9th Annual Vendor Holiday Giveaway - FINAL WEEK!

Renderosity Is Giving the Gift of 3D with the 9th Annual MarketPlace Vendor Holiday Giveaway!

'Tis the season for giving! Renderosity has teamed up with some of our gracious MarketPlace vendors to provide you with a sack full of freebies!

In conjunction with our Holiday to Remember Vendor Group Sale, we are releasing free products each week throughout the month of December! Beginning December 7th, the items in the Holiday Giveaway will be right here on this page for you to download immediately.

This is the LAST WEEK to get these freebies, so don't miss out!

Bookmark this page! This is the only place where you can get the items in the Giveaway. Get your free products today before it's too late!

Here are the FINAL WEEK's Products!

Bubb Dress Igloo Easel Set CC PipeJug
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
Big Wheel 3 Globe Lantern 2 Poseable Orbs Breakfast Nook
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

Get These Products On Sale At 55% OFF During the Holiday to Remember Vendor Group Sale!

Member Opinions:
By: YourSunshineGirl on 12/7/09
Wonderful gifts, Thank you so much. Happy Holidays to all.

By: fractalartist01 on 12/7/09
Maybe I missed the email but I am a Vendor here and don't recall being asked to participate this year...I would have gladly done so! If it's not too late, can someone please contact me? If it is, I understand.

By: geechy72 on 12/7/09
Thank you!! May the staff and everyone else at Rendo have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday/Seasons Greetings =)

By: SSAfam1 on 12/7/09
Re'Hana is lovely!

Thanks to all the vendors who's participated. A special thanks to SAMS3D as I ALWAYS see their goodies in these giveaways!!!!

Seasons Greetings

By: paganeagle2001 on 12/7/09
Thank you for the wonderful goodies

By: LadyEmmy on 12/7/09
This is super, great stuff, thnxxxx

By: jefsview on 12/7/09
Thank you! A wonderfully strong start to the Holiday season with a fantastic group of vendors. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, especially in these trying financial times. I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas!

By: -dragonfly3d- on 12/7/09
WOW! Thank you so much!!!

By: jasmineskunk on 12/7/09
Thanks for thewonderful presents! :D

By: 76claudia2205 on 12/7/09
Thank you very much for the wonderfull goodies.

By: Valentin3D on 12/7/09
Wonderful ! Thank you very much !!!

By: Amigo968 on 12/7/09
Thank you soo much for the every year giveaways !!!

By: Leilana on 12/7/09
Thank you very much!!!

By: Kethaera on 12/7/09
Thanks to all the generous vendors for making this season even more wonderful!

By: andolaurina on 12/7/09
thank you! beautiful goodies!

By: MoonG01 on 12/7/09
Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!!

By: zil2008 on 12/7/09
Thank to all the generous ventors for thes wonderful gifts.

By: Calistra on 12/7/09
Thank you so much for all the goodies *hug*

By: cybermuses on 12/7/09
Thank you very much. Have a great holiday. :-)

By: Elke on 12/7/09
Thanks a lot. :)

By: jade_hexe on 12/7/09

By: Kazam561 on 12/7/09
Thank you to everyone! Hope everyone has a happy (and safe) holiday season!

By: RAMWolff on 12/7/09
Nice offerings. thanks so much!

By: myrmadon on 12/7/09
Thanks to all!!! Have a Merry Christmas

By: HauSiyoka on 12/7/09
Super thank you to SAM for some great new props filled with great artistic ideas! Merry Christmas everyone~ Tee

By: SilverDolphin on 12/7/09
Dude you rock : )

By: Elf_Kiss on 12/7/09
How Amazingly generous! Thankyou!!!

By: woodbin59 on 12/7/09
Thanks for that giveaway much appreciate year after year the quality is there

Thanks for sharing

Seasons greetings

By: Fisty on 12/7/09
Thank you very much!

By: LaQuiet on 12/7/09
Wow! Amazing! Thank you ALL!!!

By: Lakotariver on 12/7/09
Filling up my Christmas Stocking now, LOL,
Big Christmas Thank you

By: eblank on 12/7/09
Some really nice goodies - thank you!

By: 3DFineries on 12/7/09
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts!
Have a very Happy Holiday!

By: Ismee on 12/7/09
Thankyou and Happy Christmas to you all

By: densa on 12/7/09
thank you so much my friends

By: BellaLuna on 12/7/09
Awesome, thank you!

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 12/7/09
Thank you for these beautiful gifts, have you a wonderful Christmas!

By: precious30265 on 12/7/09
Thx alot :))

By: FREE3D247 on 12/7/09
YEEEEAH BABY.....Yeah!!!

By: Fejj on 12/7/09
Thanks for the wonderful Freebies

By: TheKatster on 12/7/09
Thank you so much to the generous vendors and a very Merry Christmas to all.

By: magicmoondesigns on 12/7/09
Thank you very much for these wonderful gifts!

By: wolandepiphanius on 12/7/09
Thanks to all the vendors for the free gifts!

By: DreamersWish on 12/7/09
Thank you all for the time and care you have put into these gifts! I appreciate each one and look forward to giving them a try. Thank you again for giving to the community! May each of you have a safe and very Merry Christmas!

By: infinity10 on 12/7/09
Many Thanks and Happy Holidays !

By: ZeornWarlock on 12/7/09
Great freebies! Thanks to each respective vendors. :)


By: xantor on 12/8/09
Great, thank you.

By: mybizness32 on 12/8/09
Thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful Xmas spirit.

By: Kerya on 12/8/09
Thank you very, very, very much!

By: jfreel on 12/8/09
thank you very much, best wishes to all

By: ThunderStone on 12/8/09
Many thanks for these and other wonderful offerings. It is a wonderful Xmas and Kuumba gifts to me.

By: B4ttous4i on 12/8/09
Many thanks! Great gifts! Happy Holidays! :)

By: jeanne_50 on 12/8/09
Than you so much! Merry Christmas to everyone.
Love, Jeanne

By: foxylady1 on 12/8/09
Thank you. These are great.

By: meeshy on 12/8/09
Many thanks to you all! Have a safe & happy holiday!! :)

By: Wolfmanw on 12/8/09
Awesome, thanks so much to all the vendors.

By: arat on 12/8/09
Thanks for your kind gesture..
Merry christmas to all

By: IO4 on 12/8/09
Thank you so much to all the vendors who provided these freebies - it's so generous of you and much appreciated!! Merry Christmas to you all:):)

By: Shiroyama on 12/8/09
incredibly generous! thank you all so much!

By: Mavelle on 12/8/09
Thanks for the cool goodies

By: FlyByNight on 12/8/09
Thank you all for your generosity and best wishes for a Merry Christmas!!!

By: DelicateCrystalRose on 12/8/09
Thanks to all the vendors for the fantastic freebies!

By: SickenlySweete on 12/8/09

By: odditorium on 12/8/09
Thanx for the cool stuff!

By: renecyberdoc on 12/8/09
thank you soo much for all the generosity out there.,great people you are-all of you.

By: SMILEYDEE on 12/9/09
Thank you for these wonderful goodies! Happy Holidays!

By: gloomy_liv on 12/9/09
Thank you so much to all the vendors involved! You're all very generous - and very creative! :)

By: hjbosma on 12/9/09
great idea, thanks

By: SAMS3D on 12/9/09
Thank you also to my fellow vendors, I hope to have a great weekend playing with my new toys.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 12/9/09
ThanX to all the generous vendors!
Happy Holidays!!!

By: gojira on 12/9/09
Thanks . . . !

By: Believable3D on 12/9/09
Wow, thanks so much! Very generous! :)

By: tngraphxlady on 12/9/09
thank you so much for all the great freebies!

By: dv8_fx on 12/9/09
It's that time of the year again. Thanks for all the gifts.


By: Faerieminx on 12/9/09
Thanx a heap Merry Christmas to everyone

By: SophiD on 12/9/09
thank you for the wonderful gifts!! Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all :D

By: kitt0 on 12/9/09
OUAW! Tanks for the goodies!!!

By: DraconisX on 12/9/09
Thanks a bundle, for these holiday gifts!!!!

By: LeChatDesigns on 12/9/09
Thank you to everybody for being so generous. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated! Happy holidays and happy rendering to all!

By: 45Cool on 12/9/09
Thank you for the gifts!

By: LizzieBorden on 12/9/09
You all are too kind! Thanx SO much for the wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday's Everyone! =^.^=

By: imaga on 12/9/09
Muchas gracias, son muy generosos!

By: gibby.g on 12/9/09
Big thanks to our generous vendors!

By: bebopdlx on 12/9/09
You folks are the best, thanks so much.

By: 2GMan on 12/9/09
Thanks all for these wonderful gifts! Happy Holidays. :D

By: dullboy on 12/9/09
Thank you to all the artists for their generosity. Thanks to Renderosity for providing the bandwidth to allow us all to have access to the gifts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

By: jartz on 12/9/09
Thank you, RO for these giveaways and I wish all the Happiest of Holidays.

By: Bonapj on 12/9/09
Wow! Thanks. Seasons greeting to one and all.

By: DarkAngel612 on 12/9/09
Thanks for the gifties to my runtime and everyone else's. also thank you for the sponsor support you have given my site in the past, my Attic members appreciate it. Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Year

By: insanecatlady on 12/10/09
Thank you loads for the gifts hope every body has a great xmas, holiday, fun thing going on

By: jif3d on 12/10/09
Just brill, as I have no job and way too many bills, this will fill my Christmas stocking perfectly...Thanx to all the Vendors and Renderosity staff for your generosity, Merry Christmas to you all !
~Cheers~ jif3d :o)

By: jan_scrapper on 12/10/09
Thank you so much for these lovely things. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

By: McGyver13 on 12/10/09
Very cool, thanks to all the vendors for the free stuff!!

By: jhustead on 12/10/09
I want to thank all of the vendors for putting their talent to great use and then giving these products away for free. All of you have a great Christmas.

By: Savage_dragon on 12/10/09
Thanks to the wonderful vendors for all the Christmas goodies. Really nice ones, too! ")

By: Seaview123 on 12/10/09
This is really generous of all of you! To the Renderosity staff and the Vender/Artists who are sharing their work with us, Thank you very much, and a happy happy holiday to you and yours!

By: Nanstein1523 on 12/10/09
Oh thank you! Thank you so much for these wonderful freebies! And have a happy and safe holiday season.

By: quietrob on 12/11/09
Truly awed by such a generous offering. Great Karma and Great blessing to you and Renderosity!

By: B_PEACOCK on 12/11/09
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas to you all

By: NonasArt on 12/11/09
Thank you these are so wonderful. Really nice of all the vendors and Marry Christmas to you all.

By: Greymom on 12/12/09
Many thanks for the excellent gifts!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Winter Solstice, Happy New Year!

By: Marianne_Designs on 12/12/09
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts!!
Happy Hollydays!

By: TIRROCCIA on 12/12/09

By: 3dvice on 12/12/09
Thanks a lot! Happy Holidays!

By: DoodleMuffin on 12/12/09
Thank you to all you vendors who take the time to make these awesome things,and give them so freely to all of us to use.Much appreciated.Happy Holiday Season to you all.
Hugs Lynne

By: jb11 on 12/13/09
Many thanks.
Have a good Christmas and 2010 everybody.

By: Aftashox01 on 12/13/09
I so love freebies after spending so much money! Thats why i love this place. Renderosity Rocks!

By: assnezana on 12/13/09
Thanks, Happy holidays!!

By: Shari123 on 12/13/09
Thank you ever so much for all the wonderful works you bring us. Free or purchased, they are all appreciated. Happy Holidays Renderosity!

By: Cimaira on 12/13/09
Thank you very much!

By: cipher_X on 12/14/09
Thanks to all the wonderful artists who are contributing to this Holiday Giveaway...bravo!

By: mistressotdark on 12/14/09
wow..thank you for all the free gifts!

By: imagemaker on 12/14/09
thanks to all and a safe and healthy holiday and new year to all staff vendors and members

By: FragmentedFortunes on 12/14/09
Thanks so much to all the vendors who have provided the great offerings in the holiday giveaway, a very merry Christmas to you all.

By: apett on 12/14/09
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas to all.

By: Indoda on 12/14/09
Many thanks for these wonderful gifts - Merry Christmas to all who made this possible

By: rikku300 on 12/14/09
Thanks so much ^_^
Happy Holidays everyone

By: dough3219 on 12/14/09
Thank you for your generosity, Renderosity and all the vendors ,Happy Holidays to all

By: gollygee on 12/14/09
Just a big thank you to all the venders . Happy holidays

By: renecyberdoc on 12/14/09
thank you very much all you generous people.

By: lilravn on 12/14/09
Gaaaaaaaaa! Where did week 1 go!!!!

By: katibabi on 12/14/09
Thank you very much!

By: pixeluna on 12/14/09
Big hugs and thank you to all the vendors who are so generous with these holiday gifts!

By: Anthonia on 12/14/09
Thank you and Happy Holidays to all

By: jasmineskunk on 12/14/09
Thank you so much ! :D

By: aproctor on 12/14/09
Thanks to all! Will there be an opportunity to download earlier weeks if someone misses them?

By: Eleandras on 12/14/09
Thank you !

By: fido533 on 12/15/09
Thank You :-)

By: genny on 12/15/09
Thank you everyone. Glad to see you are still around Sharon. (: Happy holidays to you all.

By: ThunderStone on 12/15/09
I thank you and my poser 6 and 7 runtimes thank you... Merry Xmas and Thanks!!!

By: Tubeman on 12/15/09
Thanks so much!

By: Bossie_Boots on 12/15/09
Yhank you so much Happy Holidays peace to you all hugs lou x

By: Porkchop256 on 12/15/09
Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

By: clell on 12/15/09
Thank you so very much!! Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year

By: foxylady1 on 12/15/09
Thank you generous vendors.

By: matrix03 on 12/15/09
Thanks very much for your contributions. I am planning on using at least two of these for my very next upload!

By: ShadowWind on 12/15/09
Thanks very much for your wonderful generosity. Happy Holidays!

By: FlyByNight on 12/15/09
Thank you all so much for the beautiful prezzies!!!

By: meeshy on 12/15/09
Thanks so much for your wonderful freebies! Merry Xmas & a safe & happy new year :)

By: Kimberly.3D on 12/16/09
Thank you guys for sharing your hard work! Have a beautiful and prosperous new year!

By: softcris on 12/16/09
Thank you creators for this giveaway!
Clap!clap! ;)

By: HectorNY on 12/16/09
Thank you for these great products. Merryy Christmas!

By: Primal on 12/16/09
this looks great!Thanks!

By: ArtistKimberly on 12/18/09
Thank you guys for the Holiday Giveaway!

By: havocmorgan on 12/20/09
Fantastic, thanks, I wish I hadn't missed week one

By: mejed on 12/20/09
Outstanding. Thanks much to all. :)

By: Thorak on 12/20/09
Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your very nice freebies. Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year :)

By: SickenlySweete on 12/20/09
wheres week 3?

By: Marianne_Designs on 12/21/09
Thank you all for the nice freebies!!

By: edthehippie on 12/21/09
great stuff !! thanks !! and thanks to all for all of the freebies through the year !! kettehz say " happy solstice "

By: pzxy3234 on 12/21/09
Thanks very much! Wonderful free gifts. Merry Christmas!

By: FREE3D247 on 12/21/09

Excellent Work!

Thanks Again!!!

By: ladyperiwinkle on 12/22/09
I want to thnak all you venders for all the wonderful Christmas gifts! :)

By: imaga on 12/22/09
Muchas gracias y felices fiestas!

By: JZArt3DSteel on 12/22/09
Thank you! These giveaways are awesome. Merry fantastic and cool X-mas! Thanks! :-D

By: featherwitch on 12/22/09
Thank you very much to all that donated! Wishing you the happiest of holidays! :o)

By: Mavelle on 12/22/09
Thanks for the goodies

By: tom271 on 12/22/09
Thank you

By: nowhere_man on 12/23/09
Thank you very much for a Merry Christmas.

By: equate on 12/23/09
Thanks to all the vendors and to Renderosity! A Merry, Happy and joyous one to all!

By: Mugie on 12/23/09
Thank you for these wonderful goodies and Merry Xmas to you, too :-)

By: mazzam on 12/23/09
A remarkable set of free items, maybe the best yet? Many, many thanks!

By: cybermuses on 12/23/09
My thanks to all the vendors and to Renderosity. :-)

By: Andrew_C on 12/23/09
Thanks :)

By: wawadave on 12/23/09
Thank you! Seasons greetings!

By: altinoya on 12/24/09
great thanks.happy holidays to all :)

By: PandaB5 on 12/24/09
Thank you very much for the give-aways and also thank you to the people who always post products on the free stuff pages - it's lovely to go shopping without having to spend any money.

By: fairygirl0821 on 12/24/09

By: gemimz28 on 12/26/09
It's a vonderful, vonderful, vonderful!!
You guys/gals are most generious. Now if I can figure out how to use/make them work, I'll be estatic. Maybe in Poser or Vue! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

By: destinycole on 12/27/09
Thank you everyone, cannot believe I missed the first two weeks of give aways but oh well thanks for this weeks.

By: necrophage on 12/27/09
thanks a lot - awesome stuff - happy holidays to ye all.

By: gollygee on 12/28/09
Thanks again.

By: JeniferC on 12/28/09
Thank you very much for all the special gifts!! Ah! the Big Wheel takes me back to my wonderful childhood...thanks so much for being so generous! :)

By: matrix03 on 12/28/09
you are the best! thinks for taking the time to do all of these models. I am sure it took many hours to create them.

the bubb dress looks very nice. I will definitely try it out. It would make a great new years eve dress for V4 characters. ;-)

thanks to all who contributed all this past month!

It is much appreciated!

happy holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!

By: fullquiver on 12/28/09
Thanks for the cool gifts...to all those who have made goodies for this year.

By: FREE3D247 on 12/28/09



By: gaius on 12/29/09
Thanks everybody...with a particular thank you to SAMS3D who is (are) so generous.

By: Minaya on 12/29/09
Thank you so much for all the gifts here!
A happy and healthy New Year to all of you!!

By: ThunderStone on 12/29/09
Thanks to all who donated their products for the giveaway. It is appreciated by me for sure. Thanks and may the New Year bring to all, joy, peace, happiness, good health and prosperity.

If you're drinking, don't drive. If you're driving, don't drink. I would like to see you back here on the other side of the New Year's.

By: boltrocksbargains on 12/29/09
Thanks everyone :)

I got so many goodies :)

Happy New Year

By: foxylady1 on 12/29/09
"Thank you" The items were great and really appreciated.

By: macdubhgal on 12/29/09
Thanks bunches to all those who added a little something for our Poser stockings! And especially to Sams3D for all the great goodies! You guys are awesome. Happy New Year to all!!

By: Iceshark39 on 12/29/09
A HUGE thanks to all the vendors and artists that contributed to this wonderful holiday sale! You guys (and gals) are the best! And a special thanks for the wonderful freebies! What wonderful goodies! :D

Wishing ALL of you a very happy holiday and a wonderful, happy and prosperous New Year

By: xadhoom on 12/30/09
Many Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR

By: wespose on 12/30/09
Thank you for all the holiday gifts, I can't wait to use them all.

By: EddyMI on 12/31/09
Thanks to sanbie and SASM3D!

By: EddyMI on 12/31/09
SAMS3D, sorry for the misspell *blush*

By: Jollyself on 12/31/09
Happy New Year and thanks to ALL of YOU that provided the freebies this year. We all cherish you and your generosity :)

By: efron_241 on 1/1/10
Much SAMS3D this year..

he made 2009 a good year again

had expected a bit more from the big players.. but alas

By: Virtual_World on 1/2/10
Thanks so much to all the vendors, specially SAMS3D!!!!

By: Tortured_Muse on 1/2/10
Thank you all so much for the lovely gifts.

By: DarkKnight212 on 1/3/10
Thanks to all the vendors for sharing their products! Have a creative 2010, everyone!

By: tradesman on 1/3/10
This is great!! Thank you very much, Happy New Year!!

By: Twinlet on 1/3/10
Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with all of us for the holidays!

By: Xaraxa on 1/3/10
Thanks for sharing!

By: hauksdottir on 1/5/10
Especial thanks to Sharon and Mike of SAMS3D for their overflowing generosity this year and so many years past! {hug}

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