August 2008 Vendor of the Month - Bice

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August 2008 Vendor of the Month - Bice | Bice, VOM

Who is Bice?
First of all: Thank you for this great honor! I am so happy about it!!!

I am 37 years old woman from Germany . I live in Seligenstadt near Frankfurt with my two boys (17 and 11) and my companion. In my real life I am working as leader in an editorial office from a newspaper for our district. I love my family, my job, going for sport and laughing all throughout the day. And of course I love 3d!!! My real name is Bianca and my nickname Bice was created by my best girl friend 32 years ago. Bice is a constant name in my web-life and in my real-life.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
I have started my digital art maybe 10 year ago with 2d art. First I made animations and web designs with Paint Shop Pro. Then I have moved on to Poser 4 and made my first V2 characters and textures. In 2003 I've began with my first intensively steps in Photoshop - made textures for character, hair, clothes and my first merchant resources. In Avalons Board I have learned more about 3d and in 2006 I've tried my hands on the first meshes in Cinema. And I can't stop this :-)

What are you currently working on?
Oh, a lot of new stuff! With my partner Timo (outoftouch) I am working on 1000 things together. Currently we working on a new fashion package for V4 and of course more and more new hair styles. At the moment we are also working with ilona on a new great amazing package and we're planning a new team work with Freja and Adiene too.

What software do you use and why?
I am using Cinema for modeling and Photoshop 7 for texturizing. And my favorite Poser version is Poser 5. I have a lot of tools from MarkDC and Dimension3D.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
My inspiration I find everywhere - in films, in fashion shows, on the street, in catalogues, in games from my kids, in my job... But the biggest is Timo - he gives me a great source of inspiration. His mind is full of great ideas! And often our friends or customers ask for special things and we try our best to make it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
Don't give up! Do what you love and make your best. Don't stop learning and never forget the quality! Ask yourself: Would I buy this product? It is not possible to learn everything in the world of 3d. So we are always students and we are learning so much everyday. And most of all: Have fun and put your passion in your work!

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
I love this Community! I have started in my “second” home in 2003. Here I have met so many friends and found help every time. Renderosity is a big group of people who are friendly and nice. I've learned a lot about 3d in forum and tutorials. I am not the active forum member, but I am a good reader! Many thanks to the Renderosity Team - especially to Debbie. She is not only a member of team; she is a lovely and warm friend for me.

Do you have any final words?
Oh yes, I have. First of all: many thanks to all people who support me and my work. It makes me happy when I read the nice reviews or see amazing art works with my products. Your advices and suggestions are very important for me and my work. Thank you to my friends, partners, and customers for their wonderful feedback and all admins from Renderosity for your hard work every day. Thousand hugs and kisses to my kids, my darling and my family for their love, patience and understanding. Special thanks to Avalon (Sabine/SaSch-Style) for my "cradle of 3d-life" and last but not least my one and only Timo! :-) Thx for being my inspiration, my motor and my friend! And thank you to all who took the time to read this interview.


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IsaBelle Hair by Bice
IsaBelle Hair
Nicole Hair by Bice
Nicole Hair
Wicked Heart Hair by Bice
Wicked Heart Hair
ELECTRA Headwear for V4/A4/G4 by Bice
ELECTRA Headwear for V4/A4/G4
Sueno Hair by Bice
Sueno Hair


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Member Opinions:
By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 8/1/08
wonderful...Cograt girlie :O))))

By: kathym on 8/1/08
Very nice to meet you Bice - now please don't forget V3 as you make wonderful new creations in the future.

By: mytilus on 8/1/08
Wooow.. That's great mate, I'm very happy to see you there.. :) Congratulations...

By: luciferino on 8/1/08
Congratulation ^_^ great ...... ciaoo Orietta

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 8/1/08
Congratulation Bice :))

By: anny on 8/1/08
Ich gratuliere ganz herzlich! Und wünsche weiterhin viel Erfolg!

By: Pretty3D on 8/1/08
Congratulations Bianca!!! Well deserved. Hugs ;)

By: SilverLynx on 8/2/08
Congratulations! Very much deserved, I love everything I have bought from you. Hugs from the other side of the world ;p

By: outoftouch on 8/2/08
Yoooohoooo :D CONGRATS!!!!!! :D Very, very, very, very well deserved! Thank you! *HUGS*

By: Freja on 8/2/08
Yay! Well deserved indeed! Congrats girlfriend :D

By: rebelmommy on 8/2/08
Congrats! Definately well deserved!

By: Eniy on 8/2/08
Congrats! Very well deserved! :)
Don't stop creating your amazing 3D works! :)

By: Adiene on 8/2/08
Grats sweetheart *pounce* Well deserved! :D

By: novelist999 on 8/3/08
A much deserved award! I love your products! You have so much talent! Congratulations!

By: Bice on 8/3/08
Many many thanks to all!

By: fabriced on 8/3/08
excellent work and thank you for your work! :)

By: onebaretree on 8/3/08
Congratulations Bice! :-)

By: PG-Graphics on 8/4/08
Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiterhin ganz viel Erfolg!!!

By: aoaio on 8/4/08

By: Danie on 8/4/08
Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :)

By: werun on 8/4/08
Mensch Bice, das freut mich für dich! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Bei deinen hervorragenden Arbeiten hast du das aber auch verdient!

By: phrawzt on 8/5/08
Congrats Bice. You have some great work.

By: scooby37 on 8/5/08
Congratulations. Well deserved!

By: Hexymaus on 8/6/08
Gratuliere dir Bice :o)

By: PhilW on 8/6/08
Well deserved!

By: marforno on 8/7/08
Well deserved indeed... :-) Congrats Bianca...!!!

By: mari_e17 on 8/7/08
Congratulations!!! :)

By: sunfish on 8/7/08
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Bianca – ich liebe deine Arbeiten. Weiterhin viel Erfolg und so tolle Eingebungen wie bisher!

By: Rainbowgirl on 8/9/08
Herzlichen Glückwunsch und mach bitte weiter so!

By: bfleishe on 8/10/08
I first found your works on Poser Corner, and have been buying them ever since. At last we get to see the great artist. Congratulations! You deserve recognition!

By: goldtassel on 8/13/08
Congratulations !!

By: infinity10 on 8/14/08
Congratulations !

By: Elke on 8/14/08
Congrats und weiterhin viel Erfolg. :-)

By: calico1 on 8/15/08
You've done such quality work. Congratulations!

By: Lakotariver on 8/17/08
You really deserve this. I have a number of your items and my next purchase here will include Olessa's hair and Treasure outfit. We have something in common. I too have worked for a newspaper. You have some serious talent and your items keep getting better and better. Thank you for your gift to the Art community. Happy Renders to you.

By: matrix03 on 8/17/08
congratulations and well deserved! creator of some of the finest products around including Aaliyah and Aundrea hair products!

By: Babajaga on 8/20/08
Da kann man dir doch gratulieren :)
und weiterhin viel Erfolg wünschen.

By: jeanne_50 on 8/21/08
Congratulations! I love your work and it's nice to learn a bit more about you. :)
Love, Jeanne

By: Thorne on 8/23/08
Congratulations Bianca! A well deserved honor ;)

By: Igolochka on 8/28/08
Wow! Congratulations! Love your products:)

By: radstorm on 8/29/08
Congratulations Bice! A well earned and deserved honor for you :)

By: vshane on 8/30/08

By: hongyu on 8/31/08
Sorry for being late, I just saw the news today and I want to say congratulations! You deserve this, I am a big fan of yours, your excellent hair is my favorite hair, top of quality!

By: ilona on 9/1/08
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so well deserved!!!!

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