2013 Halloween Contest - Now Open!

Halloween Contest 2013 - Now Accepting Submissions!

As the Summer season nears its end and the cool breezes of fall start to creep in - it can mean only one thing...Renderosity's annual Halloween Creative Contest has arrived! It's time to put on your artistic thinking caps and begin thinking of your entry that will become the envy of all your peers here at Renderosity.

This year's theme is: Things I've learned from watching horror movies.

I'm not sure about you but here's a few things I've learned from staying up late and watching scary movies. If you think the bad guy is dead - don't take the time to stick around and check for a pulse. Chances are they're still alive! If you're driving down a dark and desolate road - think twice about picking up the hitchhiker. While watching late night television - don't reach out to touch it should it start calling your name and by all means if your little brother says 'I see dead people' BELIEVE him!


Click Here for the 3D / Animation category.

Click Here for the 2D / Photography category.

Click Here for the Writer's category.


Here are some important dates regarding the contest:

Contest entries open: Wednesday, September 11th

Contest entries close: Tuesday, October 15th

Community voting begins: Wednesday, October 16th

Winners announced: Thursday, October 31st


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Member Opinions:
By: JMichaelPiper on 9/11/13
**Welcome Foolish Mortals!**
I look forward to a healthy competition for what I like to call, "Halloween - My Favorite Holiday Of The Year!" I wish everyone the best of luck with their entries! Can you wish good luck on yourself? Hmmmm...Well gonna do it anyway! \/"""\/ Bite Me! :>)

By: rikomortis on 9/12/13
It's the most... wonderful time of the year.......Another great theme with lots of possibilites. Good luck everyone!

By: DisparateDreamer on 9/12/13
This always confuses me... 3D artwork/flat images, same category as animation? Or all images go under 2D? Please explain, because it's not clear to me :(

By: jwdell on 9/12/13
Challenge accepted!! Se Y'all there...

By: poisinivy on 9/13/13
I have a 1080HD/ 3D animation of a Wizards castle. which I have just finished on Sept 12th . But its 1080DPI - 13 minute animation short which means its Hi def. 1920 x1080 which does not fit your guide lines of a animation of 800 x800
I don't know anyone that creates 800 x 800 video animation. Plus there is no where to upload video on renderosity anonymously for animated films unless you post them on video sharing sites like youtube and my Youtube channel is my name, which would disqualify me again. from the animation rules .of no names on the art work
so I think this year i guess I'll have to submit my 3d animation to another contest unless You guys at rendo can fix the rules on animation submissions because the rules are unrealistic for any good animation.to submitted. okay that is my 2 cents :) good luck everyone

By: savanna on 9/15/13
Klasse, das wird sicher ein sehr Intressanter Wettbewerb :)

By: mytheos on 9/15/13
i have to second poisinivy's comment ... the size restrictions on the animations make them practically useless

i did an animation for the may competition and squishing it into 800x800 and 10mb was a major constraint

if you really want an animation competition you have to allow for at least 720p (1280x720) and something like 100mb

odds are you won't get too many animations anyways so it shouldn't be an issue to provide the disk space ... it's cheap anyways these days

or maybe we can upload our animations to a server (youtube) and just provide a link ?

By: Pandarr on 9/19/13
800x800 is also too small for images IMO. I think 2000x2000 should at least be allowed. That gives some room if people want to make a wide or tall image.

By: svdl on 9/19/13
800x800 is too small, for both animations and images. 720p would be okay for animation, and at least 1920x1080 for images.

By: Sea80 on 9/19/13
I just spent the better part of an hour trying to find the Gallery these images are suppose to go in, I can't even get to a list of galleries to try and search for the right one. Where are you suppose to put these images?

By: rikomortis on 9/19/13
soooooo??? Are the animations being judged in the same category as standard 3d work? Last year there was a seperate category.

By: mapps on 9/20/13
ya 800x800 seems a rather odd choice for animation. Even 720 by 540 is at least a more normal video ratio, it's a lower res too but tends to ply well on most video devices. Or perhaps 960 by 720 which is just a slightly higher pixel count and still a fairly common video ratio. OK My 2.5 cents worth (gotta allow for inflation) :-)

By: Pandarr on 9/21/13
@Sea80 - Click on the category above that you want to enter, then scroll all... the way... down... The entry form is there.

@mapps while 800x800 seems to small for animation, 800x800 is the maximum allowed, not the required size. You can still do 720x540 as an entry.

By: JMichaelPiper on 10/3/13
Complain complain complain... blah blah blah...Every complaint will be met with, "Now that's the Challenge You See!" make it 800x800...or make it 800x450 or make it 640x360 or even a 720x540...You can even do a 799x799....now that's a challenge right?! ugh This is a contest, not an election for Prom Queen, lol Have fun, I do, always! Shift, change, adjust...then submit! I'm just sayin....Good Luck Ev1

By: badgerorg on 10/9/13
I think we are all aware this is not an election for prom queen, but at the same time, a comment section is provided for us. If someone expresses their opinion, it should be welcomed, not belittled. I even support your right to express your opinion. As for my opinion, I think 800x800 is too small for both animations and still images. Too much detail is lost at that resolution.

By: twingo on 10/11/13
800x800 is really small for a detailed image, I will skip this contest.

By: davidabailey on 10/13/13
Lumping the 3D and Animation categories together is a flawed idea in my opinion.
Mona Lisa vs Pulp Fiction, Guernica vs Forrest Gump - get my drift? How can we choose?

By: TinaK on 10/14/13
Just wanted to comment to let everyone know that we will be changing the size in the animation category for our Annual Holiday Contest to accommodate your request.

By: skyvendik on 10/15/13
It is hard for freelancer as me to encounter with commerciaonal artists, but every attempt is necessary for embarrass their easy looting .. nice prices .. GL

By: StaceyG on 10/15/13
The contest has been open for over a month, not 4 days?? There was a coming soon article at the beginning of sept then the contest opened and a front page article and reminders in the newsletters all month.

By: rikomortis on 10/15/13
Good luck everyone, some killer competition this year , And a Big thanks to the admins for all the work that goes into giving us a great contest.......NOW GO VOTE!!!!!!

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