2008 Holiday Contest Now Closed

All the entries are in, and the voting period is now closed. We are now in the process of tallying the votes and notifying the winners. We will post the list of winners shortly after the new year begins.

Once the votes are counted, the jolliest submissions will win prizes totalling over $35,000! 

Submission Categories are:
3D/Animation  OR  2D/Photography

Please check the contest guidelines page for a complete list of rules and regulations.

There are several other wonderful holiday festivities coming for the rest of the month.

We have plenty in store for you this holiday season, including the MarketPlace Holiday Giveaway and the Home for the Holidays Sale! It's our way of saying Happy Holidays to everyone at Renderosity!

New to Renderosity Contests?
Take a look at last year's winners to help give you an idea on how to get started!  Also, be sure to check out the MarketPlace and Tutorials section to help you as well.

We would also like to take a moment to thank our generous contest sponsors. Make sure to visit these sponsors to get the tools you need to win the Grand Prize!
Photoshop Cafe


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Member Opinions:
By: 3Dillusions on 11/11/08
Great I am in this year, cannot wait :)

By: RedPhantom on 11/12/08
Cool. Sounds great! Looking forward to getting started

By: sparrownightmare on 11/12/08
You guys really should have separate categories for amateur and professional. most amateurs do not have access to the kinds of hardware and software the pros do, so the contest is not really fair in that regard. BTW what are the file requirements, size and resolution etc..? Please consider losing the 800xwhatever size rule. It kills the detail.

By: mikeerson on 11/12/08
I thought I'd be Funny last year and ask for coal (Since diamonds come from it) ...I think I'll play it a little different this year and stick with tradition. Looking forward to it - Halloween must be over... Turkeys get no respect and get flown by. gobble, gobble.

By: Faemike55 on 11/13/08
Looking forward to entering this one. Now thati've a better handle on DAZ, I might be able to do something acceptable.

By: asrailight on 11/13/08
Hopefully I can get my computer running in time for this! It would be fun to enter a contest for once. :)

By: GKDantas on 11/13/08
Great!! I am in again this year!

By: MonsieurDemitri on 11/14/08
ready this Holiday =D

By: gojira-san on 11/15/08
Duh...where are the rules, requirements, and prizes listed? Did I miss a link?

By: kyoto_kid on 11/16/08
so a little confused. Is it 3D-Animation or 3D Stills or Animation?

By: ladyperiwinkle on 11/16/08
What are the rules and regulations?

By: TwoPynts on 11/17/08
Looking forward to seeing some amazing entries this year.
Happy Holidays everyone!!!

By: StaceyG on 11/17/08
3D still or Animation. This category is for either.

The contest rules will be posted when the contest actually launches later today so be watching for that.


By: Artamai on 11/17/08

By: gojira-san on 11/18/08
What is the size and/or length limit to the animations? Thanks.

By: Arraxxon on 11/18/08
sparrownightmare - basicly you're right - amateur against pro not really fair ... but who can decide, were amateur status ends and pro status starts - and vice-versa ... that's the problem for your suggestion ...

By: chrispoole on 11/18/08
This looks awesome! but I have to ask as I see E-ons logo, but no Vue 7? Not complaining as those prizes are very cool, just wondering why.

Good luck all.

By: rofocale on 11/19/08
This sounds great! But I would like to know if
E-on´s logo means a chance to win Vue 7?!

Also, a suggestion: There would be just excellent if one could win gift certs, to use
in the Renderosity store!

By: StaceyG on 11/19/08
See the actual contest page for 2d/photography and for 3d/animation for the exact prizes



By: PandaB5 on 11/20/08
I have a question regarding originality. To what extent is purchased content allowed? If I create an animation then may I use a background for the animation that was purchased and not created by me? What about the characters and props? Must everything used in the animation be created from scratch or must only the putting-together of the components be original?

By: P3D-Art on 11/21/08
Looks wonderful ...
My personal questions :
1 - is there a a special theme like last year or is anything allowed?
2 - the contest rules say 1 entry per person, per category. Does this mean that you can put an image in 3D and a pic in photography both??
Anyway ....
Merry X-Mass hohoho ... Good luck to everyone!!

By: Wolfmanw on 11/21/08
I am very happy to see a Christmas Competition and am getting ready to enter 1 of my Photographs. May not place however it is fun to enter into these.
Wish Everyone Good Luck and Season's Greeting

By: StaceyG on 11/21/08

1. The theme is "Home for the Holidays" and that is left up to your own interpretation.

2. Yes

By: gaff on 11/21/08
I have a question:
Where should I upload my Poser render?
Under the 3D section or the 2D section?
I ask this because I have seen 3D work under
2D sections in earlier contests.
A bit confusing (for me).

By: kasmier on 11/25/08
I have a question about items allowed for the background in 3D. Can I put a photograph in that is not my own creation.

By: euphoria.silvia on 11/26/08
Wow :) inviato

By: calum5 on 11/28/08
Im not aloud to enter this either?It seems I can never enter a contest ever again,*crys*...oh well,goodluck everyone!cal

By: Kitkatkatze on 11/30/08
I have a question. Is the 3d/animation one category? Or can I upload a 3d image and an animation one?

By: calum5 on 12/1/08
Ok so I CAN enter ,and I will!!Ho Ho HO!!lol..My entry that won a halloween contest in 07 is banned not me !Goodluck everyone,cal

By: mikeerson on 12/2/08
I want to say A BIG THANK YOU TO RENDEROSITY... there was some misunderstanding if artist were inelegible if they won prizes. I and some others misread it as if you won, you could never enter another contest - I was told today that that is not true... Only your winning entry is not elibable... so calum5 is back in the contest - or should we change his name to Lance Armstrong? - lol

By: SlayerX on 12/2/08
This will be my first... never done this before and the funny thing is I have recently created a holiday design too so I will do it.

By: joanm on 12/8/08
Where does the division go between 3D and 2D? Looking at the last year's winners, I see some in 2D that used Poser, and some in 3D that clearly used an image-editor in the compositing.

I guess my question is, how much Photoshop is okay before it stops being '3D' and should go under '2D'? Because I always do a lot of postwork on my renders.

Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me~

By: Drkwlf92 on 12/8/08
OH YEEEEEAH!!! I am down for this!!!!

By: boltrocksbargains on 12/12/08
Finally Got my image Done :)

Merry Christmas All !!

By: calum5 on 12/17/08
Just got my image done,had a final look at the rules and I missed the deadline by 32 mins!Oh well maybe next year*uncontrolable tears n stuff*..

By: Klebnor on 12/17/08
Who can vote?
How? Where?

By: Acadia on 12/19/08
I don't see any place to vote.

By: lucyrand on 12/19/08
How can I vote?

By: StaceyG on 12/19/08
To vote, just go into the contest you want to vote on, click the thumbnail and you will see a "VOTE FOR THIS IMAGE" under each full image. Click that button on the image you want to vote for and it will be counted.

Remember you can place one vote in the 2D/Photography Holiday Contest and one vote in the 3D/Animation Holiday Contest.


By: lucyrand on 12/19/08
For some reason I don't see that
Can click thumbnails, but no frame like that:-(

By: StaceyG on 12/19/08
Hi lucyrand,

I'm showing you have already voted. You can only vote one time per contest and once you do then you don't see the "VOTE FOR THIS IMAGE" any longer because your one vote was submitted already.


By: lobbot on 12/19/08
Best whishes for everyone participating in this contest.

As usual, the Renderosity community in general presented their best work and it's amazing, as usual. The more time I spend here, I felt more proud of being part of this community.

Good luck everyone! (I've already voted, but I won't tell you ;-)

By: calum5 on 12/21/08
I voted in each cat,some really great entrants!!Goodluck everyone!!

By: salah_snz on 12/28/08
I'll try to Participate this year

By: Jetiro on 12/30/08
woot woot good luck all entrants and thanky 'Osity for the creative holiday fun.
Blessings one and all in the new year ahead.

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