2012 Halloween Grab Bag

Halloween Grab Bag

Renderosity is celebrating Halloween all day long in a not-so-spooky way. Here's your chance to receive a randomly selected product (see full product listing below) for free the next time you check out!

From now through the end of today, you will receive one of 34 randomly selected products every time you make a purchase of $5 or more. There are no limits on the number of times you can make your way through the checkout process to receive your free Grab Bag item. You have from now through the end of the day, Wednesday, October 31st at 11:59pm (Renderosity System Time) to make your purchase!

Simply add the product thumb (seen below) to your cart and proceed as normal through checkout. Upon completion of checkout, visit the 'My Account' page to claim your product.

*You can click the icon below to be taken directly to the product page

Below are the products you have a chance of receiving during the Grab Bag promotion!

Pet house


V4 Curves Glute Shaping and Movement Morphs


Ultimate Graveyard Construction Set

SV7 Fantasy Bazaar - Wicked Bundle

FR Everyday Faces

SHOOT 13: Killer Heart



Romantika Organized Poses For V4

Night Out Dress for V4, A4, G4, Genesis & V5

Kiruna Outfit V4-A4

DP - Dark

P3D Kitty

Anaga Desease Demon

Shimmer Seas Backgrounds



Oil Cult for V4

Andrea V4

Sansa Hair

Koraki & Kissa

MRL Sirena

Mystic Forest

Ruby Hair

MildBoreal Lights

Sweetheart Boots

DM Daiwa's Dominion

The Vampire Cradle

The Witches Gown

The Nursery - Chrysanthemum

SY Blouse 02 G



*Buyer must add the Grab Bag product to cart before checkout to receive.

*No limit on the number of purchases made to receive the free Grab Bag item. Please keep in mind that if you have made enough purchases on this day to receive all Grab Bag items, you will no longer receive a free product.

*Please do not use this promotion to gift products to other members. The recipient will not be able to receive the free grab bag product.

*Also know that during this 24 hour period, the Renderosity System Flag to check if a buyer has previously purchased a product has been disabled. This is to allow for multiple purchases to receive multiple Grab Bag items. If you question whether or not you've purchased something in the past, please click 'My Account' and use the 'Search Purchases' field.

*Please remember that Renderosity's Commerce System will randomly select a product to be given to a qualifying buyer. Store Staff will not be offering exchanges unless the Grab Bag item has been previously purchased by the recipient.

*Please remember you can only add the Grab Bag once per order. Adding it multiple times on one order will void the Grab Bag gift from your order.