2011 Renderosity All-Star - ironman13

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Congratulations to ironman13 for receiving the 2011 Renderosity All-Star Award!

Vendor with the highest number of units sold for 2011. ironman13 has always consistently offered quality 3D models and resources to other digital artists and this year was no exception!

To celebrate the honor of receiving Renderosity's 2011 All-Star Award, ironman13 is running a storewide 50% off sale from Thursday, February 9th through Wednesday, February 15th! As an added bonus, ironman13 has marked several favorite products at 70% 0ff!

Be sure to head over to ironman13's Renderosity store for some BIG savings!

How did you originally find Renderosity?

I had been using DAZ Studio to make an online comic book and frequented the DAZ store, but I needed some items that they just didn't have, so I began googling and Rendo came up in a search and had a huge selection of content which helped me to complete my comics.

Can you give us some hints on what you are currently working on?

No, that's top secret, lol! But seriously, I have been working more and more with other vendors, making pose packs that go with their new clothing items or themes, and also, I do have a couple of top secret projects going right now... I think you'll know them when you see them :)

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part?

I love making the product promos for each new item.

How would you describe your creative process?

I write ideas down on a notepad, which becomes a never ending list, lol. I do this as I have the ideas, no matter what I'm doing, even if I'm in the middle of doing dishes or watching TV. Then, I go over my list and ask myself "what do others want?" and "what would I enjoy working on?" The idea has to meet those two criteria.

I find that my creative process is always evolving. Sometimes I'll choose something that will force me to learn a new skill, that way I can grow as an artist.

As you have been honored with Vendor of the Month a few times, and now receiving the All-Star award for 2011, to what do you credit your continued success?

The answer to that is simple. Long hours and doing my best to ensure the quality of my products. I'd also like to add that it helps to make what there is a demand for. I also try to make sure that I am known for a niche...some people are well known for their lights, others for their characters...with me, I thinks it's most definitely poses. So, I try to make sure and come out with packs regularly and make sure they're something I would want, something realistic and new, and something the customer would like to use in their artwork.

Can you list some of your personal favorites from your store and tell us a bit about their creation?

(Note: ironman13 has specifically marked these favorite products at 70% off!)

Late Night Poetry at the Cozy Cafe
(Now 70% off through Wednesday, February 15th!)

Late Night Poetry at the Cozy Cafe is one of my favorites - it was a blast to make and is really versatile. It was originally meant to match the other Late Night sets, but began to take on a life of its own. I just couldn't stop building and adding more features to it.

More in the "Late Night" series now 70% off through Wednesday, February 15th:

Late Nights at the Office
Late Nights at the Bar
Late Nights at the Cozy Hotel
Late Nights at the Library

i13 SQUISH breast morphs for v4
(Now 70% off through Wednesday, February 15th!)

I also have to say that I'm very happy with my Squish series, because I've always wanted to have a way to make V4 look more realistic. Since Poser doesn't have any soft body function, I wanted a way that I could at least simulate that.

Also 70% off through Wednesday, February 15th:

i13 SQUISH glute morphs for V4

i13 Pro Lights and Light Helpers
(Now 70% off through Wednesday, February 15th!)

i13 Pro Lights and Light Helpers is another favorite - I enjoyed taking the pictures for the HDRIs and making all of the different presets for it. The ability to rotate and move all of the lights in the scene all at once was a function I had been wanting for a long time, so I was happy to be able to make a light system that included it. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from people saying they love knowing where their lights are at all times, and so do I. I did get stumped partway through the project, but then I did what I often do when I hit a roadblock - I asked Fugazi1968 - the man's a genius.

Also 70% off through Wednesday, February 15th:

i13 Sweet Fantasies Pose Collection
Gold Collection poses for V4

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

Playing Xbox or games online, like Rift or WoW. I also love watching movies, I'm somewhat of a buff. And recently, I've taken up weightlifting, which has been fantastic because I spend so much time at the computer I need some way to stay in shape, lol!

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists/vendors?

Yes, don't compete with me, the marketplace is mine. Just go away.  LOL!

But seriously, I do have some advice. One thing I recommend is being as organized as possible. Yet another is finding the most efficient way to do each task. These two things will limit the time you spend doing things that are less enjoyable and allow you to focus on your creation process more.

I also think it's a good idea to try and find a niche, something where you can become an expert in that area. Never underestimate the value of simply thinking and daydreaming about your product or new ideas for your product.

Another thing I recommend is getting to know other vendors and working with them. You can grow and learn from each other. I have a small group that I like to talk with on Skype while I work, it really makes the time pass quickly and we can help each other when we get stuck. It makes work go infinitely quicker when you can just ask a friend how to do something, rather than going back to the manual you've already read and trying to find the answer. I also like to hang out on msn messenger and chat with friends there too. 

And here's my last piece of advice - be willing to put in very, very long hours.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

How Renderosity has enhanced my work is that it's where I was able to meet new people to work with. For relationships, I've made a lot of new friends here that I treasure very much :) As far as the learning goes, I've covered that a bit in the previous question, but I'd also like to add that if you post in the forums, you'll always be able to get an answer or find the information that you need. You'll never be lost - everyone is willing to share their knowledge and help. 

I'd like to thank all of my customers so much for their support and allowing me to do what I love for a living. I am very grateful to you all!

Thanks to the staff at Rendo for all of their hard work and support, and making it possible for me to do what I love :)

To celebrate the honor of receiving Renderosity's 2011 All-Star Award, ironman13 is running a storewide 50% off sale from Thursday, February 9th through Wednesday, February 15th!

Be sure to head over to ironman13's Renderosity store for some BIG savings!


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Member Opinions:
By: P3Design on 2/9/12
Congrats sweetie, it's very well deserved. You're hard works shows off, you're one of the best! :)))

By: outoftouch on 2/9/12
Congratulations, weeeell deserved! :)

By: PandyGirl on 2/9/12
Wooho!! And love the pic Steph.. !!!!

By: Godin on 2/9/12
Big and Huge Congratulations!!! Well deserved!!! I am so proud of you!! Your Products are Outstanding!! :)

By: SWAM on 2/9/12
congratulations, you really deserved it- Love your Promos ;-)

By: shorterbus on 2/9/12
We should probably hook up.

By: Dk82 on 2/9/12
You are awesome !!!

By: Belladzines on 2/9/12
huge congrats!!

By: addy on 2/9/12
Congratulations! Your products are amazing ! :)

By: Fugazi1968 on 2/9/12
Congratulations :) and wooohooo I'm a genius

By: Anagord on 2/9/12
Congratulations!!!Thank you for such wonderful products.

By: maki_82 on 2/9/12
Congrats! I am such a fan of your work!

By: StudioArtVartanian on 2/9/12
Big Congrats!!!!!
your work is always amazing and unique....ooo and sexy:)

By: mixart on 2/9/12
Congrats ! Love Your Work !

By: Greybro on 2/9/12
Congrats to a vendor who's work has impacted many of my own renders. Big fan!

By: AKARO on 2/10/12
Félicitations... Je confirme, les poses sont superbes.... Entre autre...

By: Shana on 2/10/12
Congratulations, Well deserved! :)

By: Ragtopjohnny on 2/10/12
Congrats again! =)

By: the_tdog on 2/10/12
Arg! I just bought all those things at full price! Oh well, they're worth it... congrats!

By: the_tdog on 2/10/12
I don't know if anybody mentioned it, but she's mighty cute, too.

By: SilverDolphin on 2/10/12
Why ironman13 do you like triathlons?

I like her poses saves me time : )

By: fabiana on 2/10/12
Congrats Steph :)

By: singanprayisme on 2/10/12
Ahhhh! This is so well deserved. You always do such a great job and have quality products. I have never been disappointed.

By: juliekitty on 2/10/12
Fabulous! I love your products anyway, and your poses and expressions are wonderful. But I have to ask -- why does such a lovely lady go by a name like Ironman13? Probably too personal a question, but I was astonished when I saw your photo. I just always visualized a bodybuilder or somebody along those lines. Great work, anyway. I kept clicking on your products for sale, and discovering I ALREADY HAD THEM. LOL!

By: yumeka on 2/10/12
Professional and quality products !
Real time saving !
And thank you very much for discounts !

Keep on going with the good work, so i can support buying your products !

cheers :))

By: shylydrya on 2/10/12
Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a sweeter lady. :)

By: ghostman on 2/11/12
Congratz! Well deserved. :)

By: yakchat on 2/11/12
CONGRATS!!!! Very well deserved...I love your products..they are all top notch and your versatility is amazing!!!! So happy for you....hugs

By: TL1 on 2/11/12
Thank you so much for this wonderful sale! The main reason I can keep buying products for this rather addictive hobby is because of wonderful prices like this.

By: flatulent on 2/11/12
Your sale is incredible. I love your work and several of your products!


By: vamptod on 2/11/12
LOVE your stuff :D hope to see some action packed poses :3

By: TK0920 on 2/11/12
Without a doubt this vendor puts in time and energy in the production of her work. She's exceptionally hard working and a true agent of Art.

By: renecyberdoc on 2/12/12
congratzz baby well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: nevynman on 2/12/12
I would be lost without your poses and expressions :) well deserved award.

By: Lully on 2/12/12
congrats and well deserved award, thankyou also for the sale, your poses takes the hair pulling stress out of my poser scenes :)

By: quietrob on 2/12/12
Great sale. Great Stuff. Great artist!

By: Darren666 on 2/12/12
Congratulations, Great Interview and So Down To Earth, I Really Love The Fact You Are Starting Weight Lifting, Those Long Hours Spent In Front Of The Computer Can Be Damaging, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, All The Best For The Future. ;~)

By: Acadia on 2/12/12
Congrats! Well deserved! I've bought many of your products. When I'm in need of poses, your store is the first on my list to check.

By: imagination304 on 2/15/12

By: Madbat on 2/15/12
Grats! Well deserved! Ironman products have become an integral part of my workflow.

By: Chaosphoto on 2/17/12
I agree with most of the others here, your award was and is well deserved as your poses truly are outstanding :). might have to go look into Squish now !!

By: Chaosphoto on 2/17/12
oh damn, I hate it when I'm just a day late for a sale by one of the most impressive vendors on the site who has a very good showing in my wishlist !!!.

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