Artist Accolades - November 2006

Nick C. Sorbin

We would like to acknowledge the accomplishment of our very own Michael Stelfox (Miko0) and Anna Bird (LillianaSapphire), who together have created a Publishing Company called FW Publishing. They launched the company in October 2006 and is based in the North West of England.

At present they currently produce a bi-monthly online and printed magazine called Forbidden Whispers, which is focused on presenting some of the best Science-Fiction, Dark and Fetish art, writing and photography. Anna and Michael feel strongly about these genres, as they feel they are not represented to their full extent in other publications.

Michael and Anna are also working on some new publications which they hope will be ready for release sometime in the very near future. Their bi-monthly magazine, which was released at the end of October 2006, has already seen a large number of copies downloaded, as well as printed versions of the magazine being purchased. Their intention is to make each and every issue they do as full of great articles, images, interviews, and tutorials as possible. With the support of many of the talented artists and writers around the world, they hope that this magazine will build into a great resource for all.

Also worth noting, Issue One of FW Magazine featured many talented artists from the Renderosity community such as, Christina Roberts (Neyjour),Alejandra Zamora(Vampir3Princess), Rafa Cassette (Casette), Meike Teichmann/Magnus (saintfox), Anders Plassgard (plassgard), Krista HoleWinkse (Adiene),Elizabeth Lysnes (Miss_E), Richard Kitner (Forevernyt) and many many more.

Issue Two, which is due to be released on December 1st 2006, features even more artists from the Renderosity community such as Fredy Wenzel (Fredy), Paul Gerrad (sallow), Phillip Drawbridge (drawbridgep), and Leon Butchers (Lown). There will also be encore appearances by Meike Teichmann/Magnus (saintfox), Christina Roberts (Neyjour) Elizabeth Lysnes (Miss_E) and Rafa Casette (Casette). In issue two Christina (Neyjour) has kindly donated a free digital item for each reader. Anna and Michael would like to thank Neyjour for her very kind contribution to the magazine.

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Artist Accolades is now a regular monthly feature on the Front Page News, where Renderosity artists can share their accomplishments in the field. Have something to share? Contact Nick C. Sorbin with details.

November 20, 2006

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