Department Structure Changes
Changes in Department Structure

The Renderosity MarketPlace Staff would like to take a moment to inform our Community of changes currently being made to the structure of departments within the MarketPlace.

Starting today (Wednesday, November 14th) you may notice ongoing updates and/or changes while our programming team completes this renovation.Complete implementation may take from 24-72 hours.

It is our continued goal to provide the best Digital Art shopping experience on the web and are confident that these changes will make the process of finding your next product easier than ever before.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Member Opinions:
By: MattGreenfield on 11/14/12
I just looked at the new categories, and this looks to be a huge, huge improvement. Not having to search by software type for props, characters, etc. is exactly what I've been hoping for since you started upgrading the search functions (and if you really want to make me happy, adding the dept type to our purchased item list would be the bee's knees.) That said, I'm assuming that you're still adding categories, given that (as of this moment) there are some major omissions like no Gen 3 sub-cats under characters/female, or any Smith-Micro characters except Miki. Still, all in all, a major leap forward. Thanks!

By: ariasparkle on 11/14/12
Wow nice. I love the new structure. Makes it much easier to find what i need. THANK YOU!!

By: StaceyG on 11/14/12
Glad you all are loving this so far. Just an FYI that this is such a big change/project its going to be a few days before we have it all finalized so please be patient while we work through getting this all completed:)

By: odditorium on 11/14/12
I hope you took my advise on the Poses section i made. About seperating Pose-MATS, apart from the Character-Poses. I plan on spending alot of money next week.
You are guys are my go to peeps for most of my stuff.

By: Norimaro on 11/14/12
I haven't had a chance to "stroll around" the store but I am confident the changes will be beneficial and I look forward to them when they are completed (and I have more time).

By: TheMentalDude on 11/15/12
Lets hope your web monkeys don't screw it up like Daz did theirs :p

By: Risika75 on 11/15/12
Thank you for fixing the hair section! So much better!

By: Michael314 on 11/15/12
In general the new structure makes sense. I have however not yet figured out how to find all Poser 5+ dynamic hair. There is no subcategory "dynamic" under hair, and search with keyword "dynamic" in category hair returns 0 results. Maybe it's still about to be added...

By: FSMCDesigns on 11/15/12
I had no problems with the way it was, made sense to have it under specific app first and then filter down. At least the featured items block is gone on the top of the whats new page, that drove me nuts.

On the clothing search parameter, I would rather know what figure before what type of clothing model because I will know what figure I want it for before I know what type. Same with hair, footwear and accessories.

By: the_tdog on 11/16/12
I preferred it the old way. If I'm looking at "what's new," I like to be able to just see the stuff that's new for Poser/Daz Studio, and not a bunch of unrelated stuff.

I can see it's interesting to sort out by poses, clothing, etc, but you should have retained the ability to sort by app.

By: JohnDelaquiox on 11/16/12
I went to search something up in the marketplace last night and found that I can no longer go

Michael 4, Victoria 4 or anything else.

Was that another ridiculously stupid site change or another programming error that needs to be fixed.

The Marketplace is becoming impossible to navigate. It took me a long time to get use to the new drop down menu and when I finally do the site goes and changes it again making it impossible to navigate or find anything.

By: Tipol on 11/16/12
I do not understand what is happening, yesterday I put some of my products in the right departments, for example my dynamics clothing for poser in the department clothing/female/models/fantasy/V4-A4-G4-S4/poser this morning I found marked in the department of textures! it is not only the textures but the models WITH clothing textures of course. Have you decided to put dynamics clothings in texture departement ? I put yesterday "Christmas Elf" in textures of clothes and it finds now in the Character when it comes to textures for clothing. Can you give us back our products correctly, I think we are even better to know in which category they are.

By: the_tdog on 11/16/12
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with JohnDelaquiox up there.... that's pretty spectacularly awful that you can't sort by figure any more. I am also in agreement about the drop down menus... I much preferred it when you could just select the "departments" from the top of the screen.

I don't understand why you folks feel the need to change this stuff around.... were we too used to it? Don't you want your customers to be able to find stuff to buy?

We've already had one poser-content marketplace sort of website thoroughly implode itself (I'm not going to name names, but it starts with a "D" and ends with a "Z"), why on Earth would you want to emulate that?

By: mahakali on 11/16/12
Not impressed, and really find it more difficult to sift through. I went looking for different helper morph sets, to see if there was anything new like Overhaul, or the Perfect Series but different than those sets, which usually are in the morphs category. Search morphs, and get a bunch of character sets... Not what I was looking for. Just a tip, from experience as a customer, when I come here I usually have a very good idea of what I am looking for when I am not window shopping. Question how am I suppose to spend money if I don't see what it is I am looking for? Now this might be premature in writing seeing as though this might be still in the process of adding more categories, but I have seen the categories minimized...??? Ok so that means the things cut from categories that has been cut is now entwined with other categories, meaning, more stuff to sift through per category. For instance, looking up morphs, and having to go through 10 pages of characters before a set of morphs like the perfect set shows up, which would be what I was looking for but say I didn't know what it was called in theory, logic would be that maybe I would get tired if I wasn't persistent of looking through items to get what I am looking for, possibly meaning lack of sale for the above stated reasoning. Just an idea... And what about the people that do this for a living, through cosigned art pieces, they need something right away, and run into the same problem as above stated. Is someone that is on a deadline really gonna sift through pages of stuff of irrelevance to hopefully find what the are looking for? Before search is cried out, let me give an example. You place 50's dress in the search marketplace box, you would expect to get search results for clothing that Beaver Cleaver's mom would wear right? Upon the results, were mainly clothes or texture sets to clothes, but not exactly what would be considered the search terms. One more little thing which kinda makes no sense, on the side notification box, it states categories live please move your stuff... putting it on the vendor to move around your forced parameters. You already take a cut of 40 to 50% from their sales, which is their work, that is making you money, and creating more work for them to sift through and recategorize their work to fit a model which in a few months or after mass complaints will change at a dime to fit yet another store change, ect. I speak not in malice, but from a logical perspective of someone evaluating the new move you have made. To me it makes no sense.

By: RedPhantom on 11/16/12
when looking at the filters there are only 4 females listed. the gen 4s, the GND, Miki and genesis. Is Renderosity no longer supporting other models?

By: swordman10 on 11/16/12
I don't like this new filter Structure, please put it back the way it was.

By: PilotHigh on 11/16/12
God, I hate it. Where is the Poser filter?!!

By: WandW on 11/16/12
It's now nearly impossible to find a particular vendor's store. I had to use Google...

By: dateablechameleon on 11/17/12
i have to say i prefered it the way it was....

By: JINXT666 on 11/17/12
I cant stand it please change it back. I want to shop by software category again, this new "update" makes it impossible to do so. Please add a software drop-down category, or change it back. I love renderosity but this is not an improvement especially for vendors.

By: JohnDelaquiox on 11/17/12
This probably won't get posted but I say

At least bring back the Vue/Poser/Daz and Figure Filters

By: toastie on 11/17/12
Huh? So now when I want to filter items for M3 (for example) I first have to choose the exact type of item I want and then when I finally get to "Michael" I get a choice of.... Poser or Daz! That's not helpful.

The previous structure made more sense, it just needed the items sorting properly into the right categories.

By: Tessalynne on 11/18/12
While additional categories might prove useful at times, the lack of ability to quickly filter out the applications that I don't use (so won't be purchasing for) and then go straight to those figures that I use (hence the only ones I am going to buy content for) Alyson2, Ryan2, MyMichelle and Miki4 just makes this one more marketplace not worth bothering with. As someone who dislikes the process of shopping, I refuse to deal with online sites that lose sight of how important a convenient shopping experience is to many customers.

By: swjkie100 on 11/19/12
While I do like the new filter structure, it still needs to be on the left, rather than a series of dropdowns across the top. Please, stop trying to re-invent the wheel and instead stick with what works for the major online retailers. Most of us like an explorer-type tree structure where we can check and uncheck categories or options. And how about a "compare" or "more like this" option? Don't get me wrong, it's about durned time the company attempts to bring its online store into the 21st century, but go with what works, please. And for Pete's sake, get all the product categories straight! I shouldn't see V4 character sets in the 2D texture and background categories! That's been going on for years......

By: EpiEndless on 11/19/12
To avoid repeating what others are saying, I'll make a new suggestion.

I want to be able to see Hair products WITHOUT seeing the texture packs for the hair. It's always been very difficult to browse for hair because the base products are swamped by the texture packs.

By: JohnDelaquiox on 11/19/12
Here is my biggest problem with the "Structure" is if I want to view all the clothing or all the hair available for V4 or any specific figure I can't.

There is just no way

You have to view all the products for all the models even ones you can't use

How is this in any way a good idea

By: Challeron on 11/21/12
I'd be happy if you brought back the old sub-categories: I only use Poser, and I'm tired of wading through Vue, Bryce, and LWO products.

And, like John Delaquiox above, I get really annoyed at trying to find clothing or hair to fit specific figures; but then, separating "V4" from "A4" and "S4" was never the Category Engine's strong suit.

By: marren on 11/21/12
Please bring back the ability to search by software. It is now close to hopeless to find Vue items, or Cinema4D items.

By: EwokZombie on 11/22/12
Bring back the search by software tab. I use DAZ Studio and rather not find myself wasting time looking at something that looks cool only to find out its not usable for DAZ Studio. The same argument goes for anyone looking for something that’s usable in the program they use or for gifts for someone.

By: chriscox on 11/23/12
Like many others, I don't like the way the category tree has been reorganized. I much preferred the old structure. For me first and foremost is what application is it for. However, as has been mentioned the real problem is forcing people through a tree of options which will never please everyone. It would be much better to have a list of selectable options that can easily be check or unchecked.

By: RedPhantom on 11/24/12
I seriously hope that this project isn't finished. Besides the extreme lack of categories for who the item is for, the sorting of the items is way off. A search for dynamic hair showed several items. Going by way of the tree I found one item. It is a texture for a non-dynamic hair. I know getting all the categories right is a big job, I just hope no one thinks it's done.

By: durf on 11/26/12
Not having to search by software type for props, characters, etc. is exactly what I've been hoping for since you started upgrading the search functions.

I'm not happy with this at all!
the whole shop is one big mess now.
I only would like to shop on daz genesis and dazstudio content.
all i get is one mess of poser files...
and nothing about genesis.
i don't use gen 4figures anymore.

hope the old settings come back!

By: rbratche on 11/27/12
Sorry without being able to sort by app, I find it a major step backwards:( Guess I'll be spending less and less money here anymore... and Rendo use to get 75% of my 3D budget!

By: DaWaterRat on 11/27/12
I'm not happy with the category tree either. At the least, figures (v4/M4/Genesis) should be much higher in the hierarchy than dead last.

Quite often clothing and hair can be re-purposed, and I'm not usually looking for a "casual" shirt, I'm looking for a shirt for Genesis. Heck, often I'm not looking for a man's shirt or a woman's shirt, just a shirt for Genesis.

As it is now, I have to wade through bunches of stuff that doesn't fit the figure I want (and may not even work in DS), because I have choose what figure it's for last.

By: SMILEYDEE on 11/27/12
To think I thanked RO for not making drastic changes when daz went bonkers! Please stop trying to fix what isn't broken and competing with broken online market place/stores. RO was good before it got crowded and you started dissecting everything. I've already turned away from daz after 12 years of being a member, which is a good thing, I have saved lots of money in the past 3 years.

By: Fabe on 11/28/12
Count me as another person who is unhappy with not being able to filter the marketplace by software. Before it was great be able to select DAZ from the market tab and then browse from there.

By: the_tdog on 11/30/12
I can't help but notice the overwhelming majority of the response to these changes has been negative. Will Renderosity notice this, too?

By: ointment on 12/1/12
I've got to make six clicks to get clothing for a female model, that's six clicks too many. Add that to the fact I never usually know what i want when I come here.

I guess you'll only notice when it affects your bottom line. So far since the changes I haven't bought anything.

By: Murgatroyd314 on 12/4/12
You can add me as one more customer who wants to be able to filter by figure BEFORE getting specific on other details of the product.

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