2012 Holiday Giveaway | Week 4
Celebrating the Holidays at Renderosity with FREE digital gifts for all!

Member Opinions:
By: infinity10 on 12/22/12
Thanks for these. Happy Holidays to all who have shared.

FYI, the SnowFlake Styles item also available free at Content Paradise.

By: Kerya on 12/22/12
Thank you very, very much! So many beautiful new toys! :)

By: spirit627 on 12/22/12
Thank you all so very much!! just awsome!!

By: jrrogers81 on 12/22/12
A great week four thanks!

By: foxylady1 on 12/22/12
Thank you for all the nice items. Merry Christmas to all the vendors who were so generous.

By: adelightfuldeb on 12/22/12
Thank you all for your wonderful presents this Holiday Season. May you each find Joy
and have a Very Merry Christmas 2012 :)

By: sdorsey on 12/22/12
Thank you to all the vendors and Happy Holidays.

By: trumarcar on 12/22/12
This has been a wonderful Christmas giveaway. Thank you very much to all the vendors who gave us these brilliant gifts!

By: mortarm on 12/22/12
Thanks for the goodies, but it would be helpful if for character-specific items you indicated who they're intended for, like Nitro and XOXO, for example.

By: emay68 on 12/22/12
Thank you to everyone who shared their lovely gifts! Happy Holidays! :o)

By: jeanne_50 on 12/23/12
Thank you very much for these nice gifts.
Merry Christmas to all of you.

Love, Jeanne

By: MagicWeaver on 12/23/12
thank you all very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness, ones that can't generally afford such lovely things sure appreciate every little or huge gestures and in the hearts and minds of all I'm sure ya'll are getting the most precious of prayers
Merry Christmas one and all

By: TheKatster on 12/23/12
Thank you once again for the lovely gifts and may you all have a very merry Christmas.

By: TheOwl68 on 12/23/12
Fantastic gifts all round =D thanks everyone! Wishing you & yours a happy holiday season & all the very best in 2013!

By: Marianne_Designs on 12/23/12
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts!!!Happy Holidays!!!

By: watersedgehits on 12/23/12
thank you all so much for the freebies!!

By: Greymom on 12/24/12
Thanks to all for these excellent gifts!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Lunar New Year!

By: Windigo on 12/24/12
I promise not to digress, be verbose, or comical, SO to the point - Thank you 18 (and others) so many more times - I pray you ALL enjoy and live a caring life!,
(Jingles, my alter ego and protector, says Felice Navida, Darn, still need that elusive spell checker)

You should know the answer to the next one 'as usual I ------''

Respectfully Yours,

and IF you are of the Christian faith - bathe in the light of our Savior on tomorrows eve.

By: Windigo on 12/24/12
I hope to thank each vendor individually after trying the items they have given us - then again, maybe, I will shut my mouth and accept these gifts in the spirit they were given - Blessings to YOU from your respective beliefs and PEACE too all! and to all a goodnight!!!

By: stone132 on 12/24/12
thanks so much and a happy Christmas to all!

By: OliB on 12/24/12
Great, Great, Great, Great! Thank you for all the four weeks of gifts! Merry Christmas!!!

By: emsim on 12/24/12
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas!

By: SMILEYDEE on 12/25/12
Thank you all for your generosity and these wonderful gifts this month! Merry Christmas and I hope you have a very prosperous and Happy New Year!!

By: starlitemoon on 12/26/12
Thank you very much for your beautiful gifts and Merry Xmas

By: 2GMan on 12/26/12
Thank you all for these beautiful Christmas gifts! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

By: boobunny on 12/26/12
I would like to thank everyone who gave us all the wonderful gifts. You all are truly kind and generous!! I wish you all the best!

By: atetayarut on 12/27/12
Thanks for this great offer. Festival of Joy Hello 2013.

By: mrslilac on 12/27/12
thank you!!!

By: orchid22 on 12/27/12
Just wanted to say thank you to all the vendor's for the wonderful gifts. Happy Holidays

By: mysticeagle on 12/28/12
thanks guys,every addition to my runtime is a valued gift, but next year can we have winning lottery numbers so i can afford to go shopping in all your stores without getting divorced :)

By: Windigo on 12/28/12
Too MUCH, so little TIME, OH MY! the Hatter is looking for Alice and I - Can't input so many Wonderful things into my Library fast enough - Lashes - Nitro - Jewels - Skies - Jingles (my companions name by the way)- Patterns (Galore)-
Shoes ---
THANK YOU ALL!!! - Peace in 2013

By: Aquariante7 on 12/28/12
Thank you very much for all the goodies!:)

By: infinity10 on 12/31/12
Thank you for all the goodies, Everyone.

Please tell me which figure is using the NitroD outfit. Thank you.

Happy 2013 !

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