August 2005 MOM - outoftouch

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August 2005 MOM - outoftouch | outoftouch, VOM
How did you get started in 3D Graphics? I got started in 3D Graphics with creating contents for computer games. How long have you been working with 3D Graphics? It is about 5 years now, that I'm working with 3D Graphics. I've always loved to texture 3D objects and create images with them, that work can be so creative and I really enjoy doing it. I got into Poser with my purchase of Poser 5 but actually I already bought Poser 3 when it came out, but I didn't like it that much. And since my purchase of Poser 5 I'm creating stuff for it. Do you have any formal training? Not really LOL I don't know what to say more ;) Learning by doing :D What software do you use for product development? I use Poser 5 and sometimes Poser 6 (for P6 specific content, normally for artwork-rendering only), Photoshop and Amorphium 3D, as well as the UV Mapper for preparing my texture-templates. How much time is required for product development? It depends on what I'm working on. Character creation usually takes about 3-4 weeks, textures for clothing items about 12-24 hours, but that REALLY depends on the clothing itself. (count of different parts and UV-Mapping). Sometimes it's much more ;-) Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product? I'm not working on one product at one time, I normally have more than one in the making. But a cycle of creating a product is that I'm searching for models I like to texture, then prepare my templates (from the UV Maps) and start texturing. After I finished this, I pack my zip and then I care about my promotion images and the store site layout. That's all. The most stupid part follows: Waiting for the release ;-D Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products? Most of my inspirations come by going through the streets or browsing through magazines and also by surfing through the net. Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers? Be creative and enjoy your work ;-) But also to keep up quality! How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning? And how! Of course it played and PLAYS (!) a big role! I learned many things and got many friendships, because this is the place to get in contact with many great people! Do you have any final words? I'd like to say thank you very much to all my customers for your support by leaving Product Reviews, sending me nice Instant Messages and E-Mails and also commenting on gallery images! Thank you very much to the R'Osity team, Debbie & Clint, all testers for their work and last but not least a big "Thank you" to this community!