25 Gifts of Holiday Cheer!!

The season of giving is upon us and ALL month long Renderosity Vendors have been giving gifts of FREE digital delights for the entire community to enjoy.

Tomorrow, December 25th, is a chance for the entire community to give back to their favorite vendors. Everyone that makes a purchase on Christmas Day will have a chance to receive a $25.00 Renderosity Gift Certificate. 25 Buyers will be awarded a $25.00 Renderosity Gift Certificate! This applies to all orders, both large and small. All purchases are eligible. Place an order for $5.00 or more and
you could find a $25.00 Renderosity Gift Certificate in your stocking!

The elves thought this was a good way for all of us to give back to the vendors that have given so much to all of us. Every little bit helps to support our community so we can continue to provide the very best in digital art resources, products and fun activities!

The gift certificate recipients will be randomly selected from all the purchases made starting from 12:00a.m. to 11:59p.m. (CST-Renderosity Server Time), December 25th.
Their names will be posted in this article and notified by E-Mail on December 26th.

The recipients are:

We wish you Happy Holidays!

Thank you for being a part of our Creative Family!

Don't miss our HUGE Group Vendor Sale
for the month of December where you'll find a wide
variety of items for all your rendering needs.

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Member Opinions:
By: efron_241 on 12/18/06
What is my opinion ?
I LOVE this site more and more everyday..

I became a member in 2003, but never realy knew until november 2006 what I could find here.. (too busy with life).. Now that I am a frequent visitor every day is a happier day (and my life was already a very happy life.. grin).

Thank you Renderosity-people !! You do a great thing online !!

By: 3DSublimeProductions on 12/18/06
I luv surprises

By: Clementina on 12/18/06
I love this site. There are so much tallented artists. Happy Holidays.

By: vaia on 12/18/06
Yay for surprises!! ^.^

By: Valerie-Ducom on 12/18/06
oh yes, excellent idea for this good day of christmas!!!

By: Nyghtwolf on 12/18/06
oOo Surprise? I hope it's a toon. Or a choo choo..or...heck, anything will be good. LOL

By: MGDesign on 12/18/06
OMG More Prezzies!!! Thank you, love suprises : ) Happy Holidays to all *hug*

By: jwiest on 12/18/06
Sounds wonderful. Just hope I can actually get online either of those two days. *crosses fingers*

By: Glasswren on 12/18/06
It is very nice for those who don't have to 'evacuate' for Christmas.

Have fun. :)

By: Belladzines on 12/18/06

By: -BrandyE- on 12/18/06
oooooh this sounds fun :)

By: mcv on 12/18/06
This community at Renderosity is so nice, I would not even mind a lump of coal.

Why, heck, I bet there are some pretty good art renders, etc. that could be done with a fine bit of coal! ;-)

Of course, we have all been fairly good, so maybe, just maybe . . . .

By: rainlondon on 12/18/06
Sounds fun!

By: loveablekiki7456 on 12/18/06
Cant wait!!!

By: lemonade8 on 12/18/06
How nice! Thank you so much

By: Niha on 12/18/06
cool, I will defintely be here!! Merry Christmas to EVERYONE at Renderosity!

By: jonnywhoa on 12/18/06
Can't wait see you on Christmas. Everyone have a happy and safe holiday.

By: Byrdie on 12/18/06
Ooh, can't wait. :-)

By: Sylvia on 12/19/06
I'll be here :) 'Feliz Navidad' to all the great People at Renderosity!!

By: onefromb5 on 12/19/06
I cant wait ill be working xmas eve and xmas day 4pm to 4am EST so Ill have plenty of time to peruse around.

By: aeilkema on 12/19/06
Shame on you Renderosity.... even on Christmas Eve & Day you're trying to draw us away from our loved ones.

Christmas should be spent by giving time to our loved ones, not by sitting behind a pc.

By: AscendedSpirit on 12/19/06
I hope it will still be around boxing day. I will be away christmas.

I love freebies.

By: jan_scrapper on 12/19/06
Can I at least take a peak!!! No, never mind...the one and only time I snuck open a present, I got pillowcases. I was 10 years old. I never took a peak again!!!

By: StevieG1965 on 12/19/06
I'll be here with bells and tinsel on...family is out of town until New Year's Eve (Their gift to me, peace and quiet for a week).

Although I'll be pacing the floor until the surprises are up and ready for us to grab...tell me tell me tell!! What are they?

By: Webmistres on 12/19/06
I'm here every day..so I come also on christmas day..to see what the elves have bring for us..lol

By: Conniekat8 on 12/19/06
Oh, what a wonderful idea!!!
But, *sniffle* I'll be out of town and away from the computer.

By: TerraDreamer on 12/19/06
aeilkema, there are many people who don't have family nearby, and there are many other people who don't buy into the whole Christmas thing at all. We're all different, in one form or fashion.

By: darkphoenixrising on 12/19/06
Thank you very much! Looking forward to it. A Merry Christmas to everyone and their families at Renderosity!

By: darth_poserus on 12/19/06
If something were too happen and Renderosity wasn't around anymore, I'd have too check myself into a rehab for serious Renderosity withdrawal.

By: GARNETROSE on 12/19/06
cant wait :-])

By: Cdlzt on 12/19/06
Hope whatever it is being offered will be up for a while to give those who can't get on due to being with family or visiting friends a chance to recieve as well

By: carlx on 12/19/06
My opinion... too complicated, but however simple: be happy and don't panic! :)

By: Gerdine on 12/19/06
Excellent move, nice elves. Merry Christmas to Renderosity Staff, and the whole community of course !

By: GraphicMaster on 12/20/06
The Renderosity Elves are sure to please.

By: renapd on 12/20/06
Merry Christmas to the entire staff and their families and looking forward to the surprise...I love surprises! :)

By: JosephineAu on 12/20/06
Happy holidays to all of you at 'rosity too. And have a great New Year too. C'n hardly wait for Christmas Eve!!

By: Chardon on 12/20/06
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays for all.

By: spamboy on 12/20/06
Poser 7 for all!!!....maybe not. Merry Christmas everyone

By: megaionstorm on 12/20/06
I'am singing in the snow, just singing in the snow. Hohohhohohohohoho ! Nice idea !

By: Aquariante7 on 12/20/06
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays for all over the World...^^

By: Aquariante7 on 12/20/06
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays for all over the World...^^

By: Tempyy on 12/20/06
Merry Christmas everyone

By: DarkStarRising on 12/20/06
OOooo yeah P7 for everyone LOL Hmmmmm wonder what nice prezzie it will be Hmmmmmm

By: DennisReed on 12/20/06
Merry Christmas to all!

By: sandwood12 on 12/20/06
To bad I will not able to see this, because I am using public sites to get on the internet. And the libraries are closed Christmast and New Year days

By: slickerk on 12/20/06
yah yah!! I will be here

By: byheart on 12/21/06
hahaha . . . you kidding??? stop by almost everyday, but Christmas is for the family . .

By: DJB on 12/21/06
Last 5 years I believe I have spent many good times on the 24th and 25th in here.
See you all!

By: jayde on 12/21/06
I can't wait....I'll be here, somewhere between glazing the ham and pouring the wine!

By: webdancer on 12/21/06
I hope I get a chance to stop by...sounds like elves are cooking up something really special!

By: TIMMYLYNN on 12/21/06
cool....Happy Holidays!!!!!

By: dawnsthemes on 12/21/06
Wonderful, you guys are the greatest :-)
Merry Christmas everyone .

By: jedi_killer05 on 12/22/06
you are to kind

By: zunkus on 12/22/06
Thanks for all your help througout the year mates!
Merry Christmas guys!!

By: colorfulsilk on 12/22/06
Happy Holidays to all!! I can't wait!!!!

By: adelightfuldeb on 12/22/06
Kewl!! Happy Holidays to all!!

By: Kimberly.3D on 12/22/06
I can't wait I can't wait...can I peek? Seasons Greetings!!!

By: shaigirl on 12/22/06
I just joined and love it! Thanks in advance!!!

By: dxrs0 on 12/22/06
I shall be here, love pressies, and family holiday celebrations are over for me so its a day to relax. *grins*

By: Tessalynne on 12/23/06
Definitely looking forward to the surprise. Happy holidays to all.

By: cedarwolf on 12/23/06
Renderosity was the very first 3D website the person who introduced me to Poser had me visit, and it has become a daily ritual for me. I was never aware of such beauty, or the possibility that I could participate, until I discovered this place. And the generosity of the creators and patrons continues to amaze and humble me. Thank you all, every one.

To paraphrase Tiny Tim: "God(s) bless us, every one!"

By: Nightranger on 12/23/06
Thanks. Looking forward to it. I'll have to borrow someone's computer though. :(

Merry Christmas Everyone!

By: tball2004 on 12/23/06
WEll I would've been here anyways,but now I have even more reason,merry christmas to all and have a happy and safe holidays

By: Sparkles on 12/23/06
woohooo loveee surprises..oooo will be soo anxious...Thank you for being such a nice place to share and learn. And get some of the best products around!!

By: gator2020 on 12/23/06
Merry Christmas to all of the renderosity staff artest merchants and members I look forward to the gift

By: terefah on 12/23/06
Merry Xmas all. Standing by my PC ready for the surprise.

By: originalkitten on 12/23/06
Merry Christmas Rendo xoxoxox

By: goldie on 12/23/06
Merry Christmas to the Rendo Staff and the Rendo community at large...

By: Angelwave on 12/23/06
Thanks to the staff, merchants, and fellow artists for making this site a
great place to share.

By: living-in-a-box on 12/23/06
Merry Christmas ( Happy Holidays ) to all. Dont want to exclude anyone! Cant wait to see the surprise. Render on everyone!!!

By: EllPro on 12/24/06
Ok, here I am!


Anyone there?


Have a great holiday, everyone!

By: TIRROCCIA on 12/24/06
I'm gonna cry..........Thank you (sniff sniff)

By: GrouchoCaesar on 12/24/06
Short Smug Mouse: Are you rendering what I'm rendering, Pinky?
Tall Ditzy Mouse: Umm, no, probably not, Brain... I have no objects.
Short Smug Mouse: Might I suggest Renderosity, this Christmas day?
Tall Ditzy Mouse: Egad, Brain, Brilliant!

By: darkphoenixrising on 12/24/06
To the world:
No matter what situation you are in, for one day, may there be peace on earth and goodwill to all living creatures. With all our hearts: have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Paul and Lori

By: Niha on 12/24/06
It's Christmas Eve! What is it!!??? hehehe, cant wait!

By: Amaranth on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to the R'osity staff and members !

By: LuLeLuna on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to all at Renderosity.

By: cymbidium on 12/24/06
Can't Wait!!!!!!!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all at Rendo!!

By: CrazyDreamer on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to everyone at Renderosity and thanks for everything you do!

By: mommastacie on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas, everyone! I'll be here!

By: surviven on 12/24/06
I have milk and cookies out by the computer.
I've been good...

By: infinity10 on 12/24/06
So, yeah, it's Christmas Eve, and I'm here. Wassup, Rendo ? Happy Holidays !

By: MidnightStorm on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to the staff and their families and to all members.... :)

By: Goddess_69 on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas, everyone! I'll be here with bells and tinsel on, waiting to see what's in store...

By: peermue on 12/24/06
Surprise? I love surprises… especially on christmas day.
Merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

By: gaver50 on 12/24/06
Almost Xmas :)
Thanks elves, give all de rendo's a big hug

By: iliamidnight on 12/24/06
This site is awesome, you guys/gals rule
merry xmas :D

By: LadyEmmy on 12/24/06
Oehhhhhhh.....hardly can't wait.....Thnx RR.....and a Merry Christmas to you all!!!! XXX

By: Tessalynne on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to all.

By: DigitalKisses on 12/24/06
Merry christmas at everyone here, can't wait to see what it is :)

By: leehilliard on 12/24/06
oh this is going to be so much fun. thanks to the rendo staff.merry christmas to everybody.

By: wolfdance on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to all. :)

By: Fredy on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to everyone around the world! :)

By: Terran on 12/24/06
A VERY Merry Christmas to all at Renderosity for putting together and maintaining the best site on the net!
Thanks for all the work you do, and thanks to all who contribute and help in the forums.

By: MoonRaven on 12/24/06
The gifts have been wonderful this year,Merry Christmas to all the Staff and friends here at Renderosity.May Santa bring you all Peace and Prosperity for the coming year.

By: renapd on 12/24/06
I love surprises so I'm definately looking forward to this..and I'll be here for sure! :)

By: Noshoba on 12/24/06
-grins- Going to love to see it once it is put up...

By: gingercakes47 on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas all. Thanks to the everyone at rendo for work done all year and especially thanks for the gifts.

By: spider1313 on 12/24/06
I feel just like a kid again! Keep sneaking back in to see if *Santa* has arrived yet 8*)

By: dudraw1 on 12/24/06
I've been beg stealing and borrowing so much free stuff from all the sites provided by Renderosity.com that my interest in 3D figures, scenes and lighting has taken a violent shove into an instant obsession. I'm eagerly chawing at the bit to see what other fantastic goodies you and Santa will bestow upon all of us. Consider me a loyal follower!!

By: dxrs0 on 12/24/06
Just like to say Happy Holidays to everyone here at Renderosity. Hope the season gives you what you want. And cant wait to see what the elves are cooking up. *grins*

By: Risika75 on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas :)

By: ruby_dragon on 12/24/06
Aaw, you guys are the best .. giving us something to look forward to during the holidays! Thanks for everything - as well, what time zone are you in? *blush* I'd hate to miss out, being all CST ;-) Thanks again, and happy holidays!

By: BarbieDahl on 12/24/06
I'll be here with bells on =D

By: SilverWyvern on 12/24/06
Merry Chisbow people.....
It's Chismas eve for me only 3 hours to go till the big day. THANKS RENDO!!!

By: arat on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas from the UK

By: tmr51 on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas to all

By: Rhadeya on 12/24/06
it's Xmas eve, where are the elves with the pressies? lol

Merry Xmas to all :)

By: Biddersweetkisses71 on 12/24/06
Merry X-mas ya'll :)

By: GalaxyStorme on 12/24/06
*grabs her comfy pillow, lap top, thermos of hot chocolate, blankets, and stakes out a place on the front row and awaits the prezzies and HO HO HO!*

By: judee3d on 12/24/06
A very Merry Christmas to all, and especially to the wonderful staff here at Renderosity! You've already done so much, it's hard to imagine what might be to come! Thanks for your time, your efforts, and above all, for caring enough to make this a special place to be!

By: SilverWyvern on 12/24/06
I wish Rendo a merry chrismas
I wish Rendo a merry chrismas
I wish Rendo a merry chrismas
and a Happyyyy newwwww Yeaaaaaar!

Lay the sherry sweety's

By: colynn on 12/24/06
Very exciting!!! Merry Christmas to all!!! ^^

By: julesart on 12/24/06
Thank you rendo, I can't wait to see what it is. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morn! You guys are wonderful and you have a great site. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity!

By: dazzeld on 12/24/06
Merry Christmas All

Thanks to Every one involved

*Shift around looking to see if I can see the elves*

By: DwightKnight on 12/24/06
A great site . Glad I found it! MERRY Christmas to all. Hope all your renders come true!

By: DarkStarRising on 12/24/06
well poo, that aint fair! what about those that have no money and cant buy anything :( damned typical, christmas sucks

By: Levanah on 12/24/06
""The elves thought this was a good way for all of us to give back to the vendors that have given so much to all of us. Every little bit helps to support our community so we can continue to provide the very best in digital art resources, products and fun activities!""

I am sorry but I think you got it a bit wrong on this one because as a merchant my gift to the comunity IS a thank you for the Customer's support all year through, so I don't see why customers should now run and buy more stuff to thank for the freebies ?????????
I think the wording wasn't chosen too well and if I was you I would leave this part out and focus on the gift certificates...Lev...

By: rreynolds on 12/24/06
This is why I don't get excited about teasers. They never match my expectations and I only wind up getting annoyed at the store doing the teasing. The four weeks of vendor giveaways was very cool, but only having a chance of winning a gift certificate really isn't much of a present. It's like saying maybe you can have Christmas this year if you get lucky.

By: Noshoba on 12/24/06
Very nice gift to us all

By: Veronive on 12/24/06
Happy Holydays every one! And tank you very much Renderosity for everything!
You’re the best!!!!

By: weavo on 12/25/06
Merry Christmas one all!!!!

By: sira197325 on 12/25/06
hello all of u, today is chrismas and.....my bithday also....yah...

By: LordViper25 on 12/25/06
wow..great.. only 25 people..? >_<
such a shame.. rather it was a $10 gift certificate for everyone :P instead of just 25 lucky members out of..what? 250.000?
Assuming they are all not duplicates of themselfes.. oh well..
Happy Holidays and a happy new year! :D

By: LuNathyque on 12/25/06
Happy christmas!!!

By: LillianH on 12/25/06
Hi DarkStarRising,

We hope you will enjoy the final week of the Holiday Vendor Giveaway going on right now.

Plenty of goodies for everyone!

Merry Christmas :-)

By: Kimberly.3D on 12/25/06
Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

By: grnbomber on 12/25/06
Im a new member and new to this VERY addictive thing called rendering, and I must say MERY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. And what a great idea, unfortunatly I cant afford to partake (read: "I have children that are female"). So to all May peace be youre most precious gift to give and recieve.

By: hechtel on 12/25/06
Merry christmas to all people of renderosity!!!

By: unitychild on 12/25/06
Cool idea! I have made my purchase! Hope I can finally win something!;) lol Either way, got some cool Antje backgrounds!!:) Merry Christmas!

By: tonyhag on 12/26/06
Yep, living in the Uk, I had the A CST clock running on my pc and got out of my sick bed to order, lol.

I am full of cold by the way and have spent most of chrimbo on hot lemon drinks in bed.

By: SndCastie on 12/26/06
Congrats to all the winners

By: LuLeLuna on 12/26/06
Congrads to all of you =0)

By: judee3d on 12/26/06
Congratulations to the winners!!

By: BBarbs on 12/26/06
Wooooo hoooooooo. I won. Thank you , thank you, thank you !!! This is the first thing I have ever won in my life !!! lol

By: Caelyn on 12/27/06
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Thanks *so* much! Happy holidays, folks!

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