Changes to Product Bundling

Renderosity increases flexibility in purchasing Product Bundles

There is no doubt that many of you have seen the great value in purchasing one or more of the vendor created bundles in the Renderosity MarketPlace. What happens, however, when you have previously purchased one or two products that are included in a bundle and the overall savings still may justify the purchase? The answer in the past has been that you will not be able to buy that bundle.

It's been a policy of Renderosity's to not allow for duplicate purchases in order to better protect our loyal customers. However, in the case of Product Bundles, we felt as though we needed to allow for greater flexibility.

From now on, anyone has the ability to purchase a bundle regardless of their purchase history. It will be up to the buyer to identify whether or not they've previously purchased any or all items included in that particular bundle. In many cases you may find that it is cost effective to purchase an entire bundle to take advantage of dramatic cost savings even though a product has been previously purchased.

It is our hope that this will help increase buyer satisfaction and promote vendor participation in creating more bundles that are available to a now larger group of eligible buyers.

As a point of clarification, our system will only allow for the purchase of duplicate product(s) within the product bundling area. If a buyer purchases a product from the 'What's Hot' area (for instance) our system will still continue to check your account for a previous purchase of that item.


*Please know that the Renderosity MarketPlace will not be refunding previous purchases in which the sole reason of the refund is to take advantage of this change. No alterations have been made to the Refund Policy as a result of this change.