2012 Holiday Giveaway | Week 1
Celebrating the Holidays at Renderosity with FREE digital gifts for all!

Member Opinions:
By: fizzysparkle on 12/1/12
WOWEE! Thank you for fantastic freebies ;o)

By: renecyberdoc on 12/1/12
very generous thank you very much

By: byteline on 12/1/12
Thank you on all.
I wish all a Happy Christmas.

By: Jazzmin on 12/1/12
This is great, thanks very much!
Have very happy and safe holidays :)

By: Fridak on 12/1/12
thank you for this awaysome givings
hugs Fridak

By: OonaTheWild on 12/1/12
A wobderful being to the Christmas season , God Bless everyone...the freebies are amazing and so kind at this time of giving ! Happy Holidays and Happy New YEAR !

By: jeanne_50 on 12/1/12
Thank you so much for your kindness! Have a great holiday season all of you.
Love, Jeanne :)

By: RedPhantom on 12/1/12
I really appreciate the freebies and thank you for them. It is very generous. I do have one small request, a short description such as props for poser or brushes for Photoshop would be very helpful. I'm never sure if I can use the items I'm downloading. But I do thank you for the chance to download them.

By: GrandmaT on 12/1/12
Thank you to all those who donate gifts for us this season.

By: karella1022 on 12/1/12
Thank you so much - love the freebies and all of the sales!

By: GothicTears on 12/1/12
excellent thanks

By: pokeydots on 12/1/12
Thank you all so much! Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year!

By: AidanaWillowRaven on 12/1/12
Thanks :D

By: starlitemoon on 12/1/12
This is wonderful, thank you everyone for your wonderful gifts and talents. Merry Xmas to all

By: shannonsuzanne on 12/1/12
Woohoo! Thank you!

By: jennblake on 12/1/12
You are all very very welcome. We have some wonderful vendors who were very good about donating this year! Keep checking back for weeks 2, 3 and 4!

By: MalicetheCat on 12/1/12

By: Toribev on 12/1/12
Thank you everyone.

By: aproctor on 12/1/12
Thank you all for the lovely gifts!

By: mysticeagle on 12/1/12
thanks guys. Merry Xmas

By: Tati.H on 12/1/12
Wooowwwwwwwwwwwww thank you very much

By: mikeerson on 12/1/12
I love the gifts...BUT...when you click on the picture - nothing... I was hoping it would tell us about the product, if it was an add on, a stand alone, for poser, for daz, for maya... but we got nothing. and clicking on the name, you get it loaded straight to your download without even knowing if it will work in your system. the very first one here, I believe I already have and clicked for info, but it loaded it instantly - lo, I'm only going to pick up Sams3d bathroom - because I know the vendor, they make great stuff.... I know there is a shirt in this product gift bag that is not a shirt but just a texture, so why would I want it to take up space if I don't have the shirt? I'm just surprised with how this freebee section was laid out, you must have someone new working for you... cause I know you know we need the info on what is what before we just start downloading everything - which was my huge mistake when I first got into 3D art - lol

By: Kazam561 on 12/1/12
Thank you and happy holidays!

By: Nathrai on 12/1/12
Many thanks and big hugs to all the fabulous vendors participating!

By: Freethinker56 on 12/1/12
Sweet thank you

By: julesart on 12/1/12
Thank you! This is very much appreciated!

By: MarciaGomes on 12/1/12
Thanks to the vendors are very generous.
Merry Christmas to all.

By: GGreen on 12/1/12
Thank you

By: TeamSchmidt on 12/1/12
Thank you all for your gracious generosity! Merry Christmas!!

By: MistyLaraPrincess on 12/1/12
wonderful! thank you!

By: RodS on 12/1/12
Very generous of these wonderful vendors! Thank you all so much!

Aw, go ahead, Mike - download it ALL! LOL!

By: fairyfantastic on 12/1/12
thnk u so much n happy holidays

By: npauling on 12/1/12
Thank you all so much for these wonderful gifts, I know I will have a lot of fun using them. I hope you all have a happy christmas.

By: BellaLuna on 12/1/12
Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays!!!

By: FSMCDesigns on 12/1/12
Thank you all for your generosity, much appreciated! Merry Christmas!

By: Amethystwitch on 12/2/12
Mutch thank you

By: nobodyinparticular on 12/2/12
Thank you all for your generosity. Hope your holidays are happy.

By: tigertim on 12/2/12
So very generous, I thank you all for all these lovely gifts.. thank you so much!

By: anaterium on 12/2/12
awesome artists,great gifts,thanks!!!!

By: dateablechameleon on 12/2/12
this is very kind of you all...thank you

By: legolie on 12/2/12
Thank you to all !

By: mindy6886 on 12/2/12
Thank you for all the wonderful freebies

By: byudragonbreath on 12/2/12
Thanks to all of you!

By: looserchik on 12/2/12
Thank you so very much and a Happy Holiday season to all!!!

By: soffy on 12/2/12
:) thank you so very much,Happy Holiday to all*******

By: Nitab on 12/2/12
Wonderful! Thank you so much

By: anniekitties on 12/2/12
Thank you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

By: GrandmaT on 12/2/12
Is anyone else having trouble with the PS-Joy download? My Mac keeps telling me "the structure of the archive is damaged" when it tries to expand the zip. Any hints out there?

By: MariiLuna on 12/2/12
Thank You! Happy Holidays everyone!

By: KatFeete on 12/2/12
GrandmaT: I had exactly the same issue! But when I opened the zip using Parallels it was fine. So my best advice is to open it with BootCamp/Parallels or find a friend with a PC. Once you get it unzipped you can install it as usual. :)

By: eekdog on 12/2/12
this is always a pleasure from the superb vendors and renderosity, many thanks, the eekdog..

By: GinaMarie on 12/2/12
Thank You!!!

By: BoomerBaby on 12/2/12
What a fantasitc assortment, thank you so much! Merry Christmas.

By: jammixx on 12/3/12
This is a wonderful gift from all of you. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

By: AlexandersGrandma on 12/3/12
Thank you to everyone who gave us these awesome freebies.

By: StevenTylerRocks on 12/3/12
A BIG thank you to all the artists that have donated their time and talent to create these wonderful Christmas goodies!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season...StevenTylerRocks.

By: Mirabilis on 12/3/12
Thanks and Happy Holidays, :)

By: foxylady1 on 12/3/12
I should have said thank you before today, but I have been using these and forgot to come back. I am sorry, these are great. Thank you so much.

By: Butterfly_Nancy on 12/3/12
Thank you very much everyone, these freebies are great. Happy Holidays.

By: FragmentedFortunes on 12/3/12
Thanks so much to all the vendors for their hard work and generosity in providing these freebies. Happy Holidays to everyone.

By: beachsidelegs on 12/3/12
Thank you so much everyone :)

By: hardwaretoad on 12/3/12
A big blanket thank you for all of your generosity, each and everyone of of you. I'll agree that a description prior to Dl'ing would be nice but what the hay, if I can't use it due to not having the right proggy or outfit it doesn't take much to delete them. A small description might save Rendo some bandwidth though...

By: 4udreamcatcher on 12/3/12
Awesome! Thank you all xxx

By: webdancer on 12/3/12
Cool! Thanks so much!

By: meeshy on 12/3/12
Thank you very much to everyone and happy & safe holidays to you all! :)

By: khornby on 12/3/12
Wow...thanks a bunch...I truly love Christmas. The vendors/artists are so generous to create such wonderful things as prezzies for us :-)

By: druc on 12/3/12
Thank you for the Christmas freebie

By: ronwindham on 12/3/12
Thank you very much

By: jdstrider on 12/4/12
Sweet, thanks very much!

By: misthemes on 12/4/12
Thank you very much to all !!! :)

By: TheOwl68 on 12/4/12
How cool are all these gifts? Thanks so much, everyone =D

By: debb6425 on 12/4/12
Thank you SO much everyone! These gifts are truly appreciated. Happy Holidays!!

By: ziamarina on 12/4/12
Thanks to all ! Merry Christmas :) !!!

By: peechez2010 on 12/4/12
This is fantastic. Thank you all very much and have a Merry Christmas!! :)

By: dlsherrill on 12/4/12
Thank you very much.

By: robinsk1 on 12/4/12
Fabulous gifts. Thank You ALL for making these available! May you ALL have a grand Holiday Season!

By: gingercakes47 on 12/4/12
Thank you very much for the wonderful gifts you've given us this year. Happy Holidays!!!

By: ointment on 12/4/12
Thanks very much.

By: fractalartist01 on 12/4/12
Thank you all so much for your generosity!

By: denebe72 on 12/4/12
Thank you very much! Merry Christmas everyone!

By: lyron on 12/4/12
Thanks you all!!

By: Thorwald on 12/4/12
Wonderful gifts thank you!

By: Roxam on 12/4/12
Thank You for your wonderful efforts, appreciate the gifts very much. Best Wishes for a great holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

By: Nightwind on 12/4/12
Thank all ya'll so very much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

By: ZamuelNow on 12/5/12
I both thank the vendors for their freebies and agree that more description and organization would be nice. If full pages can't be added, perhaps something as simple as an extra line that mentions the category (character, prop, clothing texture, etc) could work to give more info.

By: Tripper on 12/5/12
u guys rock....thankyou one and all and my best wishes to each and every one of you

By: yoshi39 on 12/5/12
Many thanks and happy holidays!

By: caveninit on 12/5/12
Thanks so much for your generous gifts! Especially love the Kiki stuff! Hope you all have a fabulous holiday!

By: Sandrose on 12/5/12
Thank you very much, artists and Renderosity, for this generous offer! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

By: embou on 12/5/12
Thank all of you for your gifts.
Happy Holidays!!!!

By: echokimono on 12/5/12
A big THANK YOU for all these freebies!!! ***Your generosity is appreciated***

By: Ghostpanther on 12/5/12
Thank you for the Freebies :-) It's always great to get these gifts, but it's right - more information about the items would be very appreciated !

By: Willowing on 12/5/12
Thank you all for such wonderful and generous freebies!
I hope that you all have the merriest of holidays and the happiest of New Years.
You all are lovely...

By: Minyassa on 12/5/12
Thank you very much!

By: gtrdon on 12/5/12
Always look forward to the holiday gifts there are some real gems here. Thanks for
all th terrific contributions from the makers.

By: Pforce1 on 12/5/12
AWESOME! Thank you sincerely, and a Merry Christmas to all there at Renderosity!

By: maximis on 12/6/12
Thanks very much for these freebies and Merry Christmas to all.

By: DarkRider on 12/6/12

By: Ragtopjohnny on 12/6/12
Thanks so much for this! Great to build a Poser collection with wonderful and useful items from these vendors. :)

By: Marianne_Designs on 12/6/12
Thank you very much!!!

By: Bri65 on 12/6/12
A very big thank you to all of the generous vendors.

By: Thebes on 12/6/12
TY :)

By: Janl on 12/6/12
Thank you. Merry Christmas!

By: -BrandyE- on 12/6/12
thank you so much for our generosity!

By: 76claudia2205 on 12/7/12
Thank you so much :D

By: par42u2 on 12/7/12
Thank you for the Christmas goodies :))

By: Mystic-Light on 12/7/12
Thx so much and Merry Xmas to You All!

By: Misangelic on 12/7/12
Thank you very much to all the vendors who generously donated their time and effort to creating these wonderful freebies. Best wishes for the festive season to you all.

By: Norimaro on 12/7/12
Thanks a lot for your gifts.
God Bless

By: poisinivy on 12/7/12
How generous of all the venders who participated in this giveaway. Thank you guys and Happy Holidays.

By: Porthos on 12/7/12
Many thanks for your generosity!

By: BornaBoomer on 12/7/12
Thank you so very much, you could not know how much these freebies mean at this time. God Bless each of you.

By: Jascenp on 12/7/12
Thank You.

By: 3dpixstudio on 12/8/12
Thanks but the PS JOY pixeluna file on Mac is corrupted pls fix it. Unstuff error

By: ArtistKimberly on 12/9/12
thank you all for this is soo sweet and nice,

By: Pajama on 12/11/12
Thank you :)

By: motleyjustmotley on 12/11/12
THANK YOU for the gifts.
I too, would like a little more information about things before I download, so I know where to put them. I can't tell if some of them are figures, props, pings for scrap booking, etc.
I just download everything into a folder labeled with the place and year and get around to sorting later, maybe.
But they are still very nice gifts. Thank you to all the generous artists.

By: Lumine on 12/13/12
Herzlichen DANK....

By: shadolady on 12/16/12
Thank you for the gifts. Merry Christmas!!!!

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