August VOM: coflek-gnorg

August VOM: coflek-gnorg

The Renderosity MarketPlace Staff is pleased to introduce coflek-gnorg as August's Vendor of The Month!

For the next 3 days, coflek-gnorg is saying thanks to all of their loyal customers by offering a great sale! From now through Saturday August 31st at 11:59pm (cdt), Renderosity Members can save 50% on every product throughout coflek-gnorg's store.

Read more about coflek-gnorg in Renderosity's Front Page VOM Article.


Member Opinions:
By: Scrib on 8/29/13
woohoo! Great! Thanks :-)

By: Cybertenko on 8/29/13
Well deserved. I am happy that somebody how is not doing just all that girlie stuff but serious hardware is getting this price! Congratulations!

By: Pygmee on 8/29/13
A big cheer and thank for Dominik !
I'm very happy to play everyday with one or another Coflek-Gnorg product since seven years already. What next ?

By: Professor_FGLP on 8/29/13
I appreciate it, even as my monthly budget is about to take a blow of epical proportions. Against my best judgement, I might add. Oh, well… I'll survive. Coflek-gnorg's sets are good, very good. ;-)

By: imari on 8/29/13
Congratulations to an imaginative and skillful content creator! Well deserved.

By: mldoyle on 8/29/13
Not only a well deserved award, but one should NEVER miss a coflek-gnorg sale - this guy's a genius!

By: mldoyle on 8/29/13
Sorry if this duplicates, but the first try didn't take. Not only is this a well deserved award, but one should NEVER miss a coflek-gnorg sale - this guy's a genius!

By: texboy on 8/30/13
Hooray! C-K is one of my all-time favorites!!

By: Art_Sorcery on 8/30/13
Congrats! You deserve this! Love your products! :)

By: tsarist on 8/31/13
Congrats Coflek
You kick serious @$$
I Love your work and can't wait to see more of it.

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