Announcement Concerning Your Site Mails

We are finally starting to get things settled in here at our new office, but there is still work to do! We are currently working on optimizing the nightly data backup process for Renderosity. To continue properly backing up Renderosity data on a regular basis we will need to clear out a bulk of Site Mails that members currently have under their Renderosity account. The SiteMail feature has been very popular over the last ten years, so there are a lot of messages that need to be deleted.

Starting Monday, April 13th, any Site Mails in your account older than one year will automatically be deleted. This includes messages in your Inbox, Sent and Archived message folders. The one year cutoff will be ongoing to help ease the strain on our backup systems. We encourage all of you to backup any older Site Mails that you might want to keep for future reference.

The easiest way to back up your Site Mails is to open the message you would like to keep, copy the text and paste it into a word processor document. At that point you can save the document locally to your computer for your records.

And remember, any messages that are older than one year will be deleted from here on out. So make sure you have copies of any Site Mails you would like to retain. Questions can be directed to Thanks for your cooperation.

Member Opinions:
By: Sa_raneth on 4/1/09
sounds like a good thing to me

By: Rodma_Hu on 4/1/09
Perhaps we should limit artwork to 300 images per user account instead?? That would clean up considerably more trash.

By: ilanea on 4/1/09
and they had to make this announcement on april fools! will any one believe this?

By: anitalee on 4/1/09
Sounds good to me. SO not ok with the suggestion of Rodma_Hu to limit gallery images though, cause if you do that, then what is the point of posting my images here.

By: decie on 4/1/09
@ Rodma Hu ( TRASH????) Speak for yourself and dont call other peoples art trash.and at the office team in renderosity its a great idea but i cant imagine anyone wanting to keep mail over a year. I think we should all get into the habit of deleting or mail after a month. Keep up the good work guys

By: paganeagle2001 on 4/1/09
Ahem!!! Perhaps you should check todays date???

By: Jumpstartme2 on 4/1/09
At this time we have no plans on limiting gallery uploads.

Renderosity Community Admin

By: scooby37 on 4/1/09
I have (had) over 700 site mails and I wanted to keep them, really. copying that many mails would take me years. I guess I'd better let you delete them :(

By: -Wolfie- on 4/1/09
Sounds like it could be a good idea, even if it is April Fools. :-)

By: Rodma_Hu on 4/2/09
I am often rebuked for my cynical nature. It may be the primary lesson I am to learn in this lifetime. Humility is the servant of the Divine, not of self. My apologies for any offense.

By: Phuzzie on 4/2/09

I REALLY hope it is an April fools joke
Opening and cutting and pasting every mail is absurdly time consuming.

Don't get me wrong. I am a network admin and I get it (that it is probably out of control).

On the other hand I need my mail and my life is just not such that I have hours of free computer time to do this right now.

We'll see I guess.

By: StaceyG on 4/2/09
This is not an April Fool's Day joke. We have to get these cleaned up. I can't imagine that anyone would need sitemails that were over one year old but if you do then please get them copied over to your computer before we run the clean up.


By: Pirx33 on 4/2/09
April 1 - joke?

By: CaptainJack1 on 4/2/09
Hey now... if Stacey says it's so, then that's good enough for me. I'm an inveterate pack rat, and all data is precious to me. :)

It really isn't that bad, if you get into a little rhythm with the mouse and bop back and forth from window to window. I put a little Led Zeppelin on the computer speakers, got to copying, and now my little site mails are all happily snuggled in a file on my handy flash drive.

By: StaceyG on 4/2/09
Good deal Capt! You worked it out!! Now you volunteering your services to others? lol

By: CaptainJack1 on 4/2/09
Oh now... can you imagine me having access to everyone's passwords to do that? I'm a good guy and everything, but that's some sore temptation, that is. :)

By: Jumpstartme2 on 4/2/09
Gang, just to point out again what Stacey said..This Is **NOT** An April Fools joke. Sitemails older than 1 year old WILL be deleted on Monday, April 13th 2009.



By: shadelix on 4/2/09
@scooby37 @Phuzzie
I agree with you: copy/paste would have made me mad too.
You can save time if you just open your site mails and save the html file.
A little script to extract the messages into a text file then ... ;-))

By: mikeerson on 4/3/09
THE POSITIVE: It should be done... but maybe it should be a selected by activity... Meaning If you've been posting and have been here some years, you should be safe... When you come across visitors or non active sites, take off that year, monitor for the next year and if nothings happening, delete the whole thing.

and now....

THE NEGATIVE: After an artist finds this site, falls in love with it and starts making contacts, THINGS HAPPEN...
1. PEOPLE PASS (Leave, Quit, Die...) and some of us do go back to our old site mail...




IF YOU WANT TO WIPE ME CLEAN... sorry, that didn't sound good... I GUESS IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

By: infocyp on 4/3/09
I understand the need to do some cleaning among messages as i have been an administrator of a windows-based network.
That said, could it be possible to have a link to small piece of code that exports the user's messages out of the database in one shot, directly in the browser, as phpmyadmin can?
So that people who want to keep all their messages could do a single copy-paste to backup everything?

Anyway, a big thanks to all the staff for the fantatic job.

By: RedPhantom on 4/3/09
700 emails? and you want to keep each and every one? I understand email messages can be important or have sentimental value but are you sure all of them need to be saved. This might be a good excuse to clean things out. You might find a few old messages that you thought were important when you got them but now no longer are.

sorry Scooby37, I'm not trying to pick on you specifically. You were the first to post a number.

By: IgnisSerpentus on 4/3/09
Well now, I have to say Im not too keen on this idea.

From a vendor point of view, I have LOTS of emails in my acct that are work related. I have mails from people who have given me things, to mails I have sent to give people things (be them gifts, prizes or bonuses due) How am I supposed to keep track of whom Ive given stuff to? Oh, right... copy and paste a thousand emails into a word doc LOL!!! Instead of spending my time ACTUALLY working to make money.

This really doesn't give a lot of faith in the sitemail system on Rendo (not that I had a lot of faith in it to begin with) As its attached to our accounts, it should be optional to us how long we keep it (even if it means all eternity) just like any email system. Otherwise, its going to get treated as just another worthless and redundant feature on here.

At the very least, it would be nice if u guys could automate the process, or perhaps better executed, condense them all into a simple text version, to make it easier on us to back them up.

By: Limepie on 4/3/09
If you have links to additional content, in your emails from vendors that were running a sale, you definitely want to save those. I'm glad I checked. Because that stuff isn't saved in your account history.

By: Norski on 4/3/09
Thanks for the heads-up. The protocol makes good sense, I think.

And, as long as members know what's going on: I don't see a problem. I'm one of those people who makes independent backups of critical information, anyway. Working with IT for 20+ years does something to one's unwavering faith in another system's backup procedures.

By: Norski on 4/3/09
(following up on my recent opinion re. 'unwavering faith') -

I've been very impressed by Renderosity's tech and people: But I know that SNAFUs happen, even in the best-run systems.

By: Cassandra8348 on 4/4/09
Sounds like a good idea to me, but then I don't have anything older than two months (^_^)

By: Khushrenada on 4/4/09
can't see how this is any sort of a problem?
I don't get a lot of site mail and I'm lazy,so if the staff wants to clean house,they can start with mine :)just joking but I am lazy...

By: Wryter on 4/4/09

Great idea, works for me. I clean my own mail out reg cuz it builds up fast at times and if it facilitates things better for all sweet then. Progress is power, well in most cases.

By: shonsu on 4/4/09
Great idea but after you delete the ones you want, you should be able to just go "NEXT" to move to the next email instead of having to click GO again on ARCHIVES. A lot of work when it's really isn't necessary.

By: stick on 4/5/09
Good idea, I usually delete mine so it doesn't build up. I print the ones I want to keep and put them in a notebook. Those are usually asking for tips or help.

By: Angelsinger on 4/5/09
2 things :) --
1. When this new sitemail was put in place, I wrote immediately in the forum that I was disappointed in the lost ability to save all my messages at once. (All sent & received appeared on one page, so I only had to save the 1 webpage and *BAM!* all messages were backed up). ;)

My regret then was, "If *only* someone had told us in advance!" It was unweildy trying to save each message separately. It was then, and it still is. :p

But now we're being told ahead of time, and I thank rendo for that; only thing is... from reading the above, many are really going to need more than a 2 week notice to do it. :(

2. Suggestion to members to speed up saving your sitemails:
a. Open your sitemail in a browser that has tabbed browsing capabilities.
b. Click several of the message links into new tabs.
c. Hit your shortcut key to save each page [Ctrl+S for firefox]-- (if you don't have time to give each page a unique name, number them consecutively).
d. Hit your shortcut key to close each window as you go along.

This saved me a lot of time (the whole process is faster than it sounds. :p). If you save your messages in the order they appear in your box, the numbers will at least show you which are the older messages and which are newer.

You can sort them later at your leisure.
Hope this helps. :)

By: altec101 on 4/5/09
Good idea, Im amazed that you haven't do this before...
and thankyou for providing this site mail service.


By: Edrielle_The_Nympha on 4/6/09

By: Kyms_Cave on 4/8/09
I agree what a good idea, guess I had better go and do some spring cleaning then...thanks for the advanced notice..K

By: SimplySabis on 4/8/09
Even on a home computer, periodic cleanup is a necessary. If you left every file you ever saved on, eventually the system begins to run slow.

I'm not sure about you guys, but I would prefer quick navigation and loading from Renderosity, than an full inbox.

Business and contacts? Start your own file, and when you get a sitemail of relevancy, add the necessary components to your file(s).

It may take you a few moments at the time, but organization saves you alot of time later. After all, it is easier to open on or two files on your computer, than it is to sift through hundreds of messages searching for something in particular you might need.

As for the loss right now...if it is that important to you, make the time to go through the mail. Plenty of notice has been given to do a little every day if need be. Even if it is just to add contacts you do not want to lose to your friends list.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 4/9/09
Why can't these be checked and mailed to our e-mail addy's? I have way too many that include links to bonus content... by Danie & marforno, Christel, Barbara, and others! This is absolutely no warning or time to do this much copy pasting!!!! We should have at least 30-45 days notice.

By: MistyLaraPrincess on 4/10/09
I can't get to sitemail through my employer's firewall anyhow. Delete it all.


By: PeterN64 on 4/10/09
One MONTH not read? DELETE !!

By: Angelsinger on 4/10/09
To SimplySabis: I agree with you 100%. :) And I learned a long time ago that the net is too transitory for me to depend on it. ;) Whatever I value, I save locally. :D

To FutureFantasyDesign: this may not help you much now, but for future reference: since some vendors provide bonuses via a private site, it would be helpful if you download the extra content immediately.

Even if your mail with the bonus link remains in tact, the vendor could disappear at any time, taking their site with them...

By: Rutra on 4/11/09
Quite frankly, I don't understand the need to delete anything. The given argument is optimizing the nightly backup procedure. But why do you do nightly backups of one year old mails? I don't see the need. Do you really put on tape, every night, the same old mails? Why don't you separate archive from backup? You could archive old stuff in a few tapes and that would be there unchanged, no work or cost at all. Your backup could then focus on the recent activity only. Using this simple procedure (which is standard in many other places) you have really simple and short nightly backups, whilst still preserving intact and protected all the old stuff.

By: Species8472 on 4/13/09
Agree with Rutra. I make nightly backups of only what has changed since the last backup. Site mails are pretty much set in stone once they're sent and do not change. I have 1.3 TB (1300 GB) of hard disks, and it takes about 15 minutes to do a changed-files-only backup on all of them. Simple ASCII text isn't what's taking up all your disk space anyway. ;)

By: dakotabluemoon on 4/15/09
If it is not important i delete them and never keep them i can always remember what my mails were about and decie is right our pictures is not trash we put them on cause we treasure them in our own way and thank you all for the great work on this site so keep it coming,luv ya all.

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