2011 Halloween Creative Contest - Now Open!
Halloween Contest 2011

In a small town stricken by a horrifying pandemic, there were those that remained and fell victim to a fate much worse than death. These decaying corpses sought out the 'living' by roaming from town to town to satisy their insatiable appetite for human flesh!

Can anyone or anything stop these zombies from carrying out their mission of changing life as we know it or will we all meet our own fate by the hands of these dark creatures? Only time will tell. As Halloween draws near, be sure to look hard at those that look unearthly as this is the zombies favorite season to add victims to their cause!

Can you envision what our world would look like if it were ruled by zombies? It's time to let your creative juices flow and interpret what life would be like if the mission of the zombies was satisfied.

The year's theme: The Zombie Apocalypse


Here are some important dates regarding the contest:

Contest entries open: Tuesday, September 13th

Contest entries close: Thursday, October 13th

Community voting begins: Friday, October 14th

Winners announced: Monday, October 31st


This year we will be taking submissions to five (5) categories. Please click the appropriate category to enter your submission.







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Member Opinions:
By: eltoro3D on 9/6/11
I like the Idea .. !!

By: mikeerson on 9/6/11
My Favorite Time of The Year - HERE... Zombies are cool, Undead and stinky - lol I like that you're going to announce the Winners on Halloween - awesome... I'm hoping animation gets it's own catagory, would love to be able to go from animation to animation... I think in the past it's been unfair that a 3D image wins over a long processed animation project - I'm just stating this for our animators out there - I enter the 3D contest.

By: StaceyG on 9/7/11
You get your wish mike:) I am making 5 seperate categories this year. 2D, 3D, Photography, Animation and Writing!!

By: gemski on 9/7/11
YAY!! best competition of the year

By: odditorium on 9/7/11
So your description is "Livin" life as a Zombie in today's society? A society run by Zombie, for Zombies, right? (yup, i had to write it like that, couldn't help myself..

By: mikeerson on 9/7/11
StaceyG - You are the Bomb!!! A lot of people have sugested animation has it's own catagory away from 3D Postings... last couple years I had trouble finding which ones were animated, this will help... I love animation, just haven't gotten into it with poser - Good move and it shows you guys at the helm are listening... now about the art charts - lol (I'm sure you have a file on my suggestions - lol) ... "Brains, it's what's for dinner" I already used a few years back... I guess that mean I gotta dig deep into the creative mind for this one - Thanks for the change StaceyG - I think the animators are totally cool with it.

By: ukuotus on 9/9/11
Sounds very interesting.

By: Greybro on 9/11/11
Great theme!

By: mikelbikel on 9/13/11
Great to see this year the animations will get their own section! Also i hope the timelimit could raise a little bit course i think one minuut is just a bit to short to tell a story. I do hope i can make an entry but i'm not shure having anough time to finish before closingdate. Well we'll see... Anyway, i'm shure this year too there'll be lots of great entrys!

By: PandaB5 on 9/14/11
"The winners will be selected by the community. All clone votes will be removed."
What is a clone vote please? Is it voting for your own image or if you manage to vote twice?

By: StaceyG on 9/14/11
Clone voting means having multiple accounts set up to try and upset the community voting system. We have tools in place so that we can prevent this from happening. Hope that helps explain.

By: Sea80 on 9/15/11
Will you be making sure that the images up for vote follow the theme? I have noticed over time that image having nothing to do with the theme are posted and sometimes win simply because it's a favorite artist. I have seem this at many sites, not just here. I stopped entering contests because of this.

By: StaceyG on 9/15/11
Sea80, we leave the theme interpretation up to the artist so unless it's just no way it's connected whatsoever, we usually let them have their interpretation. This is one reason one of the requirements is to put in the notes section, your inspiration for your entry as this usually explains how they interpreted the theme. Also all contest entries are anonymous and vote solicitation is against the rules. Hope this helps.

By: Madbat on 9/15/11
Woohoo! Zombies are my fave! I mean, Skeletons grin too much, I never trust em, Vampires are soooo emo, and Ghosts just lack substance. Zombies are proof you can be dead and proud of it! This contest sounds like fun!

By: kerrieanne on 9/16/11
personally i prefer Vampires (older one weren't emo just the new sparkly ones are and i hate them too).

I'd love to do an image for this XD doubt i'd win anything though.

PS are you allowed to enter 2 categories?

By: StaceyG on 9/16/11
Yes you are allowed one entry per category:)

By: TheToyman on 9/19/11

so did i miss something, what are the prizes this year?

By: desireatin on 9/19/11
you have to click on each category to see the prizes.

By: Lionheart48 on 9/26/11
I noticed who the sponsers were, for a 3D artwork is DAZ Studio renders allowed?

By: StaceyG on 9/26/11
Yes you can use DazStudio for the 3D category

By: anathema58 on 9/29/11
I have one little question: would a 3d render with 2d textures overlayed and details painted in similar way to matte-painting technique qualify as 2D?

By: StaceyG on 9/29/11
Hi anathema58 that is gonna be hard to say without seeing the entry. If you wanna email it to me when complete stacey@renderosity.com I can take a look and tell you which category to submit it to:)

By: Li-C. on 9/30/11
I notice one of the rules is that we supply Renderosity with our correct name and addresses. Being wary of the internet in general, I'm curious if this information is available to anyone whom does not work for Renderosity (like search engines and other users)?

That being said: AWESOME! Zombies! My favorite!

By: Spectralus on 10/5/11
I tried submitting my image for the 3D contest, but due to a connection issue, the form was submitted completely empty. I was told I could try submitting it again, but now the upload form has disappeared. What do I do?

By: StaceyG on 10/5/11
You should be able to resubmit now Spectralus

By: SentinelJeff on 10/10/11
The moment I submitted mine, I saw two edits I meant to fix and didn't. I guess it's too late to re-submit when it actually made it there successfully?

By: EwokZombie on 10/11/11
Just a last minute question for the written contest.

Is swearing allowed?

I didn’t see anything about it in the Terms of Service about it, unless I missed it. Its not like I’m imitating something Quentin Tarantino would write for one of his movies or some of the colorful lines Samuel L. Jackson would say. So far its just 2 words but maybe a few more will be added before its done depending on a reply.

By: mikeerson on 10/13/11
Today is the last days of the Entrees.... kinda sucks that this time of year is already over, I look forward to this contest every year, the entrees came in kinda slow but started picking up, there are a few I really like and I hope the artist's names will be displayed next to their work AFTER the voteing is complete = This is the first year I viewed all of the animations - thank you for puting them in their own catagory and I'm amazed at how many figures these animators were able to put in a scene - a lot of work was done in a short time period, so it excites me even more to learn how to do it... Thanks again Renderosity for the Traditional Hallowen contest!!!

..... one quick question.... this year is almost over and this was the year the logo on the front page was to be changed - ARE THERE ANY PLANS on a contest to do the traditional changing of the logo???

By: rikomortis on 10/13/11
Good Luck to all . Killer theme this year . Happy Halloween!

By: mikeerson on 10/14/11
Just got through looking at all the entrees... In past years, I knew which ones would be at the top... and also felt that mine could place... This year, I have felt my art could place, possibly take first - but have felt like voting for someone elses piece - lol... two things I wanted to say before the page is complete - THE VOTING - I would love to be able to vote for 3 pieces - and each one of those votes is for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.... OR, EVEN BETTER you have a page set up to where pictures are randomly shown against each other and you vote for one or the other... the winner gets a life point and moves on, the loser gets a death point and moves down... when all is said and done, a voter should be able to look at all the work they voted on and submit a COMPLETE VOTE on what they think is the BEST all the way through to the WORST..... now, no one wants to get the worst, but if you do, give'm a prize - lol
....also, this is a FREAK'N CONTEST.... contests have rules, people should follow contest rules... how many pictures are in this contest that aren't 800 X 800??? If you can't follow the rules, you shouldn't be allowed to enter - moderators should send the art back to the artist and say set it up 800 X 800 - OR... if I was a mod and got tired of artists not obeying the rules, I'd shrink their art to fit on an 800 X 800 - it would serve the artist right - and maybe it would teach them a valuable lesson - lol

By: rikomortis on 10/15/11
Same thing in animation section, no animation should be over 60 seconds but I see one that is like 1 minute 47 seconds! Thats almost two entries long. Just Saying lets follow the rules people

By: mikeerson on 10/17/11
the contest is in the voting stage... I've voted... and now I wait... waiting is not exciting - lol... so I'm back to suggest more - lol

On Oct. 14th I suggested having the voter get on a link that randomly places entrees against each other... you vote for who you think is the better and the process keeps going until you have decided placement on all pictures... I think that would add excitement to this - much more excitement.

another added excitement, collect every voters info and tally it with other voter's vote totals - the Majority of the best art would win and everyday through this process, you could show the layout of the pictures and their placement... and, here's where it gets good for our sponsors, everyday you want to see the current status of the vote say for 2D Art, when you click on the link, you have an announcer saying the winner of the 2D contest will be awarded: and do a quick 30 second video advertisement of the prizes at work and then after the video, it will say here is today's current status on the vote as of 10/20/11@12pm... I know I suggest a lot, but I am trying to help give this community the best contest set ups known to artists on the net... I have suggest the animation have it's own catagory and at the start of this contest I suggested it again - you guys did it... at first, it didn't look like too many were going to turn out for this, but now that you've done it and if you do it again next year, I really think it will grow... I've read animaters want 2minutes... I've suggested announcing the theme to the contest months before.... maybe you could put a small block on the front page with a flash that says next: and the put some featured items flashed under it... say the block says: "Next:" and then it could say "Happy 4th of July" next flash, This Years Halloween Theme: "Live and Let Die" .... so, if you had this box on the front page that was just for info, and not advertising, people would look at it - for current events.... I think annoucing the theme after July 4th would give our animaters much needed time - and If they had more time, you might end up with some animation you could use for the front page - maybe even get our better animaters work here at the site? anything could be possible.

By: curebiace on 10/18/11
How do you vote? Where do you find the entries?

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