Can You Spot the Difference?

We are celebrating Fathers at Renderosity!

Renderosity is taking a little time for Dad. We are celebrating Father's Day all week, so make sure you let Dad know how much he means to you! Father's Day is celebrated by many countries on the 3rd Sunday in June, but there are many dates that nations throughout the world set aside. Check out the article above to see when your country celebrates Father's Day.

We are getting Father's Day started off this year with our Spot the Difference game! We have given you two images that are just alike - or are they? There are ten things that are different between the two. Can you find all ten?

Image 1

Image 1

Image 2

Image 2

Feel free to download the two images if it helps you to compare them side by side. If you think you have all ten, email your list of answers to Ten winners will be chosen at random from the pool of correct entries to win a Renderosity prize pack! Entries must be received by Friday, June 19th at 12:00 pm noon Renderosity System Time (CST). Winners will be announced the following week.

Make Dad proud - Good luck!

Member Opinions:
By: PaganArtist on 6/15/09
Hehehe I got em Happy Father's day to the rest of you dads!!!!

By: dofin1 on 6/15/09
I find all the ten. This one is easy.
I allready send my answer.


By: ladyperiwinkle on 6/15/09
I have found 9 difference so far, just 1 more to go!

By: Porthos on 6/15/09
Found them all! Great fun! :)

By: ladyperiwinkle on 6/15/09
Just found the last one!

By: mixart on 6/15/09
Only found 8 so far

By: mixart on 6/15/09
9 now

By: Wildscar on 6/15/09
E-mail sent. Thanks for the chance.

By: DragonPrincess on 6/16/09!

By: mikeerson on 6/16/09
Pretty tricky for a simple picture... Imagine if it were 3D cg... ya did a good job on it... I found the first 9 pretty easy number 10 had me hunting - lol

By: dancineyes on 6/16/09
Wow I can't beleive I found them all...well at least I think I did!!! Good Luck Everyone!

By: Belladzines on 6/17/09
Some stand out like a sore thumb, others you really have to look for ...

By: Kerya on 6/17/09
I wished I knew why I am always finding nine differences ... there has to be something wrong with me ... LOL

By: tinksdad01 on 6/17/09
#10 was a bit tricky but I found it!!!

By: Katanas on 6/17/09
Found nine in both first and second attempts, left computer for a while came back and found one more. Hmmm, what if I leave it a little longer? Will I find that last one?

Still waiting...

By: Kerya on 6/18/09
I can't believe it! I found it, I found it! :D

By: Zadya on 6/18/09
I found it :)

By: DarkStarRising on 6/18/09
I would like to wish me dad a very happy fathers day. And to wish every and all dads *and mums who have to be dads too* a fantastic day too!
I will be thinking of those fathers *and mums* who are parted from there families on Father day... I hope soon you will see them again!


By: Acadia on 6/19/09
Sent! I love doing these.

By: Angelsinger on 7/1/09
Hehe! Even though I was late for this one, I did it anyway! :P These are awesome!

Btw, Kerya, you weren't the only one who found just 9! Gonna look again, where *is* that 10th one?? :P

Thanks again for the fun, rendo! :)

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