A Sad Goodbye to Guitta Bertaud


The angels cried today, as they looked upon the earth and shared in the sorrow of those grieving at the tragic news of Guitta's passing. Today, I know that I am not the only one who is sharing the angel's tears, as the Renderosity community is devastated by the loss of a great artist, and more importantly, a dear friend.

Guitta became a part of the Renderosity family in Dec. of 1999 [most of you know Guitta by her Rosity nickname of gebe]. In March of 2002 Guitta joined the Renderosity staff as a moderator of the Vue Forum, spending countless hours online helping others, not only in the Vue Forum, but throughout the Renderosity community. Guitta gave selflessly of her time and talent, and was always there with helpful advice in the form of warm and friendly guidance.

As well as being one of Renderosity's beloved Moderators, Guitta was also a renowned artist, with her images [as well as tutorials] gracing several issues of the Renderosity Magazine. If you are an admirer of her artwork [or, especially if have not had the pleasure to view Guitta's artwork in the past], please take some time to leisurely stroll through her gallery, I know, that even now, it would make her smile: [short cut to gebe's gallery].

From Guitta's Renderosity Bio: "I think I was born as an artist. Since I could hold a pen in my hand, I was always drawing, painting; on paper, on canvas. Later I studied fine art in Paris and became a freelance painter and designer. In discovering computers, I also discovered all these marvelous 2D painting programs and became completely addicted to this kind of creation.

When I first discovered Vue d'Esprit, and I saw the amazing artwork created with it, and since that moment I've never stopped loving it.

Like most artists, Guitta was passionate, not only about her family and artwork, but also about her gardening. So, it did not come to a great surprise to us that on April of 2004, Guitta stepped down from her Moderator position on Renderosity to take some well-deserved time off to work in her garden. Oh, how she loved her flowers.

This October the Renderosity community was devastated by the tragic news that Guitta was diagnosed with cancer. The response from the community was overwhelming, as everyone rallied together to send Guitta cards, letters, and images showing how much we all loved and cared for her. On December 5th, Guitta lost her courageous battle, and although the angels share in our tears, I know they are overjoyed to have Guitta with them; to paint and tend the heavenly gardens.

"A L'oree Du Bois" © Guitta Bertaud

The one bright light in this gray and mournful day - is the outpouring of love and devotion for Guitta from the Rosity community! The Renderosity staff and community sends our love and prayers out to Guitta's family, may you have peace in knowing how much we loved Guitta and how much she will be missed. I shall especially miss Guitta, as she was not only a fellow Moderator, but one of my dearest friends. We love you Guitta! Dee-Marie and the Renderosity Staff