Cast Your Vote in the 2009 Halloween Design Contest

Watch your step! There are all sorts of dangers around...

So whatever you do, DON'T GO IN THERE!

The 2009 Renderosity Halloween Design Contest is now in voting! We are looking for your vote for the best interpretations of the Don't Go In There theme, so now is your chance to choose the scariest creations! The voting begins October 15th and continues through 12:00pm noon on Thursday, October 29th, so get your votes in now!

Choose carefully! The best submissions that follow the Don't Go In There theme will win prizes from some of the top companies in the industry! Be sure to cast your vote for all three of the following categories:

  • 3D/Animation
  • 2D/Photography
  • Writing


The DEADline for voting is Thursday, October 29th at 12:00pm noon CST (Renderosity System Time) . For more information on rules, deadlines and categories, check out the contest page.


Winners will be announced on Halloween 2009!

Remember to check out the contest page for general rules, submission guidelines and other important information!

We would also like to take a moment to thank our generous contest sponsors. Make sure to visit these sponsors to get the tools you need to win the Grand Prize!

Sponsor Table
eyeon Software Autodesk is a world leader in 2D and 3D design software for manufacturing, building, construction, engineering, and media and entertainment Professional 3D Computer Graphics software to create, animate and render realistic 3D worlds, landscapes and natural environments QUIDAM, professional software for 3D characters creation. Developed by N-Sided 3d animation and imaging software - create 3d animation and talking images for web sites and presentations ZBrush 3 gives you access to unparalleled power and control previously unknown in digital art creation software Corel video editing software, photo editing software and multimedia software makes photo and video projects easy Monthly DVD magazine of animation, VFX and motion graphics for advertising and broadcast Beyond Digital Painting: Digital Painting Software, Project Dogwaffle, Photo editing, image editors, picture manipulation, video effects Shapeways is a unique community that helps you turn your designs into reality with 3D printing 2D - 3D - Animation - VFX - Free Magazines - CG Gallery - Forum - Digital art - IT'S ART The Renderosity MarketPlace has the largest selection of digital content including 3D models and 2D resources Cengage Learning delivers highly-customized learning solutions for universities, instructors, students, libraries, government agencies, corporations Ambient Design Photoshop tutorials, award winning original photoshop Tips tricks and photoshop tutorials for adobe photoshop cs4, CS3, CS2, CS, Photoshop 6 and 7 FXhome is a leader in visual effects. Our software is professional quality but priced to put it within reach of students and private users Renderosity vendor and 3D artist - Powerage Renderosity vendor and 3D artists - LukeA

Member Opinions:
By: Shalimar-Cherie on 9/15/09
Very COOOOOOOOOOOOOl , let get creepy *LOL* !

By: mikeerson on 9/15/09
DON'T GO IN THERE! - I love the theme for this year. Last year I remember a vote for the theme, I didn't notice a vote for this year - but - I'm thrilled with the theme.

WAKE THE DEAD - four contests ago was a super theme.

DINNER WITH THE DEAD - helped me find the direction where my BONDAGE story was going.

CARNIVAL OF EVIL.... fun contest, but felt limited in the theme

DON'T GO IN THERE - No limits, I see a lot of GREAT ideas going in all kinds of directions.

I look forward to seeing all the cool art that will come out of this years contest...

By: DarwinsMishap on 9/15/09

Can't wait for this one. XD

By: pdq1234 on 9/16/09
YEA I see this as a much better more direct idea much easyer to work with, I'm gona try to get something done for this one, even with my old cranky POS computer, I may be able to make it, not that I think I'll win but it will be fun!

By: sunfish on 9/16/09
Cool. Cool. Cool. What a Theme!

By: Digital_Mischief on 9/16/09
My favorite contest is here! Yeah!

By: penandink on 9/16/09
Oh man, I can't enter but good luck to everyone. I'm sure there will be some awesome pieces. :-)

By: calum5 on 9/16/09
Drags leg and scuffs across the room hunchback style to say Im in.Ha ha ha harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh burp fart oooops scuse me ...

By: RodsArt on 9/19/09
Yup, I remember the request for Theme titles.

By: BluEcho on 9/20/09
Question: By word count, do you mean the words only or characters with spaces count?

By: GoofyFoot on 9/21/09
Are they going to let you compete this year Cal? AWESOME!! Can't wait to see your entry, though I'm hoping to give you some competition this year! Cheers! :D

By: lycanthropeX on 9/22/09
ok just want to make this clear, can we enter once for 3D and once for animation? or is it one entry that is either 3d still image or an animated entry?

same question for the 2D/Photography one

By: cluleidis on 9/23/09
Whao my first contest!

By: DragonPrincess on 9/24/09
Are Daz Studio or Poser images considered 2D or 3D?

By: thundering1 on 9/25/09
Yes, my favorite time of year, and my favorite image contest! Didn't have tim to get one in last year - I'll have one in THIS year! Awesome theme!

By: sanarae on 9/29/09
why can't some people enter?

By: eekdog on 10/2/09
A shot in the dark if i can win, but it's a cool challange and worth the try, thanks rendo staff, great job.

By: gendragon on 10/3/09
Very nice theme!

By: montyhack on 10/3/09
So many creepy ideas crawling around in my twisted little mind... Great theme!

By: ThetaLov on 10/3/09
Hmm, I've got a week-and-a-half to come up with something... gawd I love Halloween!!

*cranks open DAZ and Carrara*

By: PrincessOfTheDawn on 10/5/09
*scratches her head* and says ... why not. Don't tell me not to go in there! lol how fun! I'm in. :-)

By: sixus1 on 10/5/09
Hey there... is that Filthy the Clown in the thumbnail? Just wondering since we're actually in the middle of a lot of Cirque Du Macabre stuff right now... just saw it and thought.. hmm... is that on of them? Anyway... -Les

By: StaceyG on 10/5/09
Hi les,

The thumbnail and image was last years winner in the 3D/Animation Halloween Contest, see full image at the link below

By: sixus1 on 10/5/09
Not that one... this one:


By: sparrownightmare on 10/5/09
I really wish they would stop imposing this 800x800 limit, and at 72dpi no less. No one I know that does 3D work uses that resolution. It just makes it nearly impossible to put much detail into the images, and really really limits what you can do. It's kind of a letdown to see that they still have it this year...

By: ice_magistrate on 10/6/09
that's part of the contest too..i think it helps the theem by putting it in a small, confined space to work with...kinda feeling cramped, claustrophobic? and the image people sees...don't go in there.
so it's either stuck on a cramp space or go in there...hEh

By: pricir on 10/10/09
i like it.

By: Nitpick on 10/10/09
*gets ready for the flood of last minute entries* =oP

By: sparrownightmare on 10/11/09
Well. This years entries look pretty good. I just put mine in so I will see how it goes this year. Most of the entries don't seem to match the theme for this year though. Either that, or I am missing something.

By: timboy on 10/11/09
There are so many good 3d artists out there im almost intimidated to enter the comp considering im a novice modeler.

By: FairyJ on 10/12/09
Got my entry in just in time thank you LOL
New to this so hope I entered all the info correctly :)

By: faaeria on 10/12/09
I tried to post my pic entry into 3d/animation category but I got message "You must attach a file to this contest." What file? I'm not uploading an animation. Thanks in advance for help! :)

By: Jumpstartme2 on 10/12/09
For those having trouble with the area that says 'file', and you are not uploading an animation, you can just upload your main image there as well.



By: ucraphere on 10/13/09
So if I understand correctly, in the 3D/Animation category, you can enter either a Render from a 3D app, or a 60 second Animation made with a 3D app, but not both. Correct?

I ask as I am not sure if there is an image category and an animation category.

By: tigarle on 10/13/09
Added my entry but this " Missing File " when I added my submission think messed me up... now says I have to wait on approval.. How long that take.?

By: Jumpstartme2 on 10/14/09
Thats correct ucraphere..either an image or an animation but not both. :)

tigarle, there are no set times on approvals, if there is an issue with your entry a contest manager will notify you.


By: Fraxa on 10/15/09
I keep trying to vote but when I click on 'contest page' I just get a Terragen contest that's in voting - no Halloween contest. Anyone else have this problem or know where I'm going wrong?

By: RedPhantom on 10/15/09
Fraxa, give them time. I'll bet they have a ton of last minute entries to approve before they can open the voting

By: Burpee on 10/15/09
Same here Fraxa. I'll try tomorrow.

By: Winterclaw on 10/16/09
There's too many to choose from! We need a primary vote!

By: Poserchic on 10/16/09
Anyone else still having issues with voting.?

By: thundering1 on 10/16/09
Issues with voting? Yeah - I gotta pick ONE! I'd like to vote for couple of them, at least a 1st, 2nd, 3rd kinda thing, but oh well...

By: Revelation-23 on 10/16/09
No problem here, other than deciding what to give my vote to. Too bad we can't vote more than once; saw a lot of good stuff deserving of a vote.

By: rikomortis on 10/18/09
good luck to all, some great art again this year.

By: rikomortis on 10/18/09
big thanks to the rendo staff for all there work in having such a fun contest.

By: XPNAMIBIA on 10/19/09
I agree, there were some realy good entries, maybe next year we could for more than just one entry, in the meantime good luck to all the entrants.

By: Poserchic on 10/19/09
Guess new members do not get to vote..some trial period it seems =(
So many good entrys...

By: kdd121s on 10/19/09
If anyone is having problems being able to vote just contact one of the contest managers and they will correct the problem. I am a new member and was unable to vote at first, but the managers took care of it for me promptly after I made them aware of the issue.

By: mel841 on 10/20/09
I couldn't enter this year. Some really great work has been submitted!! Best of luck to you all!

By: mikeerson on 10/23/09
I can't believe we're already at that stage of the contest where we're waiting for the votes... and Halloween is still over a week away... I would like to make a suggestion that the winner of the contest makes the name for next year, or maybe added to a list of names for next years contest. I would also like to suggest that the name of the contest should be told ASAP... preferably before the end of this year. I don't know how many animators we have on this site, but I love animation and would love the animators to be able to work on the contest all year = imagine all that GREAT ANIMATION we would see... AND with that in mind, I think the ANIMATORS deserve their own catagory. I'm not an animator, but I'd love to see what our great artists on this site would come up with if they had a longer time to create. I for one would suggest the name "CHILL OUT" for next season... I love the title for this year, but right when I read it, I thought of Jim Carey saying: "Don't go in there" - I was not suprised to see how many bathroom scenes popped up in the entrees. I enjoy this contest every year, but with more than a week before Halloween left, I feel like Halloween is over... I'd also like to suggest running the contest until the 26th, then, we'd be inside that last week before Halloween and still feel the spirit....5 days of voting should be pleanty to find the winners.

By: bebopdlx on 10/24/09
Where do I vote, can't find a link.

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