2010 Renderosity Staff Halloween Costume Contest
2010 Staff Holloween Costumes

Renderosity's Staff Halloween Costume Contest

The Renderosity Community has voted and Debbie (a.k.a The Bride Of Darkness) took the crown by receiving 23% of the votes!

Bride Of Darkness

Hope everyone had a great Halloween 2010!

2010 Renderosity Staff Costume Contest
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Created Friday, October 29, 2010 12:54pm

Tim H.1.1%
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Member Opinions:
By: Rhiannon on 10/29/10
All you guys looks AWESOME!! What fun. :-)

By: JeniferC on 10/29/10
I'm glad to see the team really gets into the spirit of the Holidays around here! Sorry, I didn't have time to dress up.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but in case you can't see them, Adam has horns (since he's the devil). I LOVE Mick's pirate (and his Captain Morgan stance) & the donkey's tail....which is also hard to see. (I think we should all play pin the tail on the donkey later...LOL!)

I also LOVE Matt's Operation game. It really works. I played with pulling the pieces out and beeps if the metal sides are touched!! Just way TOO cool!!

Missed having Nick (Alice Cooper) in contest this year! :)

And, Tommy...we always knew you were killer!

By: mahakali on 10/29/10
Vanity, definately my favorite sin...

By: MRX3010 on 10/29/10
I think you all look great, but I have tried and tried to figure out what are you suposed to be Jenifer?

By: P3D-Art on 10/29/10
You realy made my day .... Just to funny to see you all like this ... Imagion you had big fun yourselfs too ... Thanx big time for sharing!!

By: JeniferC on 10/29/10
I'm supposed to be "time flying." I hadn't gotten a costume, so I had to quickly make one this morning. I ran to the store looking for big flies, but couldn't find any.

By: Cimaira on 10/29/10
Looks like ya'll had a blast. Some really spooky looking characters in there! lol

By: MRX3010 on 10/29/10
Ha ha I knew that was it, awesome job!

By: fabiana on 10/29/10
all you look perfectly dressed for the best party... I wish I could be there with that much fun...
All the boys are handsome ;) and all the girls are soooo seductive :)
Nice to see you all there in the pic!

By: Wolfmanw on 10/29/10
Wonderful costume Debbie

By: mikeerson on 10/29/10
Cool to see the staff and what they look like on just one day out of the year - lol... That operation costume looks interactive - cool costume... sorry Matt, I think it's cool but didn't vote for it. I'm not going to say who I voted for, but I will say I placed my vote on which costume I'd want to wear out of the ones you guys have, so, sorry girls - lol I didn't pick your costumes cause I wouldn't want to wear a girls costume. So, by process of elimination, I vote for one of the 6 guys costumes - It really is a matter of which costume you'd want to wear out of what is here. You guys look like you are all into the party - appreciate you keeping this site going, I love it here.

By: judee3d on 10/30/10
Great costumes - I hesitated - Blake, Debbie, and Mick were among my favorites, but I had to give the vote to Jason for the sheer courage it takes to put on a costume like that! Jason, I hope that banana was worth it!

By: nikisatez on 10/30/10
LOL? Jason's definately made me laugh, but I just had to vote for Blake's. Very creative! Good effort everyone. Happy Halloween!

By: bimm3d on 10/30/10
great ideea!! very beautiful costumes!!!

By: calum5 on 10/30/10
ha ha ha!Great stuff people..!

By: Revelation-23 on 10/30/10
Even if it's last minute and made of a gutted cardboard box, your costume's still better than what I have lined up, Jenifer.

On a side note, does the winner of this contest get something for our votes other than bragging rights?

By: romanceworks on 10/30/10
A crazy group. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. CC

By: vitachick on 10/30/10
Really fantastic photo. Looks like everyone has fun..Hey who is answering the phones??

By: LadyDeryni on 10/30/10
They are all fun. I thought the donkey & rider was great. But in a fit of nostalgia I had to go for the Operation game--& I hadn't read the comments yet, so I had no idea it worked when I voted.

By: BerdacheBear on 10/31/10
Bet ya can't guess which one aaaargh voted for!!?!?!! HINT: It's better lookin' than J. Depp's version.

By: mick.mc on 11/1/10
BerdacheBear, Thanks very much, mate! :)

By: shonsu on 11/2/10
Debbie got my vote - Truly Scary

By: LadyElf on 11/3/10
Way cool :) Deb, congrats on winning!!

By: mikeerson on 11/4/10
well, she looks like she was attacked by trick or treaters carrying TP - lol.... at least we got to see how people vote on this contest - that was great... and I think renderosity should buy Jason a bunch of Bananas for his costume - I think his was the best... JASON, remember me next Halloween I never seem to get any votes in the Halloween contests - I know how you feel - lol

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