Behold The New Writers' Gallery & Community!


The pen, it is said, is mightier than the sword. And while it is not for us to say whether or not these days are any more, or less, grisly than any other in humanity's history, it stands to reason that the blossoming bloom of creativity is generally more preferred to the bludgeoning baton of destruction. Perhaps every neuron bent towards the acts of creation and imagining help to offset the bleating and wailing of our baser instincts. Whatever the case, if you'll forgive our attempt at belletristic eloquence, we're happy to direct you to a legitimate source of compelling wordsmithery. Along with the launch of the new communities (including the Writers' Community), Renderosity is proud to introduce the Writers' Gallery!

You can get your writing critiqued or help others improve their writing...Great for getting help on your work before committing to the Gallery! * Observations and debates on writing techniques. * And more! We're very excited for the creative possibilities resulting from the new Gallery, as well as the Writers' and other new communities.

Naturally, the TOS still applies. Please take a moment to review the specific Terms of Service for the Writers' Gallery:

Writers' Gallery Guidelines

The Writers' Gallery is the place to post your own original poems and stories.
All copyrights belong to the original writers. Submissions to the Writers' Gallery may be accompanied by an original graphic that you created.

If the piece contains references to nudity or sex, please use the Nudity flag.

If the piece contains violence, please use the Violence flag.

If the piece contains offensive language, please use the Language flag.

This is a courtesy to other members. Renderosity reserves the right to toggle the Nudity, Language and Violence tags as appropriate to the story or poem.

Acceptable submissions: * Stories * Poems * Essays * Editorials (Editorials in this case refers to the style of writing done by newspaper columnists. Any genre (except pornography) is welcomed in the Galleries.

Unacceptable themes/depictions: *While Renderosity believes in freedom of expression, we have a specific style in mind for the site described in the TOS and do not accept images or writings that fall outside this style. Just as the Harry Potter books would not be appropriate under the Harlequin Romance series, or the Danielle Steele novels in the Scholastic Kids section, Renderosity will not publish (or allow to remain posted) stories or poems that are outside the Terms Of Service (TOS) for the site: * Rape. * Torture. * Sexual acts. * Physical arousal. * Graphic descriptions of body parts. * Depictions of young humanoid characters in erotic or seductive contexts. * Character attacks, which could be interpreted as defamation of character, slander, or libel.

A good rule of thumb is to imagine your story or poem as a movie. If any of the images from that movie would be removed from the Renderosity pictorial galleries, then the written descriptions may not be acceptable, either. There are grey areas of what is acceptable and what is not.

Renderosity reserves the right to remove any stories, poems, or images that do not fit with the site.* If a team member removes a story or poem, a sitemail will be sent to the member explaining the reason for the removal. If you don't understand the reason, please contact that team member and ask for further explanation. If you don't agree with the removal, you can bring the issue up to the Administrators of the site. While the matter is under consideration, please do *not* repost the disputed work either in the Gallery or in any of the Forums. If the decision to remove the story or poem is upheld, you are welcome to post other works that better fit Renderosity, but please do not repost the piece that was removed anywhere on the site.

Examples of grey areas: * A man deals with the rape of his wife. Although technically the story concerns rape, it is dealing with the after effects and how people cope with tragedy. Unless the story contained graphic details on how she was raped, the story would most likely be acceptable. The same story from the rapist's point of view would most likely be rejected. * Two teenagers have sex for the first time. This type of story would be heavily scrutinized. If the actual sex takes place off-screen, then it may be acceptable. Due to U.S. law, Renderosity will be very conservative in what it considers acceptable in these circumstances. * Battlefield scenes - realistic depictions are usually fine. If the work is particularly graphic and/or centers on the joy of inflicting harm or death upon others, it may be removed under the torture clause. * Sex scenes - if the actual act takes place off-screen, is briefly referenced, or is alluded to in metaphor, it is likely acceptable. If the descriptions are graphic, especially concerning body parts, then it will likely be removed.

If you're not sure where your work would fall under the TOS, please contact one of the Moderators. We will be glad to review your story and let you know if it fits the site.

Please remember, if a story or poem is removed, it's not a reflection on you, your talent, or even the literary merit of that particular story. It's simply a matter of what fits in the site and what does not.

Thank you for sharing your work in the Gallery, The Renderosity Staff