December 2008 Vendor of the Month - ShanaC

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December 2008 Vendor of the Month -  ShanaC | Shana, VOM

Who is ShanaC?

Well, I'm a 25 year old girl, I'm Portuguese, I live in a small town in Portugal where I've lived for pretty much my whole life. Right now I work as a freelance
webdesigner/graphical artist, although my main focus these days is creating content for Poser. What else, well, I love music, I CANNOT work without something playing in the
background, I enjoy a good book, I love to go to the movies, and going out with my friends :)

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?

It must be about 10 years now or more, It started with Paint Shop Pro 7 (I think), I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, so I began coloring my artwork with that,
from there I got into webdesign a couple of years later, I made my own little websites, eventually got good enough to make my living off of it, so that's how it started.
Then one day, while I was googling for info on rendering and 3D Models, I stumbled onto Renderosity and quickly discovered Poser. I've been a member here for about 4 years
now. It was never my intention to become a vendor, I was creating content out of necessity just to play around, I was encouraged to try and start selling it, so I did. Now a
little over a year later, here I am.

What are you currently working on?

I'm always working on a bunch of things at the same time, so there's definitely some new textures coming up any day now, in addition to that, I also have something planned for
Christmas with my friend _Al3d_ :)

What software do you use and why?

I started out in Paint Shop Pro, quickly moved from that to Photoshop, right now I'm using Photoshop CS3 and Poser 7. There's no real particular reason for it, Photoshop
because it's easily the best graphical editing software there is.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

The first thing I thought was that you should never put quantity before quality, you should always try and do better next time, especially when something doesn't work out as
you hoped. There's so much that could be said here, but I think the main thing is to be unique and to create your own style. This is a very competitive business, there are a
lot of amazing and talented artists working daily on creating digital content, if there's something that you should strive for is to stand out from the crowd as much as you
can, other than that, just do what you love, and be happy :)

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

There's plenty of places where I get inspiration, from regular fashion, to magazines, video games, anime, comics, movies, tv shows, music, other artists. It's hard to pick
just one, cause pretty much anything around you can give you an idea for something.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I love Renderosity, I cannot go a day without coming to check this site. I have met so many people here, many of them who have become good friends, also many who have gone out
of their way to help me out when I became a member here. I think it's very unusual that such a large community is so nice and helpful, and not negative at all, I've learned a
lot not only with fellow members, but with the tutorials here and just by reading the forums or checking the galleries. I am not that much of a active member when it comes to
the forums and galleries, but hardly a day goes by when I don't check in to take a look at what's going around there :)

Do you have any final words?

Oh yeah, I want to take the chance to thank all my loyal customers, those who buy pretty much anything I touch, and those who buy them only once in a while too, lol, I also
appreciate those who create artwork with my products, I always love checking that out and seeing what someone else comes up with when using my stuff ;) I also want to thank
everyone who took time to send me sitemails just letting me know they enjoy my work, and those who kindly leave reviews and suggestions on my products.
I would also like to thank those who helped me when I was starting out, especially rebelmommy who has been awesome since I've known her, also all the vendors who kindly share
their work with me (hongyu, freja, adiene, rebelmommy, _Al3d_, powerage, renapd, nirvy, val3dart, 4blueyes, aery_soul, I'm sure I forgot a bunch, so sorry lol).
And, last but not least, thank you to Renderosity for the great honor. :)



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SHOOT Shoes Bundle Vol.2 by Shana
SHOOT Shoes Bundle Vol.2
Romance for Take It Off by Shana
Romance for Take It Off
5th Avenue for Al3d's Shopping by Shana
5th Avenue for Al3d's Shopping
SHOOT 05: Spirit Squad Outfit by Shana
SHOOT 05: Spirit Squad Outfit
Manicure for The Nails V4 by Shana
Manicure for The Nails V4


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Member Opinions:
By: jorgeluso on 12/1/08
QUE FIXE !!!!!!!
Caramba não sabia que uma tão fantástica artista era PORTUGUESA !
How fantastic is to congratulate a PORTUGUESE GREAT ARTIST im my mother language : PORTUGUESE

Portuguese will be for sure the next renderosity's language .

returning to portuguese

Fiquei muito feliz poor saber que eras portuguesa e por teres uma loja de tão boa qualidade aqui no RMP .
Qual é a tua pequena cidade ?

PARABÉNS !!!!!!!

By: 3Dream on 12/1/08
Many congrats from a Portuguese mearchant to another Portuguese mearchant!!!!
Muitos parabéns!!!!!!!!!!!!!
José Silva (3Dream)

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 12/1/08
well deserved hun :) Congrat :)

By: Propschick on 12/1/08
Congrats Shana! Well deserved!

By: jennblake on 12/1/08
Congratulations!! Very much deserved. You do wonderful work. :-) And thanks for all the pink! ;-)

By: 3Dillusions on 12/1/08
Congrats and I want to thank you for making your content so Daz Studio Friendly I will be back for more :)


By: fabriced on 12/2/08
congrat, you work on detail is excellent. thank you:)

By: renapd on 12/2/08
Well deserved honour to a most talented young girl with a fresh new style! :)
Both vendors & clients owe you for raising the bar on presentation standards!
Keep up the fantastic work!

By: dropalex on 12/2/08
Well deserved, always a fantastic quality on the products.
Muitos parabéns

By: calico1 on 12/2/08
Your work and advertisements are always top-notch. You could have a great career.

Congratulations on the recognition.

By: rococco on 12/2/08
Congratulations! Your work is Exquisite, Versatile and Inspiring. I am a big fan.

By: Lakotariver on 12/2/08
Excellent choice for Vender of the month.
Your gift to the Art community is a gift to everyone and makes our lives rich.
I work along the ship channels along the Gulf of Mexico and have met many Portuguese and have to say. They are blessed to have such a Portuguese artist as yourself.
Thank you for your gift and shairing it with your fellow artist.
Smiles and happy renders.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 12/2/08
Well deserved and as always I am a fan.

By: Sparkles on 12/2/08
VERY well deserved, such awesome ideas and talent. Your style is right on and fits into so many catagories it makes one outfit into many more. Thank you for sharing with us and keep up the fantastic work.

By: kainxxx2000 on 12/2/08
Very Well deserved indeed iam a big fan of your products. Just keep it up.

By: Freja on 12/2/08
Congrats sweetie :-)

By: _Al3d_ on 12/3/08
Congratulations Shana! Well deserved. Hugs :)

By: StevieG1965 on 12/3/08
Congrats and very much well deserved! Your textures and colors add such a great and fun look to all the clothing, and a lot of items are purchased because you created an add-on set for them. You are, by far, one of my favs here at Rendo!

By: KaptK on 12/3/08
Thanks for the wonderful products. Well done.

By: outoftouch on 12/3/08
Congrats! :-)

By: Pygmee on 12/3/08
Congratulations! You've made very amazing textures! Keep on imagining the best clothes for our dreams!

By: werun on 12/3/08
Congratulations! Your works are excellent!

By: Drkwlf92 on 12/3/08
I am sooooooooooo in love with your work!!! Thank you for sharing your skills with us all!! =)

By: rebelmommy on 12/3/08
Congrats! You deserve it hun! Your stuff is awesome!

By: bitplayer on 12/4/08
There are too many talented artists at Renderosity to name them all, but the moment Shana appeared on the scene it was like an explosion. It was immediately apparent that she had exceptional artistic abilities. Not only were her textures beautiful and fashionable, they were presented with professional style (even her promos are works of art). On more than one occasion I have been compelled to purchase a clothing model I had previously decided to bypass simply because Shana's textures made the model come alive. It's not that there was anything wrong with the clothing models; they were always of the highest quality. But I did not see their potential until they were "dressed" in Shana's textures. She saw the value in them that I had not seen; her textures showed it to me. I hope all clothing modelers are aware how much extra value is added to their products by the textures of amazing artists like Shana. OK, enough of this paean to Shana. You all know how amazing her work is.

Keep it up, kid (I'm allowed to say that 'cause I'm an old man). I'll be eagerly awaiting your next offering.

By: XoxoTree on 12/4/08

By: giareg on 12/6/08
Excellent artist!!

By: already_taken on 12/7/08
ShanaC's promos are so good they have changed the look of the marketplace more than those of any other vendor. This would not have happened if the products were not also top notch.

By: Shiroyama on 12/7/08
congrats! love your work!

By: Adiene on 12/7/08
Grats sweetie! Well deserved *hugs* Always a pleasure to chat and share with you and look forward to more :) All the best~!! Adi

By: derrys1969 on 12/8/08
Big fan of these textures. Well deserved.

By: Lillaanya on 12/9/08
Congrats!! Very well deserved :D

By: InaLee on 12/10/08
Congratulations!! And thank you for your unique products.

By: designfera on 12/10/08
Muitíssimos parabéns!!! :) Um reconhecimento merecido pelo trabalho excelente que tens criado!

By: Choronzon on 12/12/08
Consistently excellent work! Promos that are the heighth of taste and artistry. Well deserved honor! Brava! Now if we can get someone to make a model after your picture... that would be lovely indeed!

By: versluis on 12/12/08
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!
What a great and well deserved Christmas present! You're my all time favourite texture artist, I love your work. Well done and all the best!!!

By: maviarab on 12/12/08
deserved indeed. Always excellent quality and great products.

By: nirvy on 12/15/08
You totally ROCK girl!
Your age shows through your style and you have brought a real breath of fresh air and a new twist to the Poser World!
Totally deserved! Congrats!

By: originalkitten on 12/16/08
Congratulations! well deserved. I really enjoy using your products as they have class and style and excellent quality. Your promos rock too!

By: Fumanshoo on 12/19/08
Congrats! Ever since you hit the scene, I have always kept an eye out for your texture sets almost exclusively! Your eye for color and style enabled me to open up my imagination further and allowed me to buy more itmes that I normally wouldn't buy because the base item "lacked" any pizzaz. Now, I'm looking at an item I want to buy saying to myself, "how can I tweek that" or "that might work if I do this to it."

On the flip side, your bold and brilliant promos have attracted many copy-catters. No surprise really. I used to get angry at those vendors who are trying to use your patented style to capture your traffic. Now, I just laugh and pass them by as I now see it as a form of flattery.

I wish you continued success and look forward to what new items you will bless us with in the future!

By: Belladzines on 12/19/08
your products are easily the best around that i've seen here in the MP ....!!!

By: LocusSolus on 12/22/08
Meilleurs voeux pour l'année nouvelle!

By: AiyaRiordan on 12/28/08
Congrats Shana!!! Certainly well-deserved! I just love your work!!! It's amazing! - Aiya

By: mytilus on 12/30/08
Congratulations Shana.. You're really good in this job, you always create cool styles...Very well deserved.. Keep up your wonderful works in 2009.. Happy new year.. :)

By: 3dInfatuation on 12/30/08
Congratulations Shana! Excellent work, your creations are pure expressions of your talent! [Not to mention your own beauty is amazing too!] :) Be well!

By: juca on 12/30/08
Parabéns Shana!!! Você merece todos os prêmios do Mundo!! Pena que não sei usar o Poser, pois, certamente, compraria todos os seus produtos, eles são lindos, maravilhosos e muito bem feitos, parecem feitos com amor e dedicação!!!

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