Clearance Items for Just $3.50 - EXTENDED!

Sale Extended!

Each Clearance Item Marked at $3.50?

Can you believe we still haven't been able to correct the $3.50 pricing issue in the Clearance Department?!

Renderosity's Clearance Department has been priced at just $3.50.

We're still sorting through the code and should have this resolved by 11:59pm (cdt) on Sunday, April 7th.

Our mistake, is your gain! Visit the Clearance Department now and clean up on these items before they leave the Renderosity MarketPlace for good!


Extended through 11:59pm (cdt) on Sunday April 7th.

Member Opinions:
By: Kerya on 4/3/13
More chances to spend money! More happiness!
Thank you!

By: vulcanis on 4/3/13
Looks like some of the code has been fixed =) Several of the items have even come off of clearance and reverted to regular price.

By: canberra_boy on 4/3/13
Great that the sale is extended, but your links are to products that aren't on clearance!

By: mustakettu on 4/3/13
Thanks a lot, Rendo!! This is real "April Madness" =)

Here're a couple of tips for fellow customers on making the most out of this sale, search-wise:

a) go to Marketplace, choose a Department (like: "Hair" or "Themed - Gothic"; and don't forget that with a lot of departments, you can go deep quite a few levels to narrow your search) and then select Filter by - Clearance. Downside: some items are categorised rather quirkily...

b) go to Marketplace Search, type whatever you want (vendor names work fine), hit "search", then type $4 in the "max price" box on the left and hit "Go".

By: StudioArtVartanian on 4/3/13
awesome, cause i didn't had the time to shop yet;)

By: StudioArtVartanian on 4/4/13
or hit The department you wish and next filtered by clearance...
worked for me and i found some unbelievable awesome stuff !!!

By: sazzyazzca on 4/4/13
Thanks for the sale and for extending it! I found some real gems hidden in the clearance section. :)

By: boobunny on 4/4/13
Nice. When content is this low in price I end up buying things "just in case" I might need it later on or regret not getting it someday, lol. I must go back and look again to see if I missed something.

By: atwc on 4/4/13
Now this is a mistake a person can live with!

By: SilverDolphin on 4/4/13
All the products that go clearance should end up on prime for a couple of months

By: andolaurina on 4/5/13
Such an awesome sale. Please do this every time right before a clearance clean-out. It's great to get notice. In the past, I've been so sad to come out to my wishlist and suddenly see all the clearance stuff gone. Like other people, I buy tons more when I know I might never be able to buy it again! lol

By: 3dstories on 4/5/13
This is long overdue. Great idea! Too bad it's all at once. In fact, I've been surprised that you never added Clearance items to your periodic PRIME updates.

By: drifterlee on 4/6/13
when you go to the clearance section only a few items are 3.50. Many are regular price.

By: posfan on 4/6/13
I second SilverDolphin's statement, would be a good deal for everyone.

At this price I bought some items "just in case" cause I liked them even if I really didn't need them.

By: Sandrose on 4/7/13
I found some real treasures! Nice sale!

By: dreaming_banshee on 4/7/13
I got three items, One of them was an almost unbelievable bargain. The other two were a good deal, too. Thanks

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