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Last July the Renderosity MarketPlace introduced the Prime Membership option to reward the most loyal community members by offering outstanding discounts on a growing list of quality products. Renderosity's Store Staff is celebrating Prime's first anniversary all month long and we hope you join us!

Renderosity is excited to continue to offer quality digital content from Top Sellers as well as increasing the offerings from other talented vendors that will broaden the available Prime content library.


Here's a quick sampling of some products that have just been released. Please Click Here to view all of the new releases!

Building 04
Black Moon
Comanche RAH-66
Magical Wands


The 78 Prime Classic products below will be available for purchase by Prime Members from now through Wednesday, July 18th at 11:59pm (cdt) for just $3.50 each.


Late Nights at the Bar

VH Naima for Victoria 4.2

Flinks Instant Meadow 2

SV7 Saige

VH Noir for V4.2

VH Narelle

Office Hours

Late Nights at the Library



Albury Hair V4-A4-G4

Through The Looking Glass for V4


The Dark Room 2


Real Pucker

Oskarsson's Deus Machina

The Digital Tailor Starter Kit


Dreads 2 Hair V4 A4 G4

Sabby-Coryn V4.2

PD Kat and Leo Bundle

VH Onna for Victoria 4.2


Korin Hair

Fantasy Girls: Lynara

Oskarsson's Wrapped

Oil Cult for V4



VH Shay for Victoria 4.2

Shoe Shop V4

SV7 Taryn

VH Noelle for Kids4

PD Gaia


VH Arella for Victoria 4.2




Val BeBe for V4

Oskarssons Cheerleader

VH Mira for SP4


Late Night Poetry at the Cozy Cafe

Uber Hair V4-A4-G4

Reinebow V4/A4/G4

Sensual for Hongyu's JerseyDress

Alien Fonts - The Collection

A plus Girl for V4/A4/G4/PBIV

Renee Hair


Age Of Charm

Rustic Cabin (Poser & OBJ)

DM's Rituals

Othellian Wrath for Desdemone

Tree House

AND2 - Play Clothes by 3D-Age


RM Beauty Basics

Beautiful Gothic IV: Efflorescence

Dawn Hair



Yvienne For V4.2/G4/A4

SAV Eros

VT04 - Meadow

Everyday house - Countryhouse full


Exnem's Sandra Character for V4

Command & Control Center 2260

Mishmash - Hot Girl III


Native American Fantasy Wrap

Garage Bay (Poser & OBJ)


Flinks Sky

Oskarsson's Pyjamas

Member Opinions:
By: laschae on 7/16/12
Thank you guys! I was so worried I wouldn't get to renew.

By: lunchlady on 7/16/12
WOOT!!! Thank you!
Shopping spree!!!!!!!!!! ;)

By: twingo on 7/16/12
Thanks a lot for this excellent offer.

By: renecyberdoc on 7/16/12
thank you very much .highly appreciated.

By: FLDesign on 7/16/12
*YEAH* just renewed :)
Thank you very much :)

By: Granny_E on 7/16/12
YAY! I was hoping that something like this would happen. Now I can renew (the instant I get paid).

By: kerrieanne on 7/16/12
Damn I just bought it on Wednesday :(

By: posfan on 7/16/12
great news, so I'll bite and will renew.

I just hope that there will be more Prime items coming, since there weren't as many releases as were promised when the whole thing started.

By: StaceyG on 7/16/12
As stated in the broadcast, on the actual birthday (the 18th) there will be a mass of new and new classics added to the prime!!

By: Cimaira on 7/16/12
Thank you!!

By: SissyB on 7/16/12
yeah! what a good news! ^-^

By: jgkane on 7/16/12
Just renewed. How do I find out when my expiry date is though?

By: mgtcs on 7/16/12
Thanks, very appreciated!

By: shannonsuzanne on 7/16/12
Expire date is now in your account and under the PRIME summary. I updated mine and it went up another year. I'm good until 2014. I couldn't pass up an extra 20% off LOL. I was wondering why there had not been anything new in a week or two. I was losing hope :0)

By: shadowhawk2zero on 7/17/12
WOOT I am good for another year!

By: westryde on 7/17/12
Thank you.

By: speculoos on 7/17/12
Thank you very, very much for this GREAT deal!!! :) I have Renewed immediately yesterday...

By: AlexandersGrandma on 7/17/12
OMG thanks so much for the 50% off and the extra 20% off. I too, thought I may not be able to renew at this time. You have made me so happy. My prime was going to expire tomorrow. Yay! Thanks again....

By: canberra_boy on 7/17/12
Renewed gladly. New products look awesome - will be purchasing immediately! :)

By: drinkingbuddy on 7/17/12
First time purchaser. Time to start shopping!

By: philebus on 7/17/12
I guess I messed up on the time difference because the coupon is saying expired for me. Shame, I only got the email this morning :(

At the 50% is will still be worth renewing but guys, you've got to get emails out sooner 'cause we don't all get them the same time.

By: philebus on 7/17/12
Oh...Looks like some wiz somewhere waved a magic wand - perhaps it was a glitch. Anywho, thanks to whoever cleared it up because I got my discount after all - still would have been worth it without but savings are always welcome :)

By: Iceshark39 on 7/18/12
Can't WAIT to see what goodies you bring back and all the great NEW stuff in Prime!! Thanks again for a fantastic offer in this!

By: RodS on 7/18/12
I'm all over it!!!!! :-D

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