August 2006 VOM motif

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August 2006 VOM motif | motif, VOM
Who is motif? Hi guys, I am pretty sure not many of you know much about me so let me briefly introduce myself. I am Damian from Singapore, born in 1975. I have a diploma in Electrical Engineering (no idea why I end up doing graphics!). I am currently working as a freelance graphic designer and a wedding photographer. How long have you have you been involved in digital art? I began working as a designer about 8 years ago. Started from printers and slowly worked my way up to Ad agencies. Doing textures for models initially started out of curiosity and boredom, enjoyed doing so much that I gave up my full-time job 2 years ago. What are you currently working on? Hopefully after some self studying, I will be able to move on to modeling. Guess it is every texturers' dream to model their own clothing? What software do you use and why? Photoshop (with KPT and Alien Skin plugins) - started using since v1.4, can't live without it since ;o) Freehand - for vector arts. Poser Pro Pack - for rendering and testing. Poser 5 - testing Where do you find inspiration for your products? Everywhere, especially from shopping with my girlfriend LOL Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers? Invest some time to understand your software. Do not be contented with just basic knowledge. You will be surprise how much more you can archive. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? There are so many wonderful people here who's willing to share and help. Tutorials @ Renderosity has already given me much information needed when I started learning Poser. Do you have any final words? I am very young merchant here @ Renderosity. Being a MOM is definitely a good encouragement and recognition of my work. I want to thank all the people @ Renderosity and the testers for being so helpful all the time, hongyu and Vampir3princess/Lesthat for all the help they have given, Adiene and etcdesigns for all the encouragement and lastly to the continuos support of you guys. Thank you.
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Member Opinions:
By: Ilenora on 8/1/06
Congratulations!! I love your textures... They're amazing! You're amazing for making them!

By: karanta on 8/1/06

By: colynn on 8/1/06
Congrats! I love your work, I have nearly all of them!! ^^

By: DesignsbyEve on 8/1/06
Gratz Damian! Was so happy when I saw your name up here today :)

By: hongyu on 8/1/06
Congratulations! Your texture are always wonderful, keep up the perfect work!

By: Adiene on 8/1/06
Grats my dear friend! Very well deserved. :) You already know I adore all you do. You are so very creative/talanted and not to mention extremely kind hearted!*hugs motif to pieces*

By: FantastArt on 8/2/06
Congratulations! Your products are always fantastic!

By: RoseMoxon on 8/3/06
Well deserved, congrats. I love your work.

By: aoaio on 8/3/06
Congratulations!I love youre textures and works!

By: Dysfunkshunal on 8/3/06
Your actually my first look before I even consider buying clothes; I want to see if you have a texture pack for them. I'm completely honest. Your textures are what I look for since I strive so much for realism in Poser. Your textures never let me down and I've said before that I wish you made textures for every piece of clothing I've bought for Aiko. Thanks for all you do!

By: DarkStarRising on 8/3/06
wonderful interview and a VERY VERY well done on the MOM!
I love your clothing textures you do, and i as well as Dysfunkshunal, look at your Textures for clothings i want to get *grins*
thank you :)

By: Firebirdz on 8/4/06
Congrats Damian! Great to see you achieve this!! Way to go!

By: motif on 8/4/06
Thank you guys for always being so supportive!!!

By: Toribev on 8/4/06
Congratulations! Your textures are fantastic.

By: kimariehere on 8/4/06
a big congrads to you ... beautiful textures you do !! WOW an engineer and graphics combined rare quailty got both sides of the brain working there !!! hehe..

By: pacman323 on 8/4/06
Congrattulations Damian your works are so nice and very detailed your product enhanced our 3d world
thx to you

By: Lisbeth on 8/5/06
Congratulations! Your textures are always beautiful :o)

By: superBadGirl on 8/5/06
Congratulations on a well-deserved win. Your texture packs are (like others have said) sometimes the deciding factor in whether I buy an item or not. Keep up the wonderful work!

By: waningmoon on 8/5/06
Well met, and congratulations on your award. Your texture packs are simply divine, and i believe many will be keeping an eye on your releases in the future. I know i will be for sure.

By: SoCalRoberta on 8/5/06
Congratulations :) You work is so lovely.

By: Posermatic on 8/5/06
Congratulations, well deserved!! Love your work!

By: calico1 on 8/6/06

By: nattarious on 8/6/06
Hello Damian.. Congratulations for being chosen as MOM.. And wow! Singapore! I've been there twice to re-program some cars. And i really liked there.. Specially the (SIMLIM TOWERS) are they still there? hehe Nice products you got here.. And the textures, i agree with the others.. They ROCK!! Cngratulations again and keep the great work up. ((JOE))

By: Balaenanun on 8/7/06
Congrats ! Please keep crafting your wonderful products ;)

By: goldtassel on 8/8/06
Hey Congrats!

By: ElorOnceDark on 8/9/06
Congrats Damian! This is a well-deserved honor for a very talented person! Love seeing your work!

By: tralfaz on 8/10/06
Congrats! I just got another of your textures and I am absolutely in love (again) with it :)You can tell the quality of certain vendors by the number of comments I get on images. The ones with your textures are always well commented on.

By: Claywoman on 8/12/06
Congrats and thanks for a wonderful interview! Keep up the great work!

By: Mea on 8/15/06

By: Zarabanda on 8/16/06
Your textures are brilliant, in a class by themselves. Much deserved recognition, congrats!

By: illusioner on 8/17/06
The recognition is well deserved. There have been times I purchased a clothing item because I liked the texture you made for the clothing item.

Well done. :) Keep up the great work.

By: capsces on 8/18/06
Congratulations, Motif! Your textures are wonderful. I'm always happy with my purchases from you. :)

By: pappy411 on 8/22/06
Congratulations, beautiful textures, well deserved recognition.

By: Aery_Soul on 8/23/06
Congrats Damian!

By: Kimberly.3D on 8/25/06
Your work is truely beautiful. You add so much to many artists already beautiful work. In some cases you even give perfection! Best wishes!

By: evielouise on 8/25/06
I am going to pay attention to you now
and be a lookie loo

By: Shardz on 8/26/06
Congratulations on this great honor, you truly deserve this award for your excellence in artistry and vision! The detail of your products is immense, and you have the ability to reinvent products and put them in a very new light and perspective! I truly admire your abilities! Excellent work!

By: SydneyKeys on 8/28/06
I have nothing but respect for your work, your textures give new life to my favorite models <(^_^)>

By: Vampir3Princess on 8/29/06
Wooot!! congratulations Damian!! Gosh!! I'm sorry for being so late ... this is very well deserved, You Rock!! your textures are amazing and the love and dedication you put to every work you do really show in each new product, way to go boy!! *Hugs*

By: ilona on 9/1/06
Congratulations Damian!!!! You do fabulous work... itīs so well deserved! :)

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