2012 Holiday Giveaway | Week 2
Celebrating the Holidays at Renderosity with FREE digital gifts for all!

Member Opinions:
By: aproctor on 12/8/12
Thanks to all of the vendors who are giving us these lovely gifts :)

By: MargyThunderstorm on 12/8/12
The Kiki Elf Outfit link leads to the GrungeBacksSampler_46980.zip, please correct it.

Thank you very much for all the wonderful freebies!

By: anaterium on 12/8/12
more goodies :D thank you all!

By: lupadgds on 12/8/12
Thank you for all your lovely gifts!

By: Kerya on 12/8/12
Thank you very much to all the vendors for these beauties!
P.S. The link to the Dragon Skull Trophy by Cybertenko is leading to FrozenStar's Store ...

By: Guardian_Angel_671 on 12/8/12
thanks these are cool.:)

I've having trouble with Dragon Skull Trophy-it leads to a vendor page & not a download

By: toyyaris on 12/8/12
thank you all for the wonderful stuff, but there is just 1 problem, can't download the Kikioutfit from Porthos, when I click the downloadlink for the kikioutfit I get the download for the grungebacksampler can anyone fix that please
big hugs

By: didda on 12/8/12
The Kiki Elf Outfit is wrong, I keep getting GrungeBacksSampler_46980

Thanks for the gifts everyone ;o)

By: Kazam561 on 12/8/12
Thank you all and happy holidays! :)

By: icandy265 on 12/8/12
Thank you all for your very generous gifts, these are awesome! Happy holidays everyone!

By: Ometeotl on 12/8/12
Thank you for all those gifts.
Unfortunately the link to Cybertenko's Dragon Skull Trophy is broken.

By: twingo on 12/8/12
Thanks to all for thie wonderful gifts.

Two wrong links in this page: Dragon Skull Trophy and Kiki Elf Outfit are not working correctly.

By: Sandrose on 12/8/12
WOW! More amazing giveaways to say THANK YOU for!

By: sunfish on 12/8/12
Thank you very much for all these wonderful surprises. A beautiful Christmas season to everybody!

By: pmaker on 12/8/12
Thank you all for all the gifts.
It only seems there is something wrong with the link to the dragon skull trophy. It leads to this page: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?vendor=478208

By: SAMS3D on 12/8/12
Thank you for these gifts, when I go to download the Kiki Elf Outfit though, I get the GrungeBacSampler file?

By: renecyberdoc on 12/8/12
thank you very much very generous artits:
the dragon skull link aint working and the kiki elf link, links to grunge back samplers.
can you look into that??.pls.

thank you


By: jeanne_50 on 12/8/12
Thank you so much for all these nice and very welcome gifts!
Happy Holiday Season to all of you! :)

Love, Jeanne

By: pokeydots on 12/8/12
Thank you all for the lovely gifts :) Merry Christmas!

By: Eshal on 12/8/12
Thanks to all the vendors...great gifts.

By: silvia365 on 12/8/12
A big thank you for all the great gifts ;-)

Only the Kiki Elf Outfit is wrong. When I go to download I get GrungeBacksSampler. Maybe someone can take a look.I love all for Kiki ;-)

hugs Silvia

By: ronwindham on 12/8/12
Thanks all.

By: infinity10 on 12/8/12
Cybertenko's Dragonskull freebie leads only to the store, no download.

Thanks to all for the freebies, Everyone !

By: MarciaGomes on 12/8/12
Obrigado pelos belos presentes.
Feliz Natal a todos

By: Amigo968 on 12/8/12
Wonderful gifts, thanks to all vendors.

By: dwarvengaard on 12/8/12
The gifts have ALL been wonderful! Thank you all very, very much! And, Season's Greetings to One and All, too!

By: Aquariante7 on 12/8/12
Thank you all for the wonderful giveaways! :)

By: karella1022 on 12/8/12
Thanking all of the generous vendors! Looks like I am going to have lots of fun playing in my runtime later!

By: Byrdie on 12/8/12
Thank you and Happy Holidays! Btw, will there be a "Catch Up" Day at the end? I missed Week One, was sick & didn't find out until now this was going on.

By: byudragonbreath on 12/8/12
Thank you much!

By: mejed on 12/8/12
Many Thanks to all.

By: tyllo on 12/9/12
Just GREAT! Big thanks from me. :)

By: looserchik on 12/9/12
Thank You for sharing your wonderful work! this is a bunch 'o fun!

By: LBJ2 on 12/9/12
Thanks for the freebies!
And happy pre xmas :)

By: garder on 12/9/12
Thank You very much for all the wonderful things.

By: Nightwind on 12/9/12
Thank you very much! All is appreciated. Merry Christmas to all!

By: ssgbryan on 12/9/12
Thankyou all very much. These are really nice christmas gifts.

By: ojim on 12/9/12
Many Thanks for all of the Nice Gifts

By: bakapo on 12/9/12
Thank you all very much!

By: caty77 on 12/10/12
Thank you!

By: Almida on 12/10/12
Thank you so much everyone. These are wonderful gifts

By: dogtor on 12/10/12
Thank you everyone for your generosity

By: shante on 12/10/12
Darn Missed week one. Never got a notice...i think! Will the first week give-a-ways be repeated at some point?

By: jayde on 12/10/12
Awesome stuff, thanks to all that give so freely.

By: jdstrider on 12/11/12
Very generous! Thank you all very much, this is a really pleasant and welcome idea.

By: Noctyrne on 12/11/12
Thanks to all the generous vendors for their Holiday Freebies and to the work they put into them.
Was wondering if the FS Slumber is a complete clothing or texture for an in-store product as I can't read the smaller text on the image.

By: Poobah on 12/11/12
Thanks to all who contributed, and Merry Christmas!!

By: jarreth on 12/11/12
Thanks for all the good stuff

By: tracyw3000 on 12/11/12
Thanks for another great freebie week you wonderful vendors!

By: Wenchie on 12/12/12
For anyone wondering, Slumber is an adorable set of fourteen textures for "Hongyu's SG3: Boyshorts."


Thanks to all the talented, generous creators for the lovely gifts. Much appreciated!

By: fractalartist01 on 12/12/12
Thanks to all of you for your generosity!

By: AnitramE on 12/12/12
Thanks for all your gifts,

By: gertie on 12/12/12
Thank You For all gifts

By: npauling on 12/12/12
I would like to thank all the vendors for their very generous gifts. Have a happy christmas.

By: Paulienchen on 12/12/12
ich danke Euch für die viele schöne Sachen Frohe Weihnacht Euch alle

By: greywolfe1960 on 12/13/12
Thanks to you all for your generosity!

By: Setheru on 12/13/12
Thanks to you all, have great holiday and even better next year!

By: kira on 12/13/12
Thank you all and happy holidays

By: echokimono on 12/13/12
Your generosity is much appreciated!!!***Merry Christmas***

By: luchare on 12/13/12
thanks heaps, and Merry Xmas

By: Roxey56 on 12/13/12
Thank you so much for your generous gifts.


By: fastburn on 12/13/12
Thank you!....and a very Merry Christmas to All!!!!

By: nobodyinparticular on 12/14/12
Some very nice items. Thanks again and happy holidays to all of you.

By: EugyptuS on 12/14/12
thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!!

By: JosephineAu on 12/14/12
Thank you and a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. (Happy Holidays too)

By: spirit627 on 12/14/12
thNK YOU ll so much

By: shadolady on 12/16/12
Thank all of you for the gifts. Merry Christmas to all vendors!

By: alistairjohn on 12/16/12
A very big thankyou to all who post free content on this site. It is a great help to us rank amateurs. A peacefull Christmas to one and all.

By: starlitemoon on 12/19/12
Thank you so much for your lovely gifts and Merry Xmas

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