December 2009 Vendor of the Month - billy-t

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December 2009 Vendor of the Month - billy-t | VOM, billy t, Shade

Who is billy-t?

Having started activity by PC was filling music with passion till then before three years. It saw creating the advertising poster of the band with which I participate by computer, was influenced strongly, and purchased on the same day, and the picture work in PC was started. It is centering on PC system and the software of 2D paint system for [ of the beginning ] one year.

And the following one year is learning about the modeling and still picture of 3D. Resign the company which was working and put an activity position on a creator group "media jam." Movie effect work centering on 3D animation is performed now. It will send to CM contest of TV office in Japan for display by common work with Mr. Coil of a friend in March of this year. A prize is awarded from a media maker's "Maxell", and the work is broadcast as CM.

How long have you been rendering?

It is two years for the first time about the first 3D graphic software "Shade."

What are you currently working on?

It the data base software in 3D graphics and I consider "Poser" to be became the more convenient thing by sale of "PoserProPack."
The test about the interchangeability to "the 3D studio MAX" is performed from "Poser", and it is under research about the new possibility of "Poser."

What software do you use and why?

It is main in modeling and "Shade" of expressiontools is using it for it. Unlike other 3D programs which edit a polygon, this software edits Splien altogether and performs modeling. Although only the Japanese version existed before, sale of the English version is also carried out now.

Although plug-in which supports OBJ is required in order to take "Poser" and compatibility, the correspondence to the English version is undecided. Polygon edit and 3D animation are working in "3 D studio MAX."

Why do you like 3D art?

I was wavering in the expression method long time, although it was interested in works of art, such as pictures and a photograph. Although capacity, such as photography, was also studied, I think that 3D graphics are the expression methods suitable for me since things can be advanced theoretically. The capacity of a photograph is helpful in my 3D graphics.

What inspires you?

Although influenced from TV, the movie, etc., in order to consider the work method etc., it is not good that it became impossible to enjoy oneself in a pure feeling. And the influence which Mr. Coil of a good partner and a rival has on me is large. It is insufficient however there may be time when it debates about him and graphics.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Although creation of the clothes of Victoria was started in order to maintain a modeling technique at first, in Japan, evaluation is seldom obtained but I decided to move an activity position to overseas. It was anxious in the ability of the communication with overseas people to be taken to me who cannot do English. However, the echo was wonderful and it was sure of the Internet connecting with the world anew.

Do you have any final words?

The people which purchased my work, Renderosity staff's, tammy which support me, and Bruce, Frank, lalverson, Jen, CAGET.Coil, Flo, Pantom - The honor of Vendor of the Month is offered to these people.


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Tags: billy t, Shade, VOM

Member Opinions:
By: powerage on 12/2/09
Congrats, well deserved !

By: outoftouch on 12/2/09
Congratulations :) Very well deserved!!

By: maki_82 on 12/2/09
おめでとう、Billy-t! I love all his fun products!

By: waningmoon on 12/2/09
congratulations. well deserved. arigato billy-t.

By: DarwinsMishap on 12/4/09
Congrats, Billy-T! Very well deserved, and I have had many sorts of inspiration from your collection of products!

By: Shana on 12/4/09
Congratulations :)

By: mytilus on 12/4/09

By: P3Design on 12/5/09
Congratulations. I love your clothes and they always fit so perfectly. Thank you for making these beautiful outfits :)

By: Yudu on 12/6/09
Felicitations!! J'aime toujours vos produits.

By: already_taken on 12/7/09
For a maker of fine and imaginative products over many years - this is well deserved.

By: rococco on 12/8/09
Top Man - Congratulations

By: Homus_Artistic on 12/9/09
Congratulations on this well deserved recognition. I was recently exposed to your magnificent clothing and I like the texture quality and the way you handle morphs to help the user. My best wishes of prosperity.

By: RobynsVeil on 12/10/09
You are very creative and imaginative, Billy. I thoroughly enjoy your V4 clothing and am impressed by your craftsmanship. Beautiful modelling!

By: lalverson on 12/12/09
I am honored you mentioned me. But your talent and ability to design in 3d is still second to none.

By: twingo on 12/28/09
Excellent products, well deserved.

By: Madbat on 12/30/09
Congratulations, very well deserved award!

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