And Now the Winners of the 20 MarketPlace Shopping Sprees...

We would like to thank everyone who took our annual survey, and who were entered to win one of the twenty $100 MarketPlace shopping sprees we are giving away!

And now, here is the list of twenty random winners!

  • Wildman2
  • Tbcmhhsexton
  • Barbara1337
  • Tallameia
  • KDoug
  • Theodote
  • Wappen
  • Sir-joe
  • Timberhawke
  • GLM

  • SilverFlame
  • Msg24_7
  • Hollis1
  • Wardner
  • Jessieb
  • AnnieD
  • Vadlor
  • Hotlilme74
  • Chrislenn
  • VanishingPoint

If you are on this list and have NOT been contacted, please email Renderosity Admin. Congratulations to all the winners!

Member Opinions:
By: medievil on 10/10/08
kewl.....congrats to all the winners!

By: tda42 on 10/10/08
Great job everyone! :)

By: maraich on 10/10/08
Congrats folks! Enjoy!

By: kathym on 10/10/08
Congrats to the winners!

By: StaceyG on 10/10/08
Congrats to all the winners!!

By: arbee999 on 10/10/08
Hooray for the winners!
Thanks for the chance in this generous contest.

By: Ken_Blackwell on 10/10/08
Bah. Didn't win. Oh well, next time. :)

Congrats to the winners.

By: pokeydots on 10/10/08

By: AnnieD on 10/10/08
I want to say a great big huge thanks to Renderosity!! This is the first time I've won anything and I'm older than dirt.. :D

By: Contajen on 10/10/08
Congrats everyone!!

By: suzuki.shinji on 10/10/08
Congratulations to the winners ! Enjoy your new products !

By: MirageBay on 10/10/08
Congrats everyone!

By: BrotherHades on 10/11/08
Congrats, to all the winners.

By: RnRWoman on 10/11/08
Congratulations to all the winners! :) GBU

By: hewee on 10/11/08
Congratulations to all the winners!

A very nice gift from Renderosity.

By: VRG on 10/11/08
Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to the Rosity team for listening to us! Let's have more of these too.

By: wickedelf on 10/11/08
Congrats, guys. Maybe I'll win next time.

By: Kokoroheart on 10/11/08
Congrats to the winners! ^_^

By: P3D-Art on 10/11/08
Congrats you all ... have fun shopping ;o]

By: Mongloid13 on 10/11/08
Grats Yall :)

By: kodewarrior1 on 10/11/08
congrats to the winners!!

By: Barbara1337 on 10/11/08
I just want to say Thank you....I was very, very happy to be one of the 20.....

By: tbcmhhsexton on 10/11/08
Thank you Renderosity!!! Now to decide what to buy......

By: vaia on 10/11/08
Congratulations to the winners! :D

By: VelvetMoxie on 10/11/08
Congrats to the winnders--but no matter how hard I look I can't find my name here; what's wrong? LOL!

By: wildman2 on 10/11/08
Wahoo this is the first time that I've won anything.Big THX.

By: Sonia000 on 10/11/08
Congrats to all!

By: VanishingPoint on 10/11/08
We also want to say thanks for drawing our name.
We split the winnings amongst our vendors and customers by purchasing gift certificates for them. I only wish we could have won more so we could have given a gift certificate to everyone on our list. ;)

By: donquixote on 10/11/08

By: Belladzines on 10/11/08
congrats chrislenn!!!

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 10/12/08

By: Porthos on 10/12/08
Well done and congrats! :)

By: Kazam561 on 10/12/08

By: Drkwlf92 on 10/12/08
Congrats to all the winners! And VanishingPoint , that has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen anyone do. A big time Grats to you!!!

By: SilverDolphin on 10/12/08
Congrats to winners : )

Still not using my advice so people at Marketing not listening. Do yourselves a favor and take a hard look at Daz site and their marketing plan.

By: BenBischop on 10/12/08

By: geechy72 on 10/12/08
Congrats winners!

By: vash99 on 10/12/08
congrats yall im happy for ya

By: Akyashaa on 10/13/08
Congratz to all the winnners!

By: BonBonish on 10/13/08
Congrats to all the winners!

By: Anglu on 10/13/08
*sigh* Congratulations... ;;

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