2009 MVP: !SimpleDetail!V4LITE by corvas
2009 MVP: !SimpleDetail!V4LITE by corvas | annual awards, corvas, MVP

Individual item with the highest revenue for 2009. Creating a product that is both high quality AND in high demand can be tricky. MarketPlace vendor corvas has found a product that intersects both traits perfectly. A simple fix for V4's arms turned into the hottest item of the year. Just another great example of an enterprising individual finding a need and filling it.

Congratulations to corvas for creating the 2009 Most Valuable Product: !SimpleDetail!V4LITE

How did you originally find Renderosity?
Well to be honest I actually found Renderosity while looking for freebies for Victoria 3.0 since at the time I was only about 14 years old and well didn’t have any money to buy any of the products in the Daz3d store so searched the internet for Poser freebies for Victoria and found Renderosity and all the awesome content it has.

How did you get into 3D modeling and content creation?
I first got into content creation and 3d just by looking at the amazing things people could actually make in 3d whether it be in movies, games or just pictures on the internet and art forums and also being able to create anything you could imagine.

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part and why?
I would say my favourite part of making a product is around the middle of the creation process where you start to see everything coming together and actually becoming something, something that was once just a thought in your head and is now something you can see and starting to come along.

What made you decide that the MarketPlace needed a product like !SimpleDetail!V4LITE?
Well I don’t think the marketplace needed something like !SimpleDetails!V4Lite but something that Victoria's arms really needed lol

What are you currently working on?
At the moment I am currently trying to expand my skills lol and am working on a full custom character pack for Michael 4.0 with custom morphs and textures made from scratch! Which will hopefully be done soon and also working on a custom character for Miki2.0 which still has a LOT of work. I also plan to FINALLY get started on the SimpleDetails Pro pack for v4 which I promised a very long time ago.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
I don’t know if I have any advice since I still feel that I'm just a beginner and still have SO MUCH to learn, but I will say that just create anything YOU like not what other people want since you wont enjoy making something if your not interested in it and also never give up since that just won't get you anywhere, and also if you need help ask for help there are forums and lots of vendors out there that I'm sure will help with a problem.

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?
Besides making products, creating pictures for my gallery and doing many many tests in Poser, DazStudio etc….. I just like hanging out with friends, going to the beach or cinemas, pubs and clubs! Being around my family and sometimes I even like going to work lol.

Do you have any final words (any info you want to share with the community)?
I would just like to first say thank you to Renderosity for having a place were I can sell my products and to all the fantastic staff! and thanks to all my customers who buy products from my store, I really appreciate that you do and also to ALL the people that have helped me over the years I've been in 3d creation:) And also thanks to all the people that have bought !SimpleDetails!V4Lite and making it the Most Valuable Product for 2009!

Thanks :D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D

Make sure you stop in and visit corvas in the following areas at Renderosity:

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Member Opinions:
By: outoftouch on 1/11/10
Congratulations :) I couldn't live without it anymore LOL Well deserved for a very useful product!

By: EportsCreations on 1/11/10
Congratulations! It is a very useful product and a must have for anyone using V4. A 100+ stars and a feather in your cap for the rest of the year :) Well done!

By: Bice on 1/11/10
Well deserved! Congratulations and applause :-)

By: JeniferC on 1/11/10
Congratulations on winning the Most Valuable Product of '09!! You deserve it; it is a truly valuable item to have for V4.

By: Bri65 on 1/11/10
Congrats. I don't know how I ever lived without it.

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 1/11/10

By: Virtual_World on 1/11/10
Congratulations! Well deserved!

By: PaganArtist on 1/11/10
It's the best item no way I can do without it.

By: Yokasobi on 1/11/10
Congratulations, Corvas!

Your Simple Details for V4 is one of, if not the most valuable $5 item on Renderosity.

By: fastburn on 1/11/10
Concrats! Well deserved for the best product to come out of the MP!

By: fastburn on 1/11/10
Congrats! Well deserved for the best product to come out of the MP!

By: Woodfairy on 1/11/10
Exquisite! Wonerful work! Congratulations, we need your sense of beauty in Detail.
I thank thee

By: corvas on 1/11/10
Thanks ;P

By: Chaosphoto on 1/11/10
It has been my pleasure to use that item over and over and over and it is worth far more than your asking price.
Thankyou oh so much :)

By: SaintFox on 1/11/10
My heartfelt congratulations! And about your advice for aspiring content developers: So true!! In fact that could be the headline for the "Selling Products" page ;o)

By: Damsel on 1/11/10
Huge congratulations on something that I use every day. It makes such a difference!! Just please keep on keepin' on. :-)

By: Miss B on 1/11/10
I have both the V3 and V4 versions and can't imagine now how I did without them. ~grin~

Congratulations . . . well deserved!!

By: moonrancher on 1/11/10
Your great success comes from creating a good value and easy to understand product that lots of people can use. Congratulations and more, more!

By: ArtistKimberly on 1/12/10
!!!!Congratulations!!!! . . . well deserved!!!!

I just Love Ur !SimpleDetails!V4LITEI couldn't live without it ether.
Boy I cant wait until WIN in 2010 when you hope M4 with one to LOL !!

By: chrissy99 on 1/12/10
Congratulations! Well deserved!! :D

By: RubyT on 1/12/10
Congrats!! Well deserved award for creating this most valauble product for sure. If you use V4, this is a must have!

By: alKhall on 1/12/10
Simple Details! Simply marvelous... :0)

By: 3Dillusions on 1/13/10
Your one of the best Aussies 3D has, good for you, and being young is nothing its your dedication that is the key to it all :)


By: visionastral on 1/13/10
Well deserved. ;)

By: kjherstin on 1/13/10
You make us Porco Aussies proud!

By: the3dgm on 1/13/10
Congratulations! Best 5 bucks I ever spent here and my single most used morph!!!

By: Adiene on 1/14/10
Grats hun! Well deserved. I can't use V4 without it anymore! *hugs*

By: jonarts on 1/14/10
with no doubt this product is one of the best purchases (if not the best) I ever made here. That's a well deserved honour! My congratulations!

By: Fauvist on 1/14/10
What a great, ingenious product! Makes Victoria a whole lot more useful. Congratulations and best wishes.

By: RetroDevil on 1/15/10
congratuations!!! cant wait to see the things your working on.. they sound very cool :D

By: hamstergirl4444 on 1/16/10
Way to go! Some of your freebies were what I was using when I first started out - congratulations!

By: Ismee on 1/16/10
A truly awesome product, a must get/have for everyone. I kick myself for waiting so long. Congratulations!!!

By: evs69 on 1/16/10
Wel deserved - a great product ;)

By: PhilW on 1/16/10
Well deserved and a great product - and very responsive assistance in helping me to get it to work in Carrara too!

By: dragonmuse on 1/18/10
Wonderful product. I use it all the time.
Also, your story is inspirational to me as I am hoping to become a vendor as well.

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