December 2005 MOM orion1167

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December 2005 MOM orion1167 | orion1167, VOM
Who is orion1167? Oh! First ones a toughie!! "Big Smile". So go the easy questions. Orion1167 is also Christopher Wayne. Husband, and father of 5 wonderful kids. I work from my home, so I feel very fortunate to be able to be so close to my family. In addition the Market has allowed my to do what I love doing. Creating! I�m probably a bore to most standards, sitting in front of this machine day and night, but I do love to laugh. Whether the jokes on me or I�m tormenting another, I love to laugh. How long have you have you been rendering? I've been rendering in the technical term since I was as old as I can remember. Started out drawing little stick figures and moved up to bigger stick figures lol. I�ve tutored and taught figure drawing, studied fashion illustration, and cover art. Although some areas I may do well in, there are many I don�t. I�m just grateful every day that I have something I can do that I really enjoy. With Poser specific? I�ve been into the 3D scene now for nearly 3 years. As it is. What are you currently working on? I am currently working on a collaboration, and a whole new set of themes for 2006. Cant say much more :). But it�ll be fun and exciting and maybe give me a chance to actually get to know some of my customer base better. We will see. What software do you use and why? I use many of the standard graphics software packages you heard about. The common ones are PS7, Illustrator, Corel, DP3D, and recently Light wave. Until recently All the development was handled strictly for the textures area and mapping procedures. But I have been making a transition into modeling with some very good help and have had to learn many new Software packages. All I know is its aging me rapidly at times lol. Do you have any advice for getting started selling 3D work? Hum, honestly, whatever you decide to do, whatever your knack, do it the best you can. Be your own worst critic but also learn to rely on objective opinions from your peers and friends when you can get it. Study the Marketplace. See what�s selling well. Maybe you have discovered a niche. But whatever you do, and I always try and remember this, realize that every store, every successful product starts with (1) sale. Look at your fellow merchants to see what their selling. How do they consider there promotions and store front? How does your product fit into the available categories here at the RMP? Try a collaboration with another merchant. Try and be as objective about your own work as possible. This can be very difficult if not seemingly impossible at times. I have a product in my store right now that that I was sure was the best thing I�ve done to date. The concept and development alone was weeks in the making, even on the night it was released, I was sure it was a success. As it turns out, it was one my most tepid and poor-to-do releases I�ve had. I was stunned and am still sitting here trying to shape my mind so that I can learn to see it objectively as my customers would. Because ultimately, if your interested in selling something, the very basics demand that you have something that people want. Where do you find inspiration for your products? I get a lot of inspiration from reading, movies, gaming, TV, friends, and other artists. My wife helps me a ton, and if I get lost, or blocked, then I have certain remedies I try to help me get back into my theme building. Doesn't always work, but you have to try something or Ill go nuts. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? Renderosity has been a defining point in my career. I credit it for opening up an entire world of possibilities that would not have been available otherwise. I�ve made some super great friends, met some outrageously talented folks, and had the honor of setting up collaborations. Its help me to learn how to organize my time better, set up policies, and it hasn�t always been easy. Its opened the door for me to move into full on professional and commercial level work that would be displayed and oriented in a truly animated environment, and best of us, it allows me to stay close with my kids and wife on a day to day basis. Do you have any final words? I do. Of all the things I�ve had a chance to do here, of all the people I�ve met, there have been some very key personalities that have been largely responsible through their personal efforts. Id like to thank Clint and Debbie for their ever resilient patience, ongoing support, and bend-over-backwards attitudes. You always helped me in any way that you could, and for that I am deeply grateful. I know that if I hadn�t had you guys there to help me I may have moved on sometime ago. If I start thanking anyone else it'll start to sound like the Oscars so Ill let it be but one last thank you. If it wasn't for my customers, I wouldn't be able to do this. So thank you Most of all. Thank you for allowing me work. Happy Holidays to All!! Chris~
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Member Opinions:
By: Pretty3D on 12/1/05
Congrats Chris Well deserved in all ways! Keep up your wonderfull work. Pleasure to see friends in this class ;)

By: JOHNRIP on 12/1/05
Congratulations! You've always been part of a group of excellent merchants here at Renderosity whom I consider to be MOM at all times! It's the vision and craft of people like yourself and the other fine merchants that helps the rest of us shine.Enjoy.

By: awadissk on 12/1/05
You deserv it Chris, I'm very happy for you congratulations!!!!!

By: Robo2010 on 12/1/05
This is awesome!...Congrats Orion11167,, :-)

By: 3DVim on 12/1/05
Congratulations to the man who have created several stunningly beautiful characters(and textures) that grace the Poser community. BRAVO!!!

By: visualgirl on 12/1/05
Congratulations, man! A great accomplishment to have! I hope that you receive many more for your hard work and efforts!

By: martelo on 12/1/05
Congratulations Chris!!! U deserve it 4 sure!!
Thanks 4 sharing ur time and ur knoledge. U r such a kind and generous fellow!!! I wish the best 4 u!!

By: Predatron on 12/1/05
Truly well deserved recognition for one of the best artists here. Your work fuels my own inspirations, so thank you for some great products. Well done.

By: msebonyluv on 12/1/05
Congratulations!! A well deserved honour!!

By: Yanelis3D on 12/1/05
Congratulations!, It is admirable the work-time you dedicate to your products. Very high quality. Anything can be achieved if work comes from the heart, dedication and passion. It is demostrated with the MOM. :) Well deserved.

By: KimberlyC on 12/1/05
Congratulations! Very well deserved!! :)

By: mkusek on 12/2/05
It's fantasic that you've been so honored. Your products are outstanding. You are an excellant, attentive, fine, digital craftsman. Stay the course. I'm sweet on your Bella Rane. Kudos dude!

By: cyanure on 12/2/05
Congratulation,a very well deserved MOM!I have alway stay in awe before your work and each time I check a new product I am amazed!BTW the angel is a killer ; )

By: Foxseelady on 12/2/05
Congradulations! Nice to see you in the spotlight! :)

By: mytilus on 12/2/05
I'm glad to see you here once more..Hope to see more and more :)

By: romanceworks on 12/2/05
There is a lot of heart, soul, talent, and hard work that goes into your products. Congrats. :o) CC

By: vaia on 12/2/05
Congratulations! ^.^

By: lululee on 12/2/05
Congrats. You deserve this honour. Your characters are gorgeous. You have raised the bar of quality for everyone. I am glad you are part of Renderosity.
cheerio lululee

By: rockets on 12/2/05
Congratulations and what a very inspiring interview!

By: shadownet on 12/2/05
Kudo! Maybe the day after tomorrow, you can finally get some sleep. ;O)

By: nurunuru on 12/2/05
Great to hear of your recognition! I'm a fan!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 12/2/05

By: Shardz on 12/2/05
Congratulations on this great honor, Christopher! Your products are simply incredible and some of the very best to offer! Keep up the amazing work!!

By: kayjay97 on 12/2/05
........waves to Chris!!.......... Congrats my friend!!! YOu really deserve it!!!

By: ElorOnceDark on 12/2/05
Congrats! A very well deserved honor!

By: Terminvs_Est on 12/3/05
Kudos to you Orion! Your characters are ALWAYS a pleasure to use! Keep up with the fantastic work on them in the future!

By: Strixowl on 12/3/05
Congrats!! Chris, I still remember your early days :-) Thank you for keeping on........been following your progress. Very happy for you & yours.

By: dlfurman on 12/3/05
A merchant with most excellent and quality products and one who is willing to help a customer! I eagerly await what you have planned for 2006. Congrats on the being the Merchant of Month!

By: Seven Wolves on 12/3/05
Hey Chris, way to go man! Very well deserved honor. Love your characters, and look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

By: timefighter on 12/4/05
DUDE!!!! You rock. thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.
God Bless,
James (timefighter, Vue Mod RDNA)

By: Mahna on 12/4/05
Congratulations Chris. You are very talented! ;-)

By: vshane on 12/4/05

By: shadow_dancer on 12/4/05
Way to go Chris woot ur the best we all know that ;)

By: RoseMoxon on 12/5/05
i totally enjoy working with your products. thank you!

By: face_off on 12/6/05
Good interview. Congratulations Chris.

By: victorias on 12/7/05
Congradulations Chris you are very tallented and it shows :)

By: 2126 on 12/7/05
Orion1167, I have an enormous admiration for this man's work, it is of a good taste and a surprising realism!!! I am happy in seeing your face and this captivating smile, happy for knowing your name: Christopher Wayne. My congratulations friend! To many fantastic talents in Renderosity, but without a doubt your work it is my favorite one!! Success, forever!!

Roberto Melo.

By: dricci on 12/7/05
Congadulations Chris!!!! Awesome work!! Huge fan!! ;) Dave

By: Blackhearted on 12/7/05
cheerio ol' bean,

By: umutov on 12/11/05
It's great to see you here again. Well who else than the king of character texturing was going to be here? I wish you goodluck with the modeling, I bet that with your talent, you will bring up the quality of models too.

By: Exeneva on 12/12/05
Great job, can't wait to see those new themes!!

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 12/13/05
Congrats, and thank for this fun interview. :D

By: efer on 12/16/05
Congrats Chris! Definitely one of the best character creators around.

By: timefighter on 12/18/05
Hey Chris....

Congrats on making AOM. You are an incredibly talented individual. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your next set of goodies.

James (timefighter)

By: Eugenius on 12/25/05
The best interview so far that I have read from a Digital Merchant. Your work is incredible and your nomination is very well deserved. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

By: MoonDanzer on 12/26/05
I am so pleased that you received this very desrved honor. You have always been so very helpful and prompt whenever I have contacted you and you are among my fave shops to check out. Oh my can't wait for the surprises coming in 2006! It's always so nice when one remembers their family also! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family!

By: xv3d on 12/26/05
Way to go Chris!! that's what hard work and talent bring. I specially love your renders. Congratulations!!!

By: sboyd on 12/27/05
Fanatstic.Athena & the knights series are just awesome and i use them heaps. looking forward to your work in 2006

By: Vali on 12/27/05
excellent interview ! It was a pleasure to read it ! Bravo, you deserve this !

By: orion1167 on 12/27/05
Thanks for all the support guys and gals. I see so many names above that I have been inspired by and look up to, that its an absolutely blast to be here and a part of this.

I am truly thankful.

Enjoy your Holidays everyone, and may your families be safe and healthy.



By: Greybro on 12/31/05
About time you get some well desrved recognition Buddy. Congrats.


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