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Member Opinions:
By: Stuffystuff999 on 11/4/11
I prefer the old search engine...

By: MarkR151 on 11/5/11

So do I.

By: PJ3D on 11/5/11
I like the old search engine where I can search for Members so I can find all their products they have made. Maybe you should do advance search.

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 11/5/11
I prefer the old search engine.

By: Swampfox on 11/5/11
I can't quite figure out how to use it soon as I do, I'll post a comment.

By: mininessie on 11/6/11
i prefer old too!

By: Ladar713 on 11/6/11
old version

By: GBREAL on 11/6/11
I like the old search engine.

By: MacMyers on 11/7/11
I fear change.

By: longhose on 11/8/11
Old search engine returning soon?

By: jewell on 11/10/11
this search engine is really bad. Bad user interface (look at the comments on 'can't figure it out'), and the results aren't great either. Needs either a LOT more work or to be 'downgraded' to the old system.

By: dragonmuse on 11/11/11
I can't find anything with this new search engine.. the old one was bad, this one is worse.

By: HeavensBlonde on 11/12/11
wow dont understand it, like the old, I hit search I want galleries to pop up, and they dont. pls change this.

By: doubletrouble4u on 11/13/11
me too, cant find anything...

By: MSTene on 11/13/11
how about a box.. and All?

By: Kaleb242 on 11/15/11
I can't find anything either... this sucks.

By: PijaDesign on 11/16/11
I can't find anything with this new search this one is really bad.

By: drlloyd11 on 11/16/11
just...terrible. I assume it is broken and this is not deliberate.

By: evelefay on 11/17/11
Not at all user friendly!!! come on guys - respond to feedback and get some chages going on here.....

By: Erwin0265 on 11/18/11
Google is now the only way to find anything here............

By: RoxyHearts on 11/19/11
how do i delete the account

By: Jumpstartme2 on 11/19/11
Roxy, please send an email to with your request

By: wirepaladin on 11/21/11
didn't work for me...

By: Magicman2002 on 11/24/11
Does anybody know to to get to your Favorite Vendors List. I can not find here. This system sucks!!!

By: leonidas11 on 11/24/11
mal prefiero el antiguo motor de busqueda,intentas buscar apartado ciencia ficcion y no aparece nada o encuentra lo que quiere

By: Jumpstartme2 on 11/24/11
Magicman2002, Click on Members > My Artist Page > Store

By: looserchik on 11/28/11
Way to tight. eliminates many will lose sales with this baby!

By: garadir on 11/28/11
Old one was definitely better. A lot easier to use. Please guys - take us back in time!

By: RockytopBT on 11/29/11
It was fine the way it was. This is a nuisance....I probably won't return.

By: Hotman_Ni on 12/2/11
I want to Morph Mill.

By: Jarerail on 12/3/11
I can not find anything! Search for Bar will not pull up 1 of the 6 I know is on the site.

By: snowlambs on 12/6/11
Can't find anything

By: wnickcarter on 12/7/11
Perchè avete cambiato.Così non va!

By: jimbo56 on 12/8/11
terrible search engine

By: fractalartist01 on 12/9/11
Like the OLD one better!

By: Acadia on 12/16/11
Ok, so how do you search the site? I'm looking for "news letters" and when I click "site search", I am brought to this page of comments: not to a page where I can search for anything.

By: davaus on 12/18/11
I just searched for "shoes" and got no results.

By: beniah on 12/18/11
Yeah this is a problem and it seems to be going on for a long time. Very hard to make purchase when you can't find anything.

By: SuSoleil on 12/23/11
This is really, really ... not good.

By: McGrandpa on 1/3/12
RIGHT, well. Pretty pages of uslessness. Can't give the Search Engine ACCESS to any useful information?

By: nekoanomaly on 1/3/12
The new search engine, really is horrible, I can't find anything now. Even stuff that I use to be able to find is impossible to get to with out using my wishlist

By: qleap on 1/5/12
With the old one, I could look for generic terms like "armor" or "jacket" and get a lot of results - which, I think, gave much more visibility to vendors and their wares. Now you have to know what you're looking for (at least one exact word from the stuff's name) or you'll be out of luck. Why changing it if it isn't broken?

By: zenzai on 1/9/12
I agree with many others here, this doesn't work very well...

By: mcashman on 1/12/12
I don't understand why common terms like blond and blemish don't find anything. Why don't you just use Google internal search? This search engine is useless.

By: iborg64 on 1/17/12
Dread full search engine easier to google what you want and follow the links that bring you to this site

By: Chusha on 1/26/12
The old search tool brought up more related content to the provided query. This new search tool brings up maybe 1/4th of the content available on the site.

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