it so much, so the ads don't bother me at all. ;o)


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