April 2006 MOM Rhiannon

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April 2006 MOM Rhiannon | Rhiannon, VOM
How did you get started in 3D Graphics? My interest in 3D graphics began with Bryce 3D. I believe that was around 1996 or 1997, I'm not certain ... I do remember that it still belonged to Metacreations at the time. I joined newsgroups, I scoured the web for all the tutorials I could find, and there my journey began. Sometime later I discovered Poser and I've been hooked ever since. How long have you been working with 3D Graphics? I've been working with 3D graphics for about 10 years now and I joined Renderosity in April, 2000. I became a merchant around November of 2003. Do you have any formal training? Up until 9 months ago, I worked for the same company for 25 years. The most recent position I held there was Web Architect. I've had formal training in web design and development, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, and also a bit of SQL. I've also had intensive training and experience with e-mail communication technology and e-mail marketing. I was fortunate that I was able to do many things that I enjoy in Web Design and Development, but it eventually became much too boring and mundane. So I decided to move more in the direction of 3D graphics and design, etc. Now I work full time as a texture artist, and I also do some freelance web design as well. I really love what I'm doing now. What software do you use for product development? I use Poser ProPack, Poser 5, and Poser 6, but I prefer P5. I also use Deep Paint, UV Mapper, Injection Pose Builder, Mat Pose Edit, and Quickmat. I use Adobe Photoshop to develop skin textures, bodygloves, or any other textures that I do. When I have to paint a lot, I like using Painter, the brush options are wonderful. I have also been doing some modeling lately. I've created some jewelry and a few other things, but I'm still learning and I really enjoy it. When I really just wanna' have fun though, I go play in Bryce ... it's my first love. :-) How much time is required for product development? From start to finish, including packaging and promos, testing, etc., I like to take at least 1 week to 10 days (typically, 12 to 14 hour days), depending on how complex the package is going to be, how much content is included, and whether I'm required to learn any new techniques, etc. Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product? I begin by building a base texture, upon which I will build the final skin. If I don't have a specific look or theme in mind, I usually move ahead with defining and perfecting the skin, and it simply unfolds as I move along. I don't normally like working on a texture without a morph, and vice versa. For me, they really drive each other, so I move back and forth between perfecting the texture while developing a morph at the same time. Then there are times when I know exactly what I'm going to do. For example, with my character "Samara," I even had the name picked out before I began, and I knew exactly how I wanted her to look, the tattoos I wanted her to have, etc. Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products? I'm always browsing images in fashion magazines, fantasy art, posters, etc. Sometimes I can just see a piece of jewelry or clothing that inspires me in a particular creative direction. But without drive and motivation, inspiration will only get you so far. For a large part of my inspiration and especially motivation, I have to thank my very close friend, Martin. He is the only reason I became a merchant and has been right behind me, pushing me ever since. Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers? Whatever you enjoy and makes you happy, just do it! And do not give up just because you run into difficulty. Just walk away for a while, and come back to it later. There are so many talented people who have contributed to this community with wonderful tutorials, so go and find them. Strive to learn something new everyday, with the premise of always being original and unique, and ask yourself "how can I do this better, faster, and more efficiently?" In this way, you will have the very basis of your own personal style that will develop as you grow and learn more. How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning? Renderosity is a fantastic place with many opportunities. It is such a diverse community of people and talent. And I just can't say enough about the Renderosity staff ... Debbie, Clint, Caroline, Diana, Stacey, Jennifer and everyone at RO, I thank you for all your hard work and support!! Do you have any final words? First, I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you very much," to all my customers who support me and appreciate my work. I can't tell you how much you all mean to me. I'd also like to take this opportunity to dedicate this to my teenage son, Buddy, for his love and support, and most of all, for his patience with me over the years while I spent countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen. I couldn't ask for a better son, and I love you very much. I would like to thank you once again Martin, for all that you've done for me. Here we are! You are THE BEST sweetie, and I would not be here without you!! *LYL* Deb, you're a true southern lady, a firecracker, and a very dear friend. *BIG HUGS* Danie, you're one of the sweetest people I know, and always willing to help me whenever I need it ... thank you so much for all! *BIG HUGS* And a huge thanks to a group of very special friends ... you are all so talented, you have all helped me along the way, and I appreciate it more than you know! Gina (Cimerone), Joan (Kinouk), Karen (Avalonne), Didi (didi_mc), Jill (dtigerwoman), Orietta (luciferino), Alejandra (Vampir3Princess), Jorge (Lesthat), Mari (mari_e17), Leah (Turtle), Nancy (SophiaDeer), Rose (rjghise), Antje, and Bez. As always, thanks for stopping by and blessings to all!
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Member Opinions:
By: Turtle on 4/1/06
Way to go Rhi, you earn this! Bravo and Hugs for you. :O) I've very Happy for you.

By: karanta on 4/1/06
Congratulations :)

By: luciferino on 4/1/06
RHI RHI wowowoowowo i'm so happy great min friend you are the best kisses smack Orietta

By: visualgirl on 4/1/06
Congratulations, hon! Nice to see a picture o you, too!

By: DTigerWoman on 4/1/06
You go girl! Well deserved :O)

By: bucketload3D on 4/1/06
congratulations! you create beautiful characters :)

By: Ladonna on 4/1/06
Rhiannon you are simply the best. I love your Characters. Congratulations. You realy earn this.

By: rockets on 4/1/06
Congratulations! Well deserved honor and long time coming!!

By: -BrandyE- on 4/1/06
major congrats! Well deserved!

By: MissAttitude on 4/1/06
Congrads Lady Rhi*S*

By: infinity10 on 4/1/06
congrats !

By: brycek on 4/1/06
Congratulations..Well deserved!!

By: outoftouch on 4/1/06
Congratulations! Totally love your stuff :) Well deserved!

By: Lisbeth on 4/1/06
Congratulation!! Well deserved :o)

By: pacman323 on 4/1/06
your stuff are very impressive and always welcome
really usefull to create this 3d world
thx for this

By: jjean21 on 4/1/06
Congratulations Rhi..it's SO well deserved.

By: TANZA on 4/1/06
Congratulations very well deserved

By: george_c on 4/1/06
Congratulations gal

By: jimbeamdean on 4/1/06
Well done Rhiannon. Your items are always fantastic. You deserve it.

By: Stormi on 4/1/06
Congratulations Rhi ... You are so talented
and you definately deserve this honor. *Hugs*

By: Virtual_World on 4/1/06
Congratulations! Beautiful and good quality products. Well deserved!

By: rasputina on 4/1/06
congratulations Rhiannon!

By: Belladzines on 4/1/06

By: vshane on 4/1/06

By: StaceyG on 4/1/06
You go girl:) Congrats!!


By: graphixdezine on 4/1/06
Congrats Rhi!!! very welll deserved!!

By: Irish on 4/1/06


By: bovi on 4/1/06
Woohoo! Qapla!

By: Bernado on 4/1/06
Congratulations for being MUM... sorry MOM. 8-)
You really deserve it.
Now, that's a good reason for everybody to go to Rhiannon's Place. 8-)
Keep doing those wonderful characters!

By: Rhiannon on 4/1/06
u da best mom

By: drifterlee on 4/1/06
Congratulations!!!!!!! Love your products!!!!

By: msebonyluv on 4/1/06
Congrats Rhi!! This is so long overdue and I'm glad its finally your time!! I wish you continued success in the future!!

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 4/1/06
your characters are just as beatyful like you are :O)
Congrats :O)))

By: Wolfkazzy on 4/1/06
Congratulations, I just love your stuff :) Excellent interview, really enjoyed it!

By: Adiene on 4/1/06
Grats Rhi! Well deserved Bravo *claps*

By: Claywoman on 4/1/06
Congratulations!! You are very deserving!

By: LeapingWolf on 4/1/06
Congratulations Rhi, it's about time :)

By: SndCastie on 4/1/06
Congrats to you very well deserved :)


By: Fanci on 4/1/06
Your talent is greatly appreciated by me. I tthank you for the time you spend on developing. Greattly appreciated and congratz.

By: jartz on 4/1/06

You made some awesome characters, and can't wait to savor more of your works. And very talented, indeed!

Well deserved,


By: Richard T on 4/2/06
Congratulations. Thanks for such wonderfull creations. Very well deserved.

By: Debbie M. on 4/2/06
**BIG HUGS** I am so proud of you Rhi!! Congratulations on a very well deserved honor!! YOU GO GIRL!!

By: MoxieGraphix on 4/2/06
Yay for Rhi! I have never been disappointed by any of my purchases from your store and find myself always looking forward to your next release, even if I can not purchase them right away.

By: Bez on 4/2/06
Way to go Rhi!! Congratulations on your nomination, well deserved my dear :)

By: Danie on 4/2/06
Finally! This was long overdue :) ... Congratulations to this well deserved honor! :)

By: squirrel2005 on 4/2/06
Ohhh!! Congratulations!!!! Your sure deserved it!!

By: Lion on 4/2/06

By: lululee on 4/2/06
Congrats. Your products rodk. Your ART is absoultely gorgeous.
cheerio lululee

By: ExprssnImg on 4/2/06
Congratulations! Great interview! I'm right there, walking the same path. ;-) Dream on to new adventures!

By: Lory on 4/2/06
Congrats Rhi!! Your work is lovely!!

By: Kinouk on 4/2/06
Well my friend....it's about time :). Sooooooooo deserved! I'm so happy that you have given me the opportunely to enjoy your never ending talent. Your the best!!! *LY* tonz of hugz

By: didi_mc on 4/2/06
Awe yea!!! Congratulation I am so happy for you. This is so absolutely perfect and very well deserved. Huge hug!!

By: antje on 4/2/06
This is wonderful, Rhi!! Very well deserved!! :o)

By: Vampi on 4/2/06
It's about darned time :) Congrats!

By: SamTherapy on 4/2/06
Congrats! Well deserved.

By: Aaronheart on 4/2/06
Congratulations:) Very well deserved!

By: lwperkins on 4/2/06
This was so fun to read! And you are amazingly quick at building characters, especially considering that they are *perfect*. I still love your old ones that aren't available anymore, too! It's so neat to see how you work with the Danie and Marforno backgrounds, too--it's almost like they are created to live in those fantastic settings!

By: Shardz on 4/2/06
I am very glad to see this great honor and appreciation go to you, Lady Rhi! Your products are always outstanding and a joy to work with, and your support is always very personable and enjoyable! Heres looking forward to the future of more amazing artwork and products from you! Congratulations as it's most deserved!

By: alan42 on 4/2/06
congrats - your textures are the best:)

By: SK2Design on 4/2/06
AWESOME!!! You deserve this recognition so very much and I'm ecstatic for you, Rhi! You go girl!

Huge (((HUGS))),
Tamara :)

By: virtuallyhistorical on 4/3/06
Well done Lady Rhi!

By: rjghise on 4/3/06
Congratulations, I'm so pleased for you :) You make the most beautiful characters and your textures are the best. Well done, you really deserve this :)

By: Azr1el on 4/3/06
Congratulations! Very well deserved! :)

By: MoonGraphics11 on 4/3/06
Congrats! Very well deserved!

By: keihan on 4/3/06
Congratz Rhiannon! Awesome characters and textures you have ...much deserved :D

By: romanceworks on 4/3/06
Congrats, Rhi! Very well deserved for all your marvelous caring and creativity you put into every product. :o) C&H

By: Lesthat on 4/3/06
Congratulations Rhi, you definetely deserve to be MOM, simply because you put your best to each product and one is better than the last one. Keep up the amazing job. Hugs, Lesth

By: Sinamin on 4/3/06
Congratulations, Rhi! This is so very well deserved!

By: Vampir3Princess on 4/3/06
Oh Yeahhh!! :D I'm so proud to see you are featured as MOM Rhi!! Your characters are always the coolest :) one can see the love and care you put on making them, the attention to detail and the creativity on each of your super original creations is amazing!! A HUGE Kiss and a TERRIFIC hug for you sweetie!! without you as an inspiration we wouldn't be where we are!! *Love Ya* Ale :)

By: mari_e17 on 4/3/06
Congratulations Rhiannon for being awarded Merchant of the Month!!! you definetely deserve it because you have a huge creativity and your characters are always gorgeous and so beautiful !! I love them all and I am sure your endless talent will bring us even greater products each time!! Thank you!! Thank you very much for everything!! you are one of a kind!! A lot of hugs!! Mari :D

By: marforno on 4/3/06
My dear Lorraine... You well know how happy and proud of seeing you here I am... Finally a recognition to all those endless hours of heavy work , isn't it nice...? . I can't wait now to see your "New" generation of products, especially the models you have been working on...:-). Thank you dear for all what YOU have done for me and for all the inspiration... Congratulations Again... *LYL*
BTW... I loved the interview and you should have added picture number 7 ;-)

By: KimberlyC on 4/3/06
Congrads!! This is so awesome..you deserve this!

By: lluque on 4/4/06
Congratulations for beeing MOM this month. You really deserve it!!

By: mytilus on 4/4/06
Well deserved...Congratulations!

By: venerella on 4/4/06
Congratulations from me as well, because I really love your very own and different way to create, brava!

By: calico1 on 4/4/06
Congratulations! Your characters have become so unique and interesting. Give us more!!!

By: StevieG1965 on 4/4/06
Yahoo and congratz!! Having just purchased "Dawn Sky" I can assure you the honor of being MOM is rightly deserved! You have a wonderful talent for texture and beauty in your creations.

By: laetia on 4/4/06
Oooooh!!! :) Congrats girl! You truly deserve this! *big hugs*

By: xiugao on 4/4/06
Congratulations for beeing MOM this month. You really deserve it!!

By: Fyrene on 4/5/06
Congratulations, Rhi!! Well deserved!! :)

By: AranelStyles on 4/5/06
Congratulations :)

By: nitewolf on 4/5/06
You made some awesome characters, and can't wait to savor more of your works. And very talented, indeed!
Well deserved. You inspire me I really enjoy your work..


By: ColdReality on 4/5/06
Congratulations! It's well deserved!!

By: Kspada on 4/5/06
Extremely well deserved!! Congratulations!! :)

By: SophiaDeer on 4/5/06
Warm congratulations to you Rhiannon!!!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 4/6/06
Congratulations :)

By: vladp on 4/7/06
I have always been wondering when Rhi becomes a mom of Renderosity. This is really a deserved reward!

By: squeeka on 4/7/06
Congrats Rhi!! Well deserved reward for a wonderful lady who works her butt off and creates wonderful characters and is a true sweetheart too :)

By: PXP on 4/7/06
Your creations are really original and of course I have almost all of them - so do many others too, I know that! Somebody said to me in an email when we were speaking about great merchants here on Rosity "... That BIG merchant Rhiannon!" they said. I guess that says it all.
I only wish you would be the first to come up with a really realistic female body builder skin texture.

By: SnowSultan on 4/9/06
Sorry to be so late, but my congratulations as well for this recognition. You certainly deserve it! Nice to finally see your picture too! ;)

By: Avalonne on 4/9/06
OMG...I didn't even know about this till a little bird told me...Way to go Rhi...you totally deserve this honor and your products are always the epitome of class and perfection. Congratulations to you :-) {{{Hugs}}}

By: B_PEACOCK on 4/9/06
Couldnt think of a better person to get this .Congrats sweety and BTW WOw what a lovely looking lady you are :)
Your such a sweet person and stunning artist .Thanks for all your support and all you do . You are a great part of this awesome community
Love and Blessings

By: rawdodb on 4/10/06
Congratulations on MOM !!! Love your work! I'm slowly building up my library with your charactors, they're all so outstanding it's kinda like being a kid in a candy store ..Don'know which to try first!

By: josema8 on 4/11/06
I would like to ask Rhiannon why, like most of merchants, she never creates male characters, textures or complemets, only more and more and more and more femmes. Please, give the other side a chance. Sorry, but as a male I feel discriminated by Poser merchants...

By: skyhawk1 on 4/12/06
Beatiful creations by a beautiful woman!....great job and well deserved...keep the works coming!

By: Cimerone on 4/12/06
You know im out of the loop when I miss THIS!!!! Way to go and oh so deserved hon!!!

By: n2paragrafx on 4/12/06
The warm essence you've blended into your artwork is truely wonderful, Rhiannon. I'm looking forward to seeing your future works!

By: Zwille on 4/13/06
Congratulations and thank You, Rhiannon, a lot for Your charismatic and original artwork (purchased Your great characters "Margot" and "Lyla")! :-) Very well deserved "MOM"! My best wishes to You for future, hope You will enjoy Your work everytime, that is ensuring best results. ;-)

By: ARETEECEE on 4/15/06
credit where its due.your work is fantastic ,all the very best for the future

By: Ailarchendil on 4/15/06
Congrats on the well deserved recognition and thanks for creating such wonderful characters - they're all fantastic. I was impressed with the quality of your work and attention to detail. Best wishes for continued success.

By: Richabri on 4/15/06
Congrats on a well deserved distinction. Your ladies are some of the lovliest in all of Poserdom :)

By: Rhiannon on 4/21/06
Thanks so much to everyone for such sweet, wonderful comments, it really means so much to me. :-) And Jose, I think you're right, it's time to add a male character to the group, so keep your eyes open. :-) Thanks again everyone, you're awesome!

By: takezo3001 on 4/21/06
HOLY HANNAH! You're HOT!...And also a excellent craftswoman to boot! I wanna be YOU when I grow up! ;^) Congrats!

By: safetman59 on 4/21/06
Congrats... Many thanks for inspiration your work provides, and for the many hours spent producing top quality products.

By: Riz on 4/25/06
Which is more easy on the eyes? The artist or their works? I cannot decide.

By: Wellsy on 4/27/06
Dear MOM Rhiannon,

What an inspirational story...you go girl!



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