Bidding Farwell to Brent Kingston

Lillian Hawkins

Brent Kingston - Dragon*Con 2004
On December 15th, Brent Kingston, known on Renderosity as IMAgineer, suffered an unexpected and fatal heart attack.

Brent was a member of Renderosity for more than 3 years. While he did not post his own works on Renderosity, he greatly admired the work of other artists and was a self proclaimed Renderosity enthusiast.

Brent was many things. He was an accomplished musician, magician, performing actor, artist, and professional business man. Even though he suffered from a rare and debilitating bone disease, he never let it slow him down.
He was the founder of International Media Arts that created IMA's Video Browser, business partner of Per Hakanson of FXR Software, a member of the IBM Developer Research Panel, and owner of two successful jewelry stores with his wife Glory.

He is possibly best know for his Avery Smart Cat character, the Cool Cat band, Catamongus Studios and his enduring dedication to children's education.

At the time of his heart attack he was in California working tirelessly to raise money for his Avery Smartcat Project. We're told that he received great praise and accolades for his efforts to help kids with the Avery Smartcat Project.

He was not alone in California for he was accompanied by his long time business partner and good friend Per Hakanson and an acquaintance from IBI Bill Roland.

Brent's son Bradley, his wife Glory, and sister Karen, and all the volunteers and support staff have taken up the torch and plan to continue on with the Avery Smart Cat project making sure Brent's dream becomes a reality.

We are deeply saddened by Brent's passing. The Renderosity community sends out our prayers and best wishes to Brent�s family and many friends. May they find some peace in knowing how much he was respected and loved.

Brent, you will be missed. But, you have left a dream that will live on through those you inspired!
-The Renderosity Staff