Calling all Members: Renderosity wants YOUR artwork!

Renderosity is looking to include artwork in future advertisements and other communications. What better way to do that than to showcase the talent we have right here on our site?

We would like to use member created images for purposes such as:

  • Print advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Newsletters and Broadcasts
  • Convention Materials
  • ...and much more!

You will of course be credited in any image that is used for any purpose. We’re excited with the opportunity to highlight the outstanding work that our members create on a daily basis.

A half page print ad in the Red Stick Animation Festival program. Image courtesy of outoftouch.

There are a few requirements for the purposes of print. Any submissions must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 300ppi (pixels per inch)
  • No nudity
  • A readme file must be included that gives your permission for us to use your image for any purpose

This is an open invitation to all members; you can use any work that meets the requirements above. If you are interested in submitting your work, just email and we will get you the FTP information so that you can upload your images.

We really look forward to seeing your work, and remember, quality and professionalism come first at Renderosity.

Member Opinions:
By: AscendedSpirit on 4/21/08

By: luciferino on 4/21/08
cool ^_^ smack Orietta

By: juca on 4/21/08
Great idea!!!

By: tigarle on 4/21/08
Very Nice...and no limit to style =)

By: Tony_Boutle on 4/21/08
Un huh, something to aim at...
thanks ;)

By: Smallreddog on 4/21/08
Did you leave out photoshop? not everyone uses poser. otherwise a great idea.

By: zachary on 4/21/08
Excellent ! Thanks so much renderosity ;)

By: DarwinsMishap on 4/21/08
I'm Game!!

By: odditorium on 4/21/08
i may try this!

By: JasonK on 4/21/08
Smallreddog: Feel free to use whatever program you like. We actually encourage members to use different applications, such as Photoshop. If you have any other questions, just email Thanks!

By: vaia on 4/21/08
Excellent! Thanks for the Opportunity!

By: Alvhem on 4/22/08
Count me in!!

By: ralgex on 4/22/08
I'm game.

By: sweetcorn on 4/22/08
sounds great

By: MagnoliaMoonElf on 4/22/08
wow sounds great!!

By: DigitalDreamsDS on 4/22/08
Sounds like a good opportunity to get ones name out there. I'll join in too!

By: Anglu on 4/24/08
Wow, great? any deadline?

By: JasonK on 4/24/08
Anglu, there is no deadline. Feel free to submit images whenever you like!

By: Dragonluna1 on 4/24/08
Sounds fantastic... but I don't think my stuff is good enough for that...

By: Leanan on 4/24/08
Thank-you for this opportunity...

By: npauling on 4/24/08
A super idea and something I will aim for in the future. Thank you.

By: Skydancer917 on 4/26/08
Sounds great...Now if I could only come up with an image good enough, LOL. Thanks for recognizing us!

By: IO4 on 4/26/08
Great idea, but we can only submit images made with the programs shown in the Ad?

By: windhawk on 4/26/08
A resolution of 300 ppi - fine. But at which size?

By: DuckSoupe on 4/26/08
Can I use Poser and postwork using paintshop pro ?

By: tom271 on 4/28/08
will the art have to target a subject.. or just send art? This is what I having trouble understanding...

By: flavia49 on 4/29/08
Splendid idea!!!

By: Whimsical on 5/2/08
I think this is a wonderful idea!

By: MUSEWORX on 5/2/08
Great food for thought! Thanks for the invite and inspiration RR!

By: Audierne on 5/4/08
Are these considered as 'commercial'? i.e. if the picture uses items (perhaps freebies) designated as 'for non-commercial use only' would using the image for this purpose be 'illegal'?

By: wickedelf on 5/15/08
Count me in. I just hope my work is good enough.

By: StarGazer9 on 5/15/08
Love to! I got *TONS* of Home-made meshes!

By: orfan87 on 5/17/08
i also have the question that will we recieve notification if and when something is being used so we can see it to add to a porfolio or something of that nature otherwise excellant idea

By: ArthurOPodd on 5/17/08
I'd like clarification of copyright issues. For instance, is this a "single use" contract so that I would be free to use the image afterward or is it signing the rights to the image to you for perpetuity. I can deal with both, but need to know if I should avoid sending my favorite images.

By: ArthurOPodd on 5/17/08
Does the assignment of copyright extend to other works with the same characters and morphs? For instance, If I use a set like Daz Places of Summer with Sarsa's Parabella for A3 fighting Rebelmommys Lillith for V4, would all combinations of actions with those figures in that set with the same clothes be assigned to you or just the fighting poses?

By: ArthurOPodd on 5/17/08
Would the same character be assigned? For instance if I use my own morph settings to make a Michael 3 character called "Fred Fairy" in a dancing pose, would the character or just that image be assigned?

By: CandeeKis on 5/18/08
Great idea!

By: Antonio57 on 5/18/08
Bonne initiative

By: ralph49 on 5/18/08
Neat idea_with some resevations

By: Daidalos on 5/18/08
I like this idea.

For those of us who don't know how to use FTP is there another way to submit items?

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