An InTOXICating Sale!

Meet Renderosity Vendors -Silver- and Countess (Jess and Halena, respectively). Making Poser content is their passion, and with an incredible line of products in their shared venture here as Vendors at Renderosity, it's easy to see that they do this very well.

So, as they approached their 100th ToXic product in the Renderosity MarketPlace, they decided to have a special sale in celebration...

Starting now and running for two full weeks, Jess and Halena's ToXic products will be available at an astonishing 50% savings! With much already to choose from, and now also introducing 40 brand new colors to kick off this sale, you don't want to miss this one.



Speaking briefly with Jess about the sale...

How did the idea for this sale first come about?

We both were talking one day about how we wondered how many ToXic Sets we have now and realized that we were close to 100 full ToXic Products
at Renderosity and was! Why not have a sale to celebrate that? And so we talked it over for a while and thought it would be a great idea to also add 40 new colors to the mix to spice it up.

How long have you both been involved in digital art?

Many, many years...we both love the community and enjoy it very much.

How has your experience been as Vendors here on Renderosity?

Awesome! We love Renderosity... a very flexible and sharing community that we hope to have many years of success with.

Do you get a lot of special requests from customers?

Yes, and we try to fulfill all of them as fast as we can.

Do you have any advice for others looking to sell digital content on Renderosity?

Yes, be original. Be creative and don't be afraid to be the one to start something new.

When not creating, what do you enjoy doing?

Spending time with our family, watching movies, and playing WoW.

Do you have any words or thoughts you would like to share with the community?

Yes, recently we have been on a vacation from doing products... personal lives and relaxing has kept us from working as hard as we usually do... However, we want to share that we plan on getting back into the swing of things!

Be sure to head on over to -Silver- or Countess' Renderosity Store to take advantage of this incredible sale:

Take a look at these products you can find right now from -Silver- and Countess:



SaSi Maeko by Silver
SaSi Maeko
Solana by Silver
Cordelia by Silver
Esme by Silver


Countess Hair Resource by Countess
Countess Hair Resource
Deathchill for Frostwhisper by Countess
Deathchill for Frostwhisper
Paine  by Countess
Violetta by Countess

Member Opinions:
By: 3DSublimeProductions on 11/16/09
Awesome stuff ladies! Glad I met and made friends with both of you, and mis seeing ya online!

By: Thetis on 11/16/09
Congratulations!! Let the champagne flow!
The Toxics are a wealth of radiant or soft colors, of gothics and pastels or beautiful natural colors. Each time I dip into them it's a fun to chose just the right hue out of their diversity. The new colors are a gorgeous addition :))

By: pattyh1970 on 11/16/09
Both Vendors and Creators are awesome. I am Addicted
A Silver and Countess Junk ;-D
I cannot stop buy their stuff

By: Blazerwiccan on 11/16/09
((hugs)) Congrats hope the sale is wonderful for you both. You are two very talented and amzeing ladies. Ok enough playing now get back to work lol. Need more of my favotire hair textures and other things lol.

By: fabiana on 11/16/09
great girls and excellent merchants... wish for them the best and lot of sales in this celebration :)

By: Inception8 on 11/16/09
Numero uno in hair texture products. Superbly refined. All hairs would be dead 'ends' without them. Admirable workaholics.
And yeah stop playing WoW and get back to workage. ;o)

By: scifibabe on 11/16/09
Super kudos to you both! Well done on doing (wow) 100 Toxic hair colors. Just the thought of that many products is mind boggling. Most impressive. My hats off to both of you! Congrats and the sale sounds like a great way to celebrats. :)

By: Adiene on 11/16/09
Yay Grats you 2! :D *huggers~!! Best wishes with your continued sucess and to many more new exciting products ! Cheers

By: geechy72 on 11/17/09
Congratulations to both of you! I can not say how many times after seeing your textures I have went out to buy the product! My bank curses you, but my Credit Card companies love you =)

By: Silverwind on 11/17/09
I'm a Toxic addict! Thank you so much for putting these together! :-)

By: the_tdog on 11/17/09
Oh yeah, bring on the Toxic Yoanna! ;)

I'm pretty much at the point that, if it doesn't have a "Toxic" set, I ain't buying the hair.

You two do great work!

By: Drkwlf92 on 11/18/09
And who says that things that are Toxic are BAD!!!! You guys rock!!! Thanks!!!

By: RGUS on 11/18/09
Good on ya... you go Girls!!!

By: julesart on 11/25/09
Congratulations girls! You deserve it. Your work is top notch! Keep it up! I wish for you continued success and another 100 Toxic sets! Cheers!

By: PiXeLCandy on 3/27/10
Awesome sale! anyone know what the multicolor hair is called on this promo image?

By: Silver on 3/27/10
That is Ashley Hair by outoftouch and Bice and our ToXic textures of course ;)

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