Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim) - Merchant Of the Year - 2005

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Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim) - Merchant Of the Year - 2005
Congratulations to As Shanim for earning Renderosity's 2005 Merchant of the Year title.

As Shanim are well known for their high quality clothing and pose products.
If you haven't seen As Shanim's wonderful creations take a moment to browse their store (click here).

How does it feel to be the Renderosity Merchant of the Year for 2005?

We're glad about it because we feel it is an important recognition and we'll try to continue on the same route to be with you on the Frontpage next year too :)! (Unless that we're kidnapped by the aliens before).

You are best known for your clothing and pose product line. Your newest product, Fantasy III : Megil' Salkir, is very versatile. From conception to completion, how much time is typically needed for a product of this caliber?

About a couple of weeks; without considering the promo stuff which also takes some days. A lot of time is needed to "poserize" the clothes, so that they move and look good and convincing in Poser.The actual modelling part doesn't take much time and the main problem is trying to set some limits to not overdo with the poly count, with the complexity of the mesh and with the number of items to include.The longest and most boring part relates to the creation of morphs. I find it enjoyable re-modelling our clothing items on Kielo and Yaara body shapes, and I also enjoy creating the movement morphs, but after the 40th movement morph the fun is gone. And do not mention mapping! Mapping takes long and is very boring.
Siliphiel: I take care of the textures, usually they take me at least a week to be completed with MATs and all but of course it mainly depends on the complexity of the product and on the effect we want to achieve. Some projects actually took me much longer than a week.
I want the textures to actually enhance As Shanim's work, his folds, seams, details and so on so some sort of photorealistic base, such as leather of fabric, it's just the starting point for me. I then paint all the details I feel are needed to make the texture become "true" and "alive" and this is what takes long but it's also the funniest part of the work.

What programs do you use for modelling and how long have you been using them?

For modelling, UV Mapping and creating the morphs I use Maya, while Siliphiel's main tool is Photoshop. Other programs we use are Ultraedit for Cr2 and MAT files and Poser 6 for testing and rendering.
I'd like the pc to be Amiga one day…

I can't wait to see what you are cooking up for release next year. Would you care to share any hot insider information with the community?

Products that are ever more complete and complex. We'll try to make our store even more varied, with a range of products that includes every-day, sci-fi, fantasy and exotic sets, hair and characters…
Aery Soul's staff has expanded so we can aspire to a greater complexity for our works.

Among the products we have scheduled for the next months there are: a very long hair with head band, a product inspired by the genius of Luis Royo (a pretty spicy set), a post-apocalyptic set, armor and wings for a futuristic kind of angel, two clothing set for Michael 3 and something for Miki. Four of these products are already being realized.
We have also created a human model, but we put the project apart because we believe it to be too demanding both in regards of completion and support.

Do you have any tips for aspiring digital content developers?

There is one simple thing to do: apply yourself.
If you put care and effort in what you do you can achieve everything. There is not tutorial or teacher better than ourselves. This is no triviality. If you want to achieve something you have to apply yourself, and do it more every day.

You start from a cube and after some time it will be something more complex.
You start with some texture fills and after some time it will be a hand painted texture.

You just have to want it.

Do you have any final words?

Our life, in the vastness of the Universe, is like a single butterfly wings beat.
It cannot be heard.
We have a soul, a mind and a body.
We are something unique and each and every second of our life is something important, something that shouldn't be wasted.
In the face of death someone smiles, and flashes up, because they know their travelling has not yet come to an end. Because they know they are important. For themselves, for someone, for everyone.
They flash up because they know there is a long way before you can make yourself heard in the universe and sooner or later, with commitment and perseverance, they'll reach their goal
Our life may be a butterfly wings beat, but it is enough to achieve something.

"She was dancing nude in front of his proud eyes, and even the Universe stopped to look at them."

I want to thank: my parents, I wouldn't be myself and I wouldn't be here without them; all my dearest friends, which have given me a lot. The music we listen at, which inspires us and keeps my memories alive. The visual art and its creators, simply fundamental for us. The videogames I played (and which really helped me out); the movies that inspired and amused me.
And finally I thank my elementary school teacher, my primary school math teacher and my secondary school Italian teacher.

We want to thank all our customers for their support and appreciation over the years.

We want to say thanks to the Renderosity admins, Clint and Debbie, for their work and availability.

As Shanim & Siliphiel of Aery Soul

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January 2004

Visit As Shanim's:
Store in the MarketPlace

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Member Opinions:
By: outoftouch on 1/1/06
Congrats to As Shanim!
Very well deserved :)

By: IceDancer on 1/1/06
Well deserved As Shanim. Your line of products are superb. Just look at the wonderful artwork people have placed in the gallery with characters wearing your costumes. BRAVO!!! Happy New Year!

By: luciferino on 1/1/06
Bravi bravi tutti i miei complimenti........, la vostra fantasia e gusto nel creare č unica e orgogliosamente dico tipicamente italiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful wowwwwwwww so cool amazing i'm so happy for you kisses smack Orietta

By: jjean21 on 1/1/06
Your creations inspire the imagination and are always top of the line. Congratulations on this more than well deserved recognition.

By: jartz on 1/1/06
Congratulations. You deserve such an honor. You have dazzled and amazed this artist and customer so much, and I wish you a many happy success for the coming year. Cheers!

By: SPIRESMEDIA on 1/1/06
ABSOLUTELY deserved!!! congratulations, your products are AMAZING!

tam ;o)

By: bucketload3D on 1/1/06
Congratulations! A title well deserved :)

By: Shardz on 1/1/06
Congratulations on this honor and it's very well deserved as your products are simply amazing and very versatile! I look forward to your new products this year!

By: Thorne on 1/1/06
Congratulations to a great team! I am constantly amazed at the great work you produce. Very best wishes to you both for another great year!

By: shonsu on 1/1/06
Congratulations - It is well deserved. The detatil and attention you put in creating your products is outstanding!

By: Kinouk on 1/1/06
WOW!!!! Way to go guys..well deserved!!!!Congratulations!! hugz to both!!

By: jt411 on 1/1/06
I cannot think of a single merchant who is more deserving of this award. I own nearly everything in your store and I look forward to every future release. Your quality, attention to detail, and imagination are second to none! Congratulations guys!

By: nigol on 1/1/06
Very well deserved. Congrats

By: KimberlyC on 1/1/06
Congrats. Well deserved! :)

By: Orio on 1/1/06
Congratulazioni per l'ottimo lavoro e il premio meritato.

By: David.J.Harmon on 1/1/06
What the hek how come I didn't get vote... lol Well it could not happen to a better group, Congrats

By: brigadier on 1/1/06
Most definitely well deserved. An exquisite line of products with awesome originality and attention to detail. BRAVO!

By: texboy on 1/1/06
Most excellent, you two! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

By: davewa on 1/1/06
Congratulations! And deservedly so.

By: pacman323 on 1/1/06
I think it's justice to you :p
all of your product are very beautiful and very easy to use and if we have a probleme we can talk to you and have some explications from you directly and i appreciate really this it's very rare to stay so simple and easy to talk and ask for probleme

finally as i said you really deserve this honnor

HIP HIP HIP to As Shanim

hope you will have a great year 2006

thx again

By: Carmen0307 on 1/1/06
Congratulations!!!Very well deserved!!

By: crypticghost on 1/1/06
Congratulations, a much deserved award, such high, high quality products, at such a reasonable price, I won't give up (as you know) until i see the M3 character and clothing series, so I can do more then just a female orientated scene. You rock man, can't wait to see what you cook up in 2006. Bravo!

By: Septembre on 1/1/06
I am so thrilled for you! Definitely deserved, you are (as you know) my FAVORITE merchant group, and you have been so wonderfully supportive of me as I try to learn this intricate skill of digital art. Thank you and Blessings!!!

By: RoseMoxon on 1/2/06
Congrats to you! your products are amazing, your after sales service is even more amazing. this is well deserved!

By: hahtor on 1/2/06

By: karanta on 1/2/06
Congratulations :) Very, very well deserved!

By: vshane on 1/2/06

By: koncz on 1/2/06
You and Siliphiel, by your kindness and the quality of your products, really deserve this nomination.
Congratulation for this :) 8)

By: frodo on 1/2/06
One of my favorite merchants! Glad your talent continues to be recognized!

By: sarsa on 1/2/06
Congratulations! Your products are quality...well deserved Merchant of the Year!

By: cyanure on 1/2/06
Congrats!!!your products are amazing and beautifull,really so well crafted it could be said it is magic!!! you really,really deserve this nomination.

By: Patschulynn on 1/2/06
Congrats to you, and thanks for all the work with your high quality products :)

By: HHDrache on 1/2/06

By: Giana on 1/2/06
i'm just grinning... cheers, and here is to seeing you right here next year - aliens or no aliens!! ;) >clap< >clap< >clap<

By: vaia on 1/2/06
Many Congratulations for an honor well deserved!!!

By: Corbie on 1/2/06
congrats! I always love your interviews because you always have something interesting to say. You have wonderful and hopeful imaginations, and this shows in your products. I look forward to your next interview!

By: squirrel2005 on 1/2/06
congratulations from the deepest in my heart! You really deserve it!

By: Skipychic on 1/2/06
Well done As Shanim, well deserved, but blind fredy could have seen this one coming... Your work all year and past has been the best on the net.

By: Stormi on 1/2/06
Congratulations! Your products are simply AMAZING and I for one couldn't live without them.

By: gingercakes47 on 1/2/06
Congratulations. I've learned that you are one of the merchants I look for when buying new products.

By: Mercytoo on 1/2/06
So VERY well deserved! Love your products, congratulations on MOY! Looking forward to more of your great products in 2006!

By: ghoyle1 on 1/2/06
When I feel the need to indulge in guilty pleasures, I purchase an As Shanim product. Then I forget my guilt and indulge the pleasure!

Congratulations, everybody on the Aery Soul team!

By: DemonMage on 1/3/06
I can't think of anyone who deserves to win more. Keep the good times rolling.

By: cosmoz on 1/3/06
Your many products; attention to detail & quality speak well of you both! Clearly a well deserved honor...

By: squeeka on 1/3/06
A most definitely well deserved honor :) Your products are all of the highest quality and attention to detail and I can't wait to see what you create in 2006!

By: MaskimXul on 1/3/06

By: Lakeesha on 1/3/06
Congratulations, you two deserved this honour :)) I love to watch images with you products that I recognized every time I saw them. Maybe one day I could work with them too :-)

By: aree_elf on 1/3/06

By: mommavelvet9999 on 1/3/06
Congratulations guys! Glad you did so well.

By: Valentin3D on 1/3/06
Congratulations for you two, my favourite merchant.

By: msebonyluv on 1/3/06
Congratulations on MoTY status!! It is a well deserved honour for two great merchants that create style, not only in clothing but in characters and poses!! Awesome work you two, continue to be blessed and talented!!

By: amadeusandrei on 1/3/06
The best fantasy new age.
How!!!!it is simple to play with cloths.
Have a long life in 3D.

By: sammy2 on 1/4/06
Congratulations !!!


By: Jazzmin on 1/4/06
Congratulations, I'm very happy and know that you deserve it! Your work is exceptional and I look forward to more.

Vive Bene. Spesso L'Amore. Di Risata Molto.
Live Well. Love Often. Laugh Much.


By: RossoMan on 1/4/06
Congratulations and very well deserved!

By: motif on 1/4/06
Congrats! Will be looking forward to your 2006 products~

By: photographex on 1/4/06
By far one of my most favorite designers in 3d modeling. This is no surprise that you are MOY. Everything you do is awesome. Excellant job can't wait for the future....

By: linwhite on 1/4/06
You two richly deserve this. You always look forward to the future and seem to anticipate what's needed and wanted ahead of time. Most of all, you push the limits of creativity and usefulness. Congratulations for a job well done in 2005.

By: dricci on 1/4/06
Congratulations.. Fantastic work!!! Bravo

By: MGDesign on 1/4/06
Congrats to you !!! Very much deserved, I am a big fan :D

By: Kspada on 1/4/06
Congratulations!! Very deserved award!! :)

By: UrbanChilli on 1/4/06
Very much deserved! Happy new year to both of you! Your talents and hard work showes in everything you make!!

By: ChuckEvans on 1/4/06
Very well deserved. Your imagination and skill with modeling and texturing are among the top. And the two of you seem to work as if your minds are connected. (applause)

By: WBSKitten on 1/4/06
your work is some of the most amazing I have seen. You definately earned Merchant of the Year. Congratulations!

By: Vestmann on 1/4/06
Til hamingju!! Very well deserved. As Shanims clothes are without a doubt the best in MP

By: illusioner on 1/4/06
Completely worth the honor and then some. I love the products this team has, the quality, and the outstanding customer service. Kudos and Huzzah!

By: ElorOnceDark on 1/4/06
Congratulations on this well deserved honor! You guys really earned it with you stylish and innovative designs! Thank you for all the great products!

By: KymJ on 1/4/06

This is wonderful news and so well deserved. Heartiest congratulations on your achievment.

By: Fyrene on 1/5/06
Very well deserved. Your products are exquisite. I always look forward to seeing what you release next :)

By: Rynn on 1/5/06
Congratulations, you deserve this so much! :)

By: Claywoman on 1/5/06
Congratulations! Your work is fantastic and I enjoyed your interview! You are very inspiring! THe best to you always!

By: shylydrya on 1/5/06
Congratulations! This award is so well deserved. Their products are top notch. I've never been disappointed by anything I've purchased from them. After reading the interview, I have to say that my respect for them has grown even more. What an inspirational ending! I'm really looking forward to the coming year just to see what these two come up with. Blessed be. :)

By: dorkati on 1/5/06

By: AranelStyles on 1/5/06
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!!! ;)

By: deerpath on 1/5/06
Congratulations! Your work is excellence!
So imaginative and beautiful!

By: kathleenm35 on 1/5/06
Fantastic works keep up the output can't wait to see what you come up with this year. Congratulations.

By: sunfirexed on 1/5/06
Congratulations both of you! Your work is always impressive and excellente.! Espero sigan creando cosas maravillosas!

By: Christel on 1/5/06
I cant think of anyone who deserve this more than AS Shanim!! You guys makes the most fantastic products!! CONGRATS and please, ceep on creating your fantastic outfits ;o) Hugs C

By: Kazam561 on 1/5/06
Bravo! You really deserve this! Great stuff! Congratulations!

By: szymas on 1/5/06
Congrats! I owned the Amiga 1000 and 25000 when they where big in the late 80's early 90's.. best machine of the time.. hopefully they will make a comeback!

Well done and cheers!

By: JIMBOB83 on 1/5/06
A very well deserved recognition Congratulations and all the best for 2006 I look forward to more great items

By: ogzapatah on 1/5/06
your Gothic Prisons and Wall & Chains is what I always for a quick renders to convey "dark, dangerous...but still sexy and beautiful." Well deserved award!!!

By: magnus073 on 1/5/06
Well done, I'm so glad to see this award go to someone who is truly deserving for so many reasons. Not only in my humble opinion the best artist out there, but also one of the nicest people it's been my pleasure to meet at Renderosity. Good luck in the future and God bless :)

By: Debbie M. on 1/5/06
Congratulations on this most honored achievement!! I continually look forward to seeing each and every new creation from you both. Your work and dedication to art is an inspiration to us all. Cheers to bigger and better things in 2006!!

By: incognito11967 on 1/6/06
congratulations your products are both gorgeous and user friendly I cant think of a more deserving winner

By: PsychaDurmont on 1/6/06
Congratulations on a well deserved honor. I love your products beautiful and original!

By: Aery_Soul on 1/6/06
Thanks each and everyone that took the time to post their kind comments about our work.
We'll certainly try to do our best in the 2006 too with more enjoyable products and freebies.

Sincerely :).
As Shanim & Siliphiel
of Aery Soul

By: windriverbug on 1/6/06
the best Congratulations.

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 1/6/06
Very well deserved!

By: Seven Wolves on 1/6/06
I've never been less than completely satisfied with your products. They consistently excell in quality and value. You definitely set the bar time after time.
Well done!

By: bogwoppet on 1/7/06
You really deserve this award, I have always been 100% delighted with your products and you have been a pleasure to deal with - Congratulations and keep up the great work :)

By: kainxxx2000 on 1/7/06
I Cant think of a better Merchant and artisted that deserve this more. I've alway been satisfied with all your products WTG!!! Love to see more sences props lol

By: tshorty on 1/7/06
Congratulations As Shanim & Siliphiel of Aery Soul, you guys are a wonderful team. Looking forward to some more very impressive work from you!!!!!

By: Mahna on 1/8/06
Huge congratulations As Shanim and Siliphiel! You two are one my favorite merchants, I love your creations! I get so excited when you release something new! ;-)

By: romanceworks on 1/8/06
Congrats. Your products are always classy, stylish, imaginative and totally pro. Great teamwork, you two. :o) C&H

By: tialise on 1/9/06
Congratulations!! "By As Shamin" has always meant "quality" and I think it always will!

By: missgrin on 1/9/06
Congratulations!!! AS Shanim with this beautiful youre work, just keep on going....

By: Azr1el on 1/9/06
Congratulations!!! As Shanim & Siliphiel of Aery Soul create fantastic products that spark our creativity and imagination! :)

By: Fru.Valentin on 1/9/06
Congratulation to You both on As Shanim!
Very well deserved :)

By: victorias on 1/9/06
I am thrilled for you, you create the most original beautiful things, congratulations on this, as you deserve it totaly!!!

Way to go!

By: dicey on 1/11/06
Congrats! Well creative and original...not to mention excellent quality. Keep 'em coming!

By: jonfe on 1/12/06
Actually, my last RMP purchase for the year 2005 was your La Vanite Collezione ;)

Congratulations. Well deserved indeed !!!

By: tralfaz on 1/12/06
well deserved, your products are amazing. I've been using the free items for several years, and a big thanks for them. Your store products are the best!

By: muf on 1/12/06
Congrats and well deserved. Im happy for yas.

By: LeapingWolf on 1/14/06
Awsome characters and clothing to match, all beyond compare. Congratulations, you deserver the recognition.

By: Vali on 1/15/06
Congratulatiooons ! Well, what can i say, you always deliver original stuff... you have a great imagination... and the quality IS high:-) Bravo, well deserved !

By: kristinf on 1/16/06
Congrats and very well deserved!

By: juleyanne on 1/20/06
Congrats well deserved...keep up the fantastic work!!

By: lunaE on 1/21/06
Congrat to the both of you. Your products are always classy and with lots of style. Just keep them coming and goodluck.

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 1/23/06
You really deserved it :O)
Your stuff are all in top classes and we lub it :O))))

By: VeronicaZ on 1/23/06
You make stuff that I can't help but buy. Keep it up. I'd love to be able to buy your Maya products so you don't have to port them in to poser. I spend a great deal of time trying to get poser files to open in 3ds max. Now that Autodesk owns Maya and 3ds max, it would be nice to see more interoperability between the platforms.

By: veiledprophet on 1/26/06
Please, take a bow, as I stand to applaud....

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