December 2007 Vendor of the Month - designfera

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December 2007 Vendor of the Month - designfera | designfera, VOM

Who is designfera?
Just a regular guy. Addicted to 3d, art, movies, games and gadgets. In love with the world, and all it has to offer, and wanting to do all the best that I can with my time on it.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
My first steps were in college, when I was lucky enough to go to Old Dominion University in Virginia, and had the best teachers I could wish for! While I was majoring in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, 3d became a new and exciting world. Then I found Renderosity by accident, and it really became a home for me. The amount of talent that roams this site is really impressive - artists and vendors alike. Finding this community was a major turning point in my life and art.

What are you currently working on?
I work best when I´m multitasking, so the short answer is: a lot of different projects! I have a series of Effects in psd layers and Photoshop brushes that are almost finished. But I really want to go back to doing 3d, so I have a few of those as well, coming out this month. Which leaves me with little time to finish some illustrations that I have rendered.

What software do you use and why?
So many of them that I don´t recall them all! I find it hard to stick to just one or two applications, since there are so many out there (big and small) that are so useful and allow for such creativity. But the ones i cannot live without are Poser, Rhino, 3d Max & Photoshop. Each one adds it´s own touch to complete a project, and they were the most user-friendly to work with. I´m currently exploring Zbrush and Vue for their amazing capabilities, but it still is going to be a while, before i really use them.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
Insomnias! Lots and lots of them! LOL That´s when I get most of my ideas. But normally it can be anything really... a movie, a  novel or just a  stain on a wall. Anything can trigger that spark that  leaves you with no choice but to create.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
I really don´t find myself in a position to give advice, since I have yet a lot to learn, but these things I know:

  • 1 - HAVE FUN! It shouldn´t be considered a job, otherwise it will come out all wrong.
  • 2 - Don´t create anything that you wouldn´t buy yourself!
  • 3 - When pricing, remember that a lot of people that buy at the Marketplace are hobbyists and cannot or will not spend much. Also think in the long run... so you don´t have the money you had in mind for your work, after a week or two. But it will most definatly grow to your expectations after a month or so.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
This is without a doubt  the place to be if you are an aspiring artist. The immense palette of 2d/3d artists that we have here in really inspirational. I´ve seen artists grow into Masters, and I´m constantly dazzled at the beautiful work that is posted here. And then there are the people behind the art, and behind the scenes of this amazing Renderosity... so, so many awsome people for all over the globe, always with a friendly word or advice.

Do you have any final words?
A HUGE thank you to all the people behind Renderosity, to the ones that find my products useful, and to the ones that take the time to comment on my illustrations. But a very special thank you to a few people that without them, Renderosity would have not been the same for me: Ilona, Vali, Giana, Charmz, A_, Debbie M., Karen  1573 and Clint H. Thank you.

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Member Opinions:
By: Hawkins-GraFX on 12/1/07
Congrats - Keep up the amazing work!

By: SndCastie on 12/1/07
Congradulations and well deserved.

By: Charmz on 12/2/07

Designfera is one of the nicest people here, and one amazing artist. If you haven't used his products, do.

By: karanta on 12/2/07
Congratulations :) Well deserved!

By: AlteredKitty on 12/2/07
Congratulations, your work is excellent :)

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 12/2/07
Congrats!Well deserved :)

By: deviney on 12/3/07
You are amazing,love all your products and you are one hell of a artist.

By: Diandra on 12/3/07
Congratulations! Beautiful work and inspirational.

By: calico1 on 12/3/07
I love your stuff. Congratulations!

By: Valentina on 12/4/07
Hey, congratulation ! I have many of your packs and I like the fact there is so much versatility in your store !
Thank you so much for mentioning my name in the interview, I am honored *blush*

Once again, congratulation and i am wishing you all the best for the future !

By: luciferino on 12/4/07
ongratulation your product and your image are always fantastic, well deserved, smack Orietta

By: softcris on 12/4/07
Fine! Just curios to know where do you got that name from: designfera

By: CitizenM on 12/4/07
Congratulations! Great Products! I always recommend them! Beautiful stuff! Thanks for making and making the best it can be!

By: Sylvia on 12/4/07
~Amazing~ Artist & Designer... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

By: calum5 on 12/5/07
Really fanatsic items in your store,a very well desereved award.!Congrats,cal

By: plus3d on 12/5/07
Congratulations! Very good store with quality products! Well deserved :)

By: dhama on 12/6/07
Excelent and well deserved. Still waiting for your next set of trees.

By: A_ on 12/7/07
congratulations Tiago! very well deserved, you are one of the most talented creators here, always top quality work. big hugs to you and best of luck! :)

By: chrispoole on 12/8/07
Hope I'm not to late to party. Your art and products always look so inviting, i've bought a few over the years, but like most things I'll keep them until 'that moment'. 'Dreaming of More' is one of my all-time favourite pieces and really shows how talented and creative you are. Many thanks for the store and sharing your beautiful art. Well done indeed, you deserve this recognition.

By: Ardiva on 12/9/07
Big congrats guy! Glad you're enjoying Filter Forge. ;)

By: Darthmagus on 12/9/07
I like a lot your Graphic Elements: congratulations!

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 12/9/07
Well deserved... your products are marvelous

By: Pearl on 12/13/07
a very talented artist

By: Kimberly.3D on 12/17/07
Congratz from a neighbor in Virginia Beach, VA. Nice work!

By: Fragoa on 12/19/07
very talented :)

By: -Wolfie- on 12/20/07
Awesome! Congrats!! :-)

By: Fencer on 12/21/07
Very well deserved. Excellent products and excellent service. If we owe any of that to insomnia, I say keep the coffee flowing... Congratulations!

By: Danie on 12/22/07
Congrats ... well deserved! :)

By: fractalartist01 on 12/29/07
BIG CONGRATS & Well-Deserved HUGS!!!

By: Artemis on 12/31/07
congrats!! well deserved!! your products are just amazing!!

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