2013 Annual Awards

Renderosity's 2013 Annual Awards

Another year has come and gone and what a great year it was! As we move forward into 2014, we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge those vendors who rose to the top by continuing to offer outstanding digital content. As we do each year around this time, Renderosity's Annual Awards pays tribute to some of the top performing vendors and products that can be found in the MarketPlace.

Each award, and its respective winner or winners, are showcased below. Every MarketPlace vendor is eligible to win but can only win in a single category in any given year.

Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to seeing more great 3D models and resources in 2014!


Vendor of The Year: ironman13

This award goes to the vendor with the highest sales in 2013

Visit ironman13's Store

Here are a few words from ironman13 in response to winning this award: "I'm so happy and grateful to be receiving this honor! I'd like to thank all the people here at Renderosity for being so supportive. I would like to thank the staff who have helped work with me on my projects and deadlines. It's an incredible honor to be recognized as Vendor of the Year. It feels so surreal. I'd like to thank all of the testers. I'd also like to thank all of the people who sent in fantastic ideas and requests. I'd like to thank the other vendors who so willingly offer support and share information and know-how. I want to thank Fugazi1968 for always being there. And my good friend Godin. And the list goes on and on, I know I don't have time to thank everyone but I deeply appreciate all the support that's been given. This is the realization of a year long goal for me, with lots of sleepless nights and hard work. And I can honestly tell you that being recognized like this makes it all worth it :)."


All-Star Vendor of The Year: outoftouch

This award goes to the vendor with the highest number of units sold for 2013.

Visit outoftouch's Store

Here are a few words from outoftouch in response to winning this award: "Even though it is not the first time I have won this award I'm again very happy and feel honoured for getting it for the year 2013. It means a lot to me and I'm grateful for the continued support by my customers and want to speak out a big thank you to everyone. I also want to say thank you to my working partners and to the whole Renderosity team for always being there and so helpful. Thank you!"


The Renderosity MarketPlace's MVP: Danae

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This award goes to the individual item with the highest revenue for 2013.

Danae's product responsible for winning this award is The Metropolitan Collection - London V4.2

Visit Danae's Store

Here are a few words from Danae in response to winning this award: "What a wonderful surprise this is! I feel honored for the award but mainly I feel honored for being a part of Renderosity. A huge thank you to all the people supporting the vendors and of course to the wonderful admins."


Rookie of The Year Award: 2P3D

This award goes to the vendor who began selling in 2013 and achieved the highest revenue.

Visit 2P3D's Store

Here are a few words from 2P3D in response to winning this award: "I feel very honored to receive this award. In 2013 I came back after major illness and now I am really very touched that I have received this award. I never expected this at all. A big BIG thanks to all my customers and the whole Renderosity staff for their great support of me."


Dream Team Award: Danie & marforno

Renderosity's NEWEST Annual Award category consists of two or more vendors who collaborated on at least 75% of their MarketPlace products while earning the highest total revenue for 2013.

Visit Danie's Store

Visit marforno's Store

Here are a few words from Danie in response to winning this award: "We are very happy about this recognition and want to thank our customers for all their support. We love you! Thank you!"

Member Opinions:
By: Godin on 1/9/14
Congratulations to all! :)

By: LadyNexion on 1/9/14

By: scooby37 on 1/9/14
Congratulations to you all. You all produce outstanding products and deserve the accolade bestowed on you. Well done!!

By: Eganko on 1/9/14
So well deserved, all of you!

And the Dream Team Award is soooo right ;).

And please keep up inspiring us and thanks (!!) for your creativity and that you share it with us.

By: Shaylea on 1/9/14
Congratulations everyone!!

By: anaterium on 1/10/14
All are magnificent artists,congratulations!

By: fractalartist01 on 1/10/14
Congratulations to all of you!!

By: jacky4you on 1/10/14
Congratulations to you all !!!

By: Saruna-Original on 1/10/14
Congratulations to all Award winners! :)

By: Sveva on 1/10/14

By: Jan19 on 1/10/14
Congratulations, congratulations! :-) Well deserved honors went to some fabulous folks. There are a lot of winners here at the Renderosity Marketplace.

By: robinsk1 on 1/10/14
Big Congratulations to all !

By: Anagord on 1/11/14

By: Razor42 on 1/11/14
Congrats guys, some top notch Vendors in this list!

By: AyrtonS on 1/11/14

By: doarte on 1/13/14
Congratulations to you all!

By: aqua1955 on 1/13/14
It is all magnificent work they do, but I also like to give credits to them not shown. Thank you for your wonderful creations!

By: Miss B on 1/15/14
Congratulations! All well deserved, IMHO!! :-)

By: Turtle on 1/16/14
Bravo, You deserve this Award.

By: Pantheresss on 1/20/14
You all really deserved to win thanks for making such beautiful products.

By: SSfromM12 on 1/20/14
I have products by all the finalists and the high quality of their work makes it a joy to work with the models. Congratulations Renderosity - An accurate and fine selection as this year's winners.

By: -dragonfly3d- on 1/22/14
Congratulations to all!!!!

By: P3Design on 1/27/14
I like to congratulate all of you :)

By: Loveicy on 2/19/14
Amazing Vendors, grats to you all!!


By: waningmoon on 2/19/14

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