All About... Pam Auge [-Wolfie-]

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All About... Pam Auge [-Wolfie-]

Out in the real world, we all have hobbies and interests in addition to the work we may be most known for. Here at Renderosity, our vendors have their own stories to tell. Things they do away from their products... special projects, awards, citations, or things of interest that most may not know about.

In an effort to better introduce our vendors to the rest of the community, we've asked them to tell us more about themselves, and share their stories. Rather than a straightforward interview, these are their stories, in their own words.

This week, we find out all about artist and vendor, Pam Auge, better known to the community as -Wolfie-.


I've been "online" since 1996, when my husband and I bought our first computer while on our honeymoon.  I started my "web presence" as ~White Wolf~, after a character in Michael Moorcock novels... Oddly enough, that I have yet to get around to reading.  *smile*

For years, people assumed I was a male, and only until about 10 years ago has it been more common that people thought of me as a female.  This is mostly because one of my best online friends, JennBlake, when we first met, adopted the name "~Wolfie~" for me, which I can only assume sounds much more feminine than ~White Wolf~, and I have been ~Wolfie~ since.  :-)

I've been tinkering in Poser since it was owned by Fractal Design.  My brother-in-law actually introduced me to the program back in 1996, shortly after I came "online".  I didn't get into it on a more serious level until around 2003-04.

I originally started my online "design" life with graphic, and web design, and actually had my own business for around 10 years.  I also worked at the local university doing graphic and web design as well.  But the more serious I got with Poser and 3D Modelling, the more I pulled away from graphic and web design.  I eventually closed my business, and left the university to pursue my 3D 100%...although I do not consider this a "full time job".  :-)

I am inspired by a lot of things that I see around me. I don't leave my house without my sketch books in tow.  Sometimes, also, I'll be sitting enjoying a coffee, or a moment of tranquility, when an idea will just pop into my head.  I don't always get to them right away, but as long as my sketch book is near by, I can get to them at any time.

I am also inspired by a lot of the great people I have had the chance to work with.  EmmaAndJordi, Sveva, PandyGirl, Propschick, etc.  I love watching people push their limits, and learn new things. I am in awe of the great things people can do when they really put their minds to it. I travel the globe a lot, and have been to several different countries, and cities, and just this month we went to visit Madrid, Spain, and my very, very good friends, and amazing couple EmmaAndJordi.  They made the drive down from their city to spend four and a half days with my husband and I in Madrid. We had a really great time just hanging out, visiting different cities, and just being together outside of work. It's something I will cherish forever, and look forward to getting together with them again. Maybe up here in Northern Ontario Canada!  ;-)

I am from Northern Ontario Canada, and yes, it is quite cold here in the winter, but we also have very hot humid summers as well.  We do not live in igloos.  :-)  I am married, and have two sons.  Andy will be 20 this year, and Aahron is 14.

The area we live in allows for total enjoyment of the seasons.  We love it.  We own a big boat, and in the summer we spend our free time out on the water (there is tons around here), fishing, swimming, water tubing.  We also like to take the boat out and find remote places where we can stop for the night and put up a tent and just enjoy the outdoors.

In the winter, we pretty much do a lot of the same things we do in the summer, only, on our snowmobiles instead.  We still go out on the water (albeit it's frozen), and go fishing, and winter camping.  We also like to take day trips up the government maintained snowmobile trails.  You can spend a whole day out, and never get to the end of a run.  There are hundreds of kilometres of trails in Northern Ontario.

I am somewhat of a fitness nut.  I workout 5 days a week, and I am also a Zumba Instructor, and I teach classes 5 days a week as well.  Chances are if I am not online at the moment, it's beause I am either teaching a class, doing a workout, or out enjoying the seasons offerings.

I am also a hard core gamer.  Not many people know this about me, aside from my family, of course.  However, I loath all things console.  They're just far too clunky, and junky for my liking. I much prefer PC Gaming.  I recently got a custom built Alienware laptop, and now my gaming time is even better.  LOL!!  Altho I loath console systems, Steam will be releasing an Alienware Steam Box... and for that I would definitely make an exception.  :-)

- - - - - -


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Member Opinions:
By: Sveva on 4/26/14
Wonderful read much love for you White Wolf hehe!! Although I already knew most of this about you it was fun to read even more - and I hope to meet you and your family someday too!!!

By: EmmaAndJordi on 4/27/14
It has been such a big pleasure to work all these years with you, but the best one was to have you all this time as a friend! We love you!

By: YelleHughes on 4/27/14
Thank you so much for creating for Poser. Your jewelry work is very beautiful and delicate. Great interview.

By: -BrandyE- on 4/27/14
so great to read about you hun. Your friendship has been a joy over the years! Hugs

By: scottl on 4/28/14
...good to read a lil more about ya...should really read a few Moorcock books lol and Steven Erickson...cheers

By: SSfromM12 on 4/28/14
I love these inspirational 'get to know's. Thank you Canada

By: matrix03 on 4/29/14
I've bought a couple of Wolfie's products and have know about her for some time. she does excellent textures for other vendors hair products.

my question for Wolfie is: How about becoming a serious Hair content creator?
I have some excellent suggestions if you are open to them?

By: -Wolfie- on 5/1/14
Hiya Matrix! I am always, always, open to suggestions. :-) I do create some hair, but only when my muse strikes for hair. :-)

By: infinity10 on 6/6/14
Thanks for this feature. Game person; cool !

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